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  1. Mitchell

    RDE Liveries for LSPD/LSSD/SAHP 4k

    Hope you haven't forgotten about this! I'd love to use real life cars with RDE liveries!
  2. Mitchell


    A LSPD patrol unit stopping and citing a vehicle for a stop sign infraction according to SA vehicle code section 22450(a) in Vinewood.
  3. Mitchell

    I told you I'd be back.

    Looking good so far! Glad to hear you're back!
  4. Mitchell

    Raptors Spotted

  5. Mitchell

    Traffic Collision

    SAHP investigating a traffic collision on Route 13 south of Braddock Pass. Ambulance is also on scene to treat unreported injuries.
  6. Mitchell

    Los Angeles based LSPD Liveries [4k & 2k]

    Yeah, I can't open the file unfortunately :( Also, do you have any plans on creating liveries for the Bearcat? Would be nice to have it go along with the current fleet
  7. Mitchell

    Stolen Vehicle

    Officers from the LSPD conduct a felony stop on a Code 37 vehicle. Suspects are believed to be gang affiliated.
  8. Mitchell


    LSPD's gang unit performs a field interview with a known parolee after receiving reports of suspicious activity in the neighborhood.
  9. Mitchell


    Sheriff's deputies from Los Santos County Sheriff's Department and Blaine County Sheriff's Office are chasing occupants in a black SUV, whom authorities believe to have committed a string of sexual assaults on the Los Santos Metro system.
  10. Mitchell

    Grand Theft Auto V - Ground Zero

    Holy shit, that just blew my mind. I can only imagine how much time you put into this. Just simply amazing.
  11. Mitchell

    Ford Explorer SAHP Skin for CHP Megapack

    It looks great! Any plans to make them for other vehicles as well?
  12. It looks pretty good! Looking forward to seeing more!
  13. Mitchell

    Los Angeles based LSPD Liveries [4k & 2k]

    Hi! First of all, fantastic skins! I'm so glad that someone decided to do a LAPD-inspired lore friendly pack so I can have all my fleet looking the same! If I may suggest, could you make different skins have different license plate numbers? Also, it'd be great if you could do this Charger. It's such a shame that literally every charger out there has different templates.
  14. Pretty sure I have the same issue. If I go into the menu and choose a PIA raid jacket, it gives me the LSPD raid jacket.
  15. Mitchell

    Division / Type / Beat map or list

    This has some useful information. http://www.lapdonline.org/lapd_manual/volume_4.htm