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  1. Digital HD

    ScriptHookV Alternative

    I'll give it a try when I get home. Surprised to see no update for ScriptHookV yet.
  2. Digital HD

    ScriptHookV Alternative

    Would this work for the current update, since ScriptHookV has not been updated yet?
  3. Digital HD

    Game patch not supported

    GTA V was just updated today. You have to either revert to v1493 or wait until Rage Hook has an update.
  4. Digital HD


    Spotlight adds a much needed realism to LSPDFR. This is especially great for vehicles that don't have takedowns. Another favorite feature of mine is the ability to follow pedestrians. One problem I've been having, if someone can help me, is the In-game Config. Menu causes the game to crash occasionally. I open the menu to adjust the light on my new models and sometimes it works and sometimes it crashes the entire game. The menu has it's own dedicated keybind so it's not like another script is trying to open at the same time.
  5. Digital HD

    Emergency Lighting System

    Overall, love this mod. LSPDFR wouldn't be fun without this. Having this makes vehicles looks so realistic and love the many features this has. I started getting frustrated with my patterns not being able to be saved until I investigated the .xml files for the vehicles and found way more customization for each vehicle than I ever imagined. Great job.
  6. Digital HD

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    No, I did not know there was one.
  7. Digital HD

    Emergency Response System Android/IOS

    That would be awesome. I found myself going back to the keyboard for my siren controls simply because there is no horn on the app. But otherwise, it's a great tool.
  8. Digital HD

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    Won't even work. I tried using a new "mods" folder and the game crashes while loading.
  9. Digital HD

    BCSD Pack .1A

    The models are amazing, I've always had a thing for dark vehicle models, not white cars. However, I have an issue with the FPIU. Replacing as "sheriff2" causes it to be top heavy and flip way too easily. I'm fairly new to this modding so I'm sure there's a way I could fix it but straight off the bat of replacing "sheriff2" makes it flip.
  10. Digital HD

    Emergency Response System Android/IOS

    Great tool to use, however one thing I do wish the "Lighting System" page had was a button for the horn.
  11. Digital HD

    Random Crashes

    I forgot about Albo1125's troubleshooter. I have it installed. The next time I experience a crash, I'll run that and see if it can pick up why.
  12. Digital HD

    Random Crashes

    I use quite a lot, but not more than some YouTubers I've seen that play just fine.
  13. Digital HD

    Random Crashes

    I know about positioning the spotlight. I prefer to use the in-game menu to reposition the spotlight so I can see if it's in the right position. But if I don't have the spotlight pointing straight ahead then it crashes when I launch the menu. As for Computer+, I've tried changing that setting. It seems when I run the drivers ID, back out and run the passenger and then go back to the driver, that's when it crashes.
  14. Digital HD

    Random Crashes

    Can someone who has a very good knowledge work with me 1 on 1 in helping me get my LSPDFR working properly? I keep having random crashes that I can't seem to figure out why. Here are two examples: Whenever using Computer+, if I run a suspect ID, go back to the main screen of the computer and then go back to run their name the whole game crashes. If using spotlight, if the spotlight isn't pointing straight ahead but is like pointing to the left or right and I open the configuration menu, it crashes the whole game. These are not the only times the game crashes. I think a lot of it is conflicting keybinds but I find it very confusing to change them to be unique. I have LSPDConfig but I also don't want to change a keybind to overwrite a GTA native keybind. I am nearly at the end of my rope. It's becoming very frustrating trying to enjoy LSPDFR because I can't seem to play longer than 30 minutes before I have a crash of either LSPDFR or the whole game. Edit: Here are my keybinds
  15. Digital HD

    Keep Having Random Crashes

    I knew what you meant brother, I did it but haven't been able to play to see if it crashes still.