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  1. UnknownBastion

    Rage Hook Crashes with new update 2018

    Hello, Could you please post your RPH Crash Log? Thanks!
  2. UnknownBastion

    LSPDFR Crash after Forcing Duty

    Hello, To me, it looks like it is caused by Stop The Ped and Traffic Control. Hope That Helped!
  3. UnknownBastion

    Crash After Plugins Load Up

    Hello, Could you post the RPH Crash Log please? Thanks!
  4. UnknownBastion

    Radio Always On

    Hello, Have you tried scroll wheeling up? I believe that is the shortcut to turn off the radio. Just cycle through the stations till it turns off.
  5. UnknownBastion

    RPH crashing

    Hello, What does it say when it crashes? Thanks!
  6. UnknownBastion


    It only happens with certain anti-viruses. For instance, I have webroot and McAfee, and for some weird reason McAfee hates RPH, while Webroot is fine.
  7. UnknownBastion

    LSPDFR Crashes when going on duty

    No problem!
  8. UnknownBastion

    LSPDFR Crashes when going on duty

    The problem is stop the ped. Have a look here: [12/18/2018 1:12:30 PM.117] LSPD First Response: STOP THE PED: Core Module is exited unexpectedly System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted. [12/18/2018 1:12:30 PM.118] at Rage.GameFiber.SleepThis(Int32 duration) [12/18/2018 1:12:30 PM.118] at Rage.GameFiber.Yield() [12/18/2018 1:12:30 PM.118] at StopThePed.Controls.<>c.<startMainControlThread>b__3_0() [12/18/2018 1:12:30 PM.127] LSPD First Response: Stop The Ped avoided LSPDFR crash Agency Callouts may also be causing this as well. Hope That Helped!
  9. UnknownBastion


    What is crashing? LSPDFR or GTA 5?
  10. UnknownBastion

    computer plus when opened cause game to crash any idea why

    As for the ScriptHookV part, the updated version has been released. Best of Luck!
  11. UnknownBastion


    Hello, Two Things: 1. From what I see here, it looks like Callout Manager might be the issue. 2. Can you please post a screenshot of your plugins folder and the LSPDFR folder that is inside the plugins folder as well. Thanks!
  12. UnknownBastion

    Sigh... I'm leaving

    No. Me and Gio ate all of it.
  13. UnknownBastion


    When you open OpenIV for the first time after the update, it should bring up a notification that says you have an outdated update.rpf, and offer to have it updated if you press the copy button. Caution: If you have any edits made to the update.rpf in your mods folder, it will be reset when copying over the new update. Hope That Helped!
  14. UnknownBastion

    Game dont even start

    Hello, What is your anti-virus? Thanks!
  15. UnknownBastion

    GTA V Crashes on Loading Screen

    Hello, First, let's try rename your mods folder to _mods and let me know what happens. Best of Luck!