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  1. I don't think LSPDFR would've been as big an busy as it is now without your contribution. Thank you. And good luck in your future endeavours!
  2. FKDZ

    [ELS] 2013 Tahoe (Fake snow)

    Oeeeh so nice, no snow in my country so this will have to make due Aside from your other mod which I immediately downloaded are there more mods like these? I'm looking to winter-fy all police vehicles!
  3. I run a GTX 1080 as well and get a smooth 60fps+ with maxed graphics, but once I start LSPDFR I lose about 20fps and turning down the graphics has zero to no influence on the fps. So sadly, you'll just have to live with the preformance loss like everyone
  4. LSPDFR (and rageplugin) is not flawless, you will crash, at some point, no matter how many precautions you take. Read the comments, only use popular mods and look at the last time its been updated.
  5. FKDZ

    LSPDFR 0.4

    Their intent is to make 0.4 as compatible as they can, but some old mods might certainly stop working, we won't really know until its released.
  6. Does this also create stronger reflections or does it only increase the emissive effect of the lights?
  7. Replaced weaponanimations.meta only and works perfectly! Thanks. I compared my own weapons.meta to yours and didn't see any difference so I'm not sure what changed you made exactly. Or I missed something, but everything seems to work
  8. FKDZ

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    All I can say is..I can't wait!
  9. FKDZ

    Awful Performance When Going On Duty

    I've been out of the scene for a while, any news on this being fixed?
  10. FKDZ

    Awful Performance When Going On Duty

    I drops to 45-50 (15+/- fps loss) with only LSPDFR. I have a minimal GTA V install especially made for LSPDFR so no excessive car mods or any of the sort.
  11. FKDZ

    Awful Performance When Going On Duty

    @Pazzi So you are on an older GTA V version? I'm on the newest.
  12. I'll keep it short. The last time I played was about 4-5 months ago. Played with tons a plugins and even though I had crashes I always had a stable 60fps. Right now with a fresh install and updated mods, when I go on duty I drop and stay at 40 fps average. Without going on duty its a solid 60. I've heard the latest GTA V update really screwed up Ragepluginhook and its performance, am I right on this? Is there any way to circumvent this at this time? And does RPH think they can fix the performance in the future? Edit; follow up : Just took out all the plugins and instead of dropping to 40 frames it drops to 50 now. So the plugins definitely have some influence but just lspdfr as well (10frames). Weird thing is, even if I turn down my graphics the game stays at 50fps, doesn't even go up. Tested it with plugins again and I can literally see the fps drop as the plugins load in. LSPDFR loaded in, dropped to 50, then the plugins and it dropped to about 42fps. I only added Albo's plugins this time nothing else. So LSPDFR+, Arrest Manager, Assorted Callouts and Traffic Policer. Ill add some specs here, maybe its useful. -i7 3770K @4.3gHz -20GB RAM -500GB SSD (GTAV Installed) -GTX 1080 @ 1440p -Windows 10 Thanks for any help
  13. FKDZ

    [ELS] 2013 Dodge Dart GT Unmarked

    Fantastic mod. Good model but a little high on the poly count. For a first mod amazing though.
  14. FKDZ

    Modern Siren Pack

    How would I be able to use the manual1.wav / manual2.wav with ELS in the ''Galls Street Thunder 800 Siren'' folder? The main MANUAL TONE doesn't work in ELS as far as I can see.
  15. FKDZ

    RadioRealism™ AlphaV1

    It is weird that I am the only one reporting on this now. So I just grabbed a file from your mod that had the most blatant popping and I don't think the problem is on my part. So I grabbed your ''DISPATCH_INTRO_02'' and threw it simply in Audacity and then toggled the viewer to give me a spectrogram log(f) view and look at this: At those exact 2 spikes you see, the audio pops. I listened to it in 0.1 speed and it is very noticeable. You can also see a slight pop at the start. There are more files like this with lesser popping but this one shows it the best. So...I am not an audio expert or anything but if its in the files then the problem can't be on my end right?