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  1. someone else made it so you cant just ask for files cuz the mod was taken down
  2. its more complicated that it sounds,for me its impossible to explain it because im used to it
  3. That sir is a Federal signal unitrol 80K
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Heyyyyyaaa, well i just wanted to make this for a while now so i did it and yes, chp started using airhorns so dont moan at me for putting one it heres the video when CHP is using it: Video:
  5. im not sure if you know but i kind of came back but it is pretty slowed down between work
  6. Search up on youtube there is many vids on how to install it :)
  7. Version 1.0.0


    YHYH i know i said im leaving but i was bored all the time so i said fuck it, im making all my downloads avail again but dont steal it thoo
  8. Is it ok if i would edit it to say stop police?
  9. i think hes just replacing the main siren
  10. but i mean the siren name, e.g. Whelen or what ever brand
  11. Omagawd, Love the car a lot but also love the graphics, Any way i can know what graphics mod you using?
  12. not saying anything but polish police normally uses the ges 110 siren
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