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  1. Yeah, i was talking about apple valley the suburb, thats where im from so i thought it was kind of cool. Still somewhat close to it though :)
  2. I don't know about you guys but I would love to see another video showing the environmental lighting :D looks so wondeful!
  3. Well that's the answer, it has been asked so many times on here. It's released when it's done. that's all.
  4. When they decide to release it @Winston1234
  5. Go to graphics setting and hit restore default settings. Then it will restart the game. It worked for me. Might work for you too!
  6. Or... We could make this easy and just have them yield when we turn our lights on period. Like it is in real life
  7. It's not insulting, they just called you out on something that didnt need to be said. If you dont like the mod, then dont use it. That simple. Also I bet there will be plenty on non els cars that will still come out. Because the vanilla lighting in V is not that bad. But some people like different things. And that is why there is an OPTIONAL download button.
  8. I've had one suspect break free while I was in the middle of cuffing them, it happened after a pursuit. It was actually really cool. Haven't seen it since though:/ wish it happened more often because it's a nice twist
  9. I didn't know that you could trademark the word soon
  10. Also having the same issue. I get a rage hook crash. Hopefully somebody knows why.
  11. While driving it i never noticed it changing colors..
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