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  1. ProMotivated

    Motivated Keys Be Free

    Version 1.2.0


    Well with lspdfr i wanted all my keys to my self , or to my mods.!! So I tried to search online for ways to unbind the normal gta keyboard keys since I play with a controller and since i couldnt find no mods or way to change the key binds. sooooooo , I went to work and found the file of which the keys are stored!! Change some things deleted some thing and came up with a fix.. I made 2 versions 1. No keyboard and mouse Binds 2. No keyboard Binds (u can still use mouse as normal to shoot/aim etc i was going to only release it to my Youtube friends , and let them enjoy it for a week but then i said im not stingy so here you guys go.. i hope you enjoy.. ALL KEYBINDINGS ARE DISABLED if u use it in a video your more than welcome to link it here If u like this and want me to make more check out my Youtube channel and let me know on there. https://www.youtube.com/ProMotivatedTv Thanks Bye
  2. Is it possible to get commands working for VocalDispatch since Arrest Manager is no longer needed.?
  3. ProMotivated


    Since Arrest Manager is not required anymore after the updates of Stop The Ped are you able to transfer the commands to it.?
  4. ProMotivated

    Computer+ 2019 iPad for all departments

    Hmm ive never actually used computer plus on foot before , dont even know how to can u give me a little more insite and i can look into it for u..
  5. ProMotivated

    Computer+ 2019 iPad for all departments

    Ok for u to use the generic.png u have to go in the ini file and put "that car" spawn name there exp: bmwpolice=generic.png
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Something simply but yet so dope.. i got tired of the normal and basic (computer) and other backgrounds so i made a iPad for me.. Then said why not upload it for others , with these backgrounds it will not take up all your screen so u can Click the "Toggle Pause" and continue looking up Peds and Running Plates while the game is still going and u still have a stylist background to keep you company!! Hope you enjoy.! If you have any problems or recommendations please contact me on my social media @Pro_Motivated or on my youtube Channel ProMotivatedTv everything was made from scratch by me and if u want a custom one ill be more than happy to do one for u.! you will need Computer Plus of course....