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  1. I guess you already did, but make sure you set the key for traffic stop interact to 'none' in keys.ini, both keyboard and controller if you are using both. @Albo1125, do you recommend activating the pursuit AI and tactics menu included in this plugin for 0.4? Or is it better to use the default pursuit AI?
  2. Hello @sEbi3 There's a issue with money truck robbery, and maybe with other car robberies but I didn't test it. LSPDFR doesn't detect it as a pursuit, so you can't request pursuit backup. Is this fixable? Thanks!
  3. Look into keys.ini in your LSPFR folfer. There you will see what key you have to use to report crime, which I think is holding B by default.
  4. Yes, it is a new feature in LSPDFR. What pursuit AI had you activated, default LSPDFR or LSPDFR+?
  5. It doesn't, unfortunately. Same thing happens to me . It looks like some car models are more easily "PITable", if you will, than other models.
  6. And now we can have a partner. Simply sublime @BejoIjo. I have a question though. Every time I request Air Swat support, basically when the suspect is fleeing on foot across the mountain and cliffs, they don't rappel, they stay in the helicopter. Is it because I need to install a particular mod for that?
  7. I tested LSPDFR+ pursuit AI by enabling it in the ini file and it seems to have effect. When you select "safe", backup units don't ram suspect's car; when "slightly-agressive" is enabled, they try to perform PITs and so on. I didn't notice any difference in terms of intelligence though.
  8. What's the difference between these two options? Is one better than the other?
  9. I think that's due to some plugin, maybe Traffic Policer. Check TrafficPolicer.ini.
  10. Hello I've been playing LSPDFR with RPH 0.64 since it was released. Now that 0.4.1 came, I'd like to know if RPH 0.65 is needed or it doesn't matter. Also, do you know if any plugin updated for 0.4 is having problems with 0.4.1 or RPH 0.65? Only RPH plugins I have are LSPDFR, KTFDO and Spike Strips V and all my LSPDFR plugins were updated after 0.4 was released. No cars or visual mods.
  11. Yes, there's a XML file for charges which you can edit. Moreover, there's a mod called Law Packs+ in the download section which adds a lot of charges. EDIT: I thought you were talking about Computer+. LSPDFR+ doesn't have computer feature as far as I know .
  12. Looks promising. I guess now all plugins need to be updated again
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