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    SilentEagle reacted to Jeff Favignano in Discord Overlay and RagePluginHook   
    Hey guys if you have been having an issue like I have of RagePluginHook going to the main menu instead of launching the game with the plugins here is a fix I found if you have Discord. You need to disable the in game overlay feature in discord settings so Rage can hook into the game. I don't know why this is but it either crashes, goes to main menu or runs multiple instances. Disabling this made rage work like a charm ūüėČ
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    SilentEagle reacted to Sam in Dump RPH   
    It shouldn't be lost on anyone that RPH was updated to add compatibility on the very same day that the latest GTA update was released.  You can't say the same about any other system out there.
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    SilentEagle reacted to ShotsFired932 in ELS button switch sound   
    I just converted it and boosted the sound a little bit, i didnt change anything else
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    SilentEagle reacted to ShotsFired932 in ELS button switch sound   
    Sorry but this program was made by my friend and he said not to give info or give it out
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    SilentEagle reacted to ShotsFired932 in ELS button switch sound   
    Do you want the sounds when you change the siren tones aswell?
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    SilentEagle reacted to ShotsFired932 in ELS button switch sound   
    You dont need them, those are just for showcase how they sound ūüôā
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    SilentEagle reacted to ShotsFired932 in ELS button switch sound   
    alright, I never saw this post but i know the anwser, ther is a program (not avail anymore, and cant remember real name) that can edit these sounds, those are located inside the ELS.asi, I got some of that i made so imma post all the ones i made, also if you want one made you can PM me if you want. Thank me for the anwser
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/dd6f4x2lvhaic2d/Mystery Question.rar
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    SilentEagle reacted to t0y in It's just slow   
    Not that it's your fault, but pourquoi? 
    I notice it especially in the gallery/images it's just... soo.... sloooooooooooooooooooow. It's not my internet, even though it's trash the slowness only happens on here, and it happens for other people too.  It has only been this slow since the weird gallery update a while back, any way to fix this please? Quite annoying.
    Speaking of the gallery can we get that 4mb gallery limit out of the way please, thanks. Much love bye. 
    Also btw I'm back here if this was a surprise, I liked the 0.4 technology behind it type post and so yeah hiya.
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    SilentEagle reacted to PNWParksFan in [REL] Real Police Tape Mod   
    With the recent addition of cloth physics editing to zmodeler3, I decided it was time to make a mod that I've always wanted for GTA V... a police tape mod! This is still in development and needs a bit more work before it'll be ready for release, but I think it's working well enough now to share it with the world. Check out the video below to get a quick look at how the mod works, then scroll down for some more info:
    How do you use it?
    Press a key combo to activate police tape placement mode. You can then aim and click (same as using a weapon) to attach tape to props and world objects, such as fences, telephone poles, walls, street lights, mail boxes, etc. You can also spawn barriers/cones using the mod, and the tape will automatically attach to the barrier/cone. 
    Does it actually stop peds?
    Yes! Ambient peds are blocked from crossing any police line you set up. Once you remove the police line, peds will be allowed to walk through again. Peds with navigation tasks (such as police backup, peds you've ordered to follow you, bodyguards/partners, etc.) may go through the tape sometimes. 
    Does it stop cars, too?
    Yes. It uses several methods to prevent cars from going through, including preventing some ambient traffic from going through that area, and if any vehicles do make it through, they will be stopped before they can cross the line. The traffic control isn't perfect still, and that's one of the things I'm continuing to work on. Additionally, emergency vehicles are always allowed to pass through the police line. 
    How do you remove tape?
    Right now, with a console command. I'm working on adding an RNUI menu that will allow you to manage all active tape strands. 
    Will there be an API?
    Yes, that is something else I'm still working on. Developers will be able to use police tape in scenes for callouts, etc. 
    Does it require any other mods?
    Only RPH. It runs as a stand-alone RPH plugin. 
    When will it be released?
    I don't know yet, but sometime relatively soon. Probably before Coastal Callouts. You can get early access through the Parks Benefactor Program if you're so inclined. 
    The tape seems to bend/blow in the wind/droop through the ground a lot...
    Yeah, I know. There's limitations to what's possible with cloth physics right now. The zmodeler3 devs are still researching cloth data formats, and I'm still experimenting with the various parameters. I don't know if it'll be possible to eliminate this issue, but it is definitely mitigated by using shorter strands (i.e. placing cones more frequently). 
    Is it hard to install?
    I don't know, how good are you at installing mods? The tape requires installing a simple DLC. I might make an OIV installer for it before public release, we'll see. 
    Can you put text on the tape?
    You're welcome to edit the tape texture. But in my testing, I found that text looks really weird and distorted, due to how rendering of cloth material works in the game. 
    Can I beta test it for you or use it in my YouTube videos?
    Beta testing and video use is available to members of the Parks Benefactor Program. Please don't send me unsolicited PMs asking for beta access, especially if I don't know you. 
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    SilentEagle reacted to Albo1125 in The Times Article   
    So I was told I was in the newspapers... looks like The Times has published an article about the British GTA5 police modding scene and my channel¬†ūüėģ
    Was also kindly sent this picture of the article in the actual newspaper itself:

    Page 11 of The Times 2 June 2018. Fantastic publicity for the whole community!¬†ūüėÄ
    The Times seems to have based their article on the original Wired UK article: http://www.wired.co.uk/article/gta-5-mods-lsdpfr-british-police
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    SilentEagle got a reaction from KnightHawkOne in Los Angeles County Sheriff CVPI? [ELS]   
    I'm glad that you didn't get any criticism! I love your models and I am using them!   Hope to see more LA/California models from you!
    And thank you for making non Forza CVPI slicktop too!
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    SilentEagle reacted to Thero in Dev Cars   
    There are other sites such as GTA Mod Center and GTA5mods.com you can give a shot and see if they have something more that you specifically are looking for if you can't find it on LSPDFR.
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    SilentEagle reacted to Albo1125 in Wired UK featured British LSPDFR!   
    Following some critical Twitter posts, I was contacted by a number of journalists who expressed an interest in the British Police Modding scene. This has now resulted in a very positive article about British LSPDFR, modding and FiveM community!
    You can check the article here: http://www.wired.co.uk/article/gta-5-mods-lsdpfr-british-police
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    SilentEagle reacted to The Loot in LSPDFR 0.4 - The Technology   
    Though one thing to keep in mind is the benefit the AI gets when it passes the distance where traffic populates for you: they don't have to navigate around traffic like the player has to.
    Improving their ability to negotiate actual traffic would be a huge change, of course.
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    SilentEagle reacted to Lundy in Where?   
    Short: I've been off for months now due to a high-functioning illness. I'm glad to be perfectly stable and willing to pass thanks to all of u.
    I'll be moving on. I hope all of my fans remember me.
    c u
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    SilentEagle reacted to Cyan in Welcome to LCPDFR.com Seven (4.3)   
    Hi all,
    We've upgraded to the latest version of our community software, Invision Community 4.3, this internally marks the seventh notable version upgrade of LCPDFR.com (although I'm unsure if the number is entirely accurate through our huge history at this point!).
    Most of the changes are back-end and code related, but there are a few changes that are worth talking about:
    Gallery Changes / Improvements
    The latest Gallery changes make it easier to share you images with LCPDFR.com than ever before. The uploading process has been completely revamped to make sharing images as easy as possible.
    As well as this, the image viewer has been modernised, and focuses a lot more on the image itself.
    In the following days, our policy of 5 images at once will be removed. Keep an eye out for more information.
      Improved Emoji support
    This new update brings heavy improvements to the Emoji system. You can access this in the Emoji button ūüôā¬†in the editor, or by using Discord and Slack like shortcuts, e.g. -- you can see an example of this in action here. We'll hopefully be bringing some custom emojis to the site soon -- and we're happy for suggestions!
      Search Improvements
    Over the next few weeks, we'll be moving our search system to Elasticsearch, a more powerful full-text search engine. I think I can speak for all of us when I say improving our slightly-lacking search is a massive priority, and this will pick up the quality of results.
      Performance Improvements
    LCPDFR.com can be slow at times, and a lot of it is due to the fact that the website does not make a great deal use of caching. This update brings better caching to the site to speed up everyone's experience a bit.  
    If you have any feedback, or notice anything a bit off, please let us know. I can imagine that most of you probably won't notice much has changed!
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    SilentEagle reacted to Scuderio in Scuds' CA stuff   
    Just want to really quick say that I will probably return by the begin of june, then I will post updates of the "progress".
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    SilentEagle reacted to CouthInk4 in Fbi2, sheriff2 pranger crashing   
    You have edited your vehiclelayouts meta file. for some reason an edited vehicleslayout meta causes those models to crash. i had the same issue until i replaced it with a vanilla meta and it worked fine after that. 
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    SilentEagle reacted to J T in Knife attack in a Chinese School   
    lmao yeah ban everything....great idea, lets ban pencils for misspelling words and ban assault cars as well, china already has cameras everywhere with facial recognition  and a credit system for good and bad citizens who don't obey....police state
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    SilentEagle reacted to Kallus in ELS V - why no updates and why no multi-sirens?   
    That's only something LtCain can answer, and he hasn't been heard from in ages.  There's nothing anyone can do except keep on using the current version of ELS and being glad it's working at all.
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    SilentEagle got a reaction from AlexBoosted in Texture issues [Solved]   
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    SilentEagle reacted to SeaHawk14 in Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things   
    Not quite the best way of getting people to sympathise with your views. 
    And trust me, there are hundreds of people on here which have been wanting LAPD since the 17th of September 2013. It was being worked on, but no one knows whats going on anymore 
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    SilentEagle reacted to Sam in Signing out.   
    Well, we will of course showcase some of the new AI developments but we're not going to lump that into a post about the new customization options.  With 0.3, we posted a series of previews focusing on different areas and with 0.4 it's much the same.  We've simply not gotten to those parts yet.
    Regarding some of your other points, I'm aware that there's issues with toxicity and staff.  For the former - this is really something that's in your hands.  Be the change that you want to see.  As for us, we've tried for a long, long time to make the community friendlier and more accessible.  It's pretty much what gave birth to our website.  Before LCPDFR, you had GTAPoliceMods.com where you could be banned for being from a "foreign" country, or for posting a mod that an admin didn't like.  I think we've come a long way.
    About staff, I admit that there's a couple of problems, but let me just say that we've had a number of incredibly dedicated staff members over the years, and there's people who have literally given large chunks of their lives to this community.  Our team have gone above and beyond on so many different occasions - whether it's being disturbed on Christmas to deal with trolls filling up the site with porn, or persevering through death threats and constant, daily doses of personal abuse.  On the whole, when you actually look at the sheer volume of work - they do handle an incredible amount of stuff.
    But honestly, t0y, I understand the general sentiment behind your post and we'd be sad to see you leave.
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    SilentEagle reacted to t0y in Signing out.   
    "Nobody wants to see us talk instead about how we've restructured our pursuit code to use behavior trees."
    W...what? All due respect but that is ALL that anyone wants to see. I simply do not care about that simple animation, or the clothes that you added, or even the different jurisdictions something like that is great to hear, and actually sounds more like a huge development. You changed how the AI act, a HUGE problem in the game that everyone faces, and everyone hates. If the 0.4 update had a little section about that I would be much more interested in hearing you guys out and seeing how 0.4 played out. Plenty of animations in the game right now are terrible, fixing the stop and frisk animation is not enough to show for 1.5 years of development, I am sorry.
    And AGAIN I know I may seem hostile, I truly do not want to argue with you guys, like I said I respect you all and appreciate all the work you guys do.
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    SilentEagle reacted to t0y in Signing out.   
    First of all. Calm down. "Again not trying to call any of you out" was posted at the beginning for a reason, this is not an attack, and this is not false information. Second of all, responding to a report is not the same as something happening. I have reported, plenty of terrible reviews on my mods or other people's mods, or troll mods and half the time, even though it is the wrong thing to do you will just ignore it which, sure is solving this report or whatever you call it but it is not very supportive to modders when they get a one 4 star review out of lets say 50 that says "pls can this b oiv instalton is so confusing!" and it ruins all the reviews making it a 4.5 star average, and nothing happens to the review. Having a troll file or review up for 6 or 12 hours is the same as just not deleting it, 100s of people will see it, it will turn people away from the website or just waste their time by reporting it and arguing about it, and will turn people more importantly away from mods that have 4.5 stars etc. 
    Anyway I know that paragraph was confusing and I did bounce around a bit but I am 2 hours into a 5 hour ACT study session and not enjoying it so im a bit tired. 
    And to address the "we have lives of our own" that sure is true, and I understand, you just need to see how frustrating that is for someone who spends days, weeks, and months making content for a mod that has an inactive staff team, just for it to get berated by false reviews that stay up regardless of if they go against the rules. (To be fair though some are taken down, which I appreciate)
    ANYWAY to finish this up, if this point really angers you that much just ignore it and all my other points will stand. 
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