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  1. Weekend is soon, wouldn't make sense for them to release on a weekday right? r-right?! please lord help me
  2. Nice pack but I wish it has an INI file in which you turn on/off certain calls, so that if a call is suspect to crashing, we can disable it without having to remove the entire mod.
  3. I'd love this too, I'm pretty sure its possible right? It probably functions just like a flashlight attachment but its just only applied to the tazer. Why it's NPC exclusive is odd though. Laser Lights were actually in GTA V's early screenshots but never came with the game, see here;
  4. My magical crystal ball has predicted when LSPDFR 0.4 will release, click on the spoiler to find the answer.
  5. Haha thanks, have fun exploring all the awesome vehicle sounds..there are a lot though if you find a good CVPI one let me know Yeah some people have tried but it's too much work honestly. This is the best alternative but honestly there are some really good car sounds in GTA itself.
  6. I use an older version of Naturalvision, before it got remastered. It's called Naturalvision 1.4 + VisualV and you can still download it. Personally I like it, mainly because at night, all the city lights are orange, instead of white. Aside from that it has better motion blur than the current version.
  7. If you are looking for an easy way to swap engine sounds, GTA V has some good engine sounds for DLC vehicles, I recently did this. If you use Simple Trainer you can swap engine sounds whilst ingame, and select the one you like most. For example, I love the WINDSOR sound for a dodge charger model. So all you need to do is open the vehicles.meta, find <audioNameHash>.....</audioNameHash> near the police2 model. And replace the dots with the car model sound you want, so for a WINDSOR that would be <audioNameHash>WINDSOR</audioNameHash>
    First impressions it looks really nice, and is quite a treat for christmas tree lovers I have a few ''problems'' with it that I'd love to see added/fixed in the future: 1. Rambar and ALPR as vehicle components would be great 2. The top light bar seems to be a lot more pale than the other lights on the vehicle. I'm not an expert on police vehicles but wouldn't it make more sense to all be the same color? 3. The front rambar personally has too many lights for my tastes..but others obviously might love it. Picture down below how it looks in my game. Aside from these little personal issues it great!
  8. I had the same, but there are some awesome mods to make it harder, especially a mod called InjuredRagdoll, this makes you ragdoll when shot (at first glance it sounds really annoying but its really not). It's extremely customizable, I have it so when I have body armor on I don't ragdoll, but without it, I do. I have it set to a second of ragdolling so if I get hit can't just keep aiming perfectly and keep shooting making getting behind cover essential. Secondly I use Weapon_Recoil with as it says, adds recoil to weapons, I wish it was even more extreme but it works really well when you also don't use a reticle: Here are both mods: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/weapon-recoil https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/injured-ragdoll-enhanced Also I use this which you can configure so that NPC's don't ragdoll when they have body armor: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/npc-ragdoll-tweaks
  9. Love it, definitely going to be replacing one of my k9 vehicles soon
    Really nice, my only issue is the bodycam being a bit too light, because the texture has all these white reflections, if you darken it a bit to match the motorola it would be perfect 0.0.2 update edit: Now its perfect! Thank you!!
  10. There are some callouts mods that have fixed locations for their events, so you could be driving across the entirety of the map to get to a call, but most like you said spawn pretty close. I think it's possible but its all up to the mod developer to extend the range at which callouts can spawn. one mod I can remember that has fixed locations is RoadIncident Callouts, Tacco Highway callouts as well but I'm not sure thats still compatible with the latest GTA V version
  11. ^^ See title, was wondering if this was possible at all? Or is it hard coded into LSPDFR? Thanks
  12. Wow i'm jealous, are you running on the latest version of the game or an older one? Because I recently tried FederalCallouts and it crashed instantly when I accepted the callout ingame. My game is completely up to date. ----- I play on the latest GTA V/Rageplugin versions and so far managed to get these callouts to work: AgencyCallouts, Assorted Callouts, Attempted Crime Callouts, Basic Callouts, Code 3 Callouts, Roadincident Callouts and PeterUCallouts. If anyone else is running on the latest version of GTA V and knows more callouts that work I'd love to know.
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