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  1. Sgt ECarnby

    Florida Highway Patrol - 2016 Dodge Charger Stealth

    wow... i can understand if he made a junk model like i have seen a few on here in the past but its really not as bad as some of yall make it!! Its actually pretty good. as to the accuracy of what led or whats in the interior he used are yall kidding me? Cmon yall, its a game! like someone said, every patrol car even in the same department will not be the exact same but some of yall acting like when u install the car to your game that u actually have to go to a LSPDFR vehicle inspection and your afraid your going to get in trouble.. Its like this fr, you have the choice to use or just simply replace the car!! Yes give criticism but some of yall do way to much!!
  2. I have the same issue.. got the truck and leds working but can't get the arrow board to raise up.... what button makes the board raise up???
  3. Sgt ECarnby

    Ravenguard Callouts

    Yup, im getting the exact same message from my win rar.....
  4. Sgt ECarnby

    [ELS] 06 & 11 CVPI Sarnia Ontario

    I just downloaded this car, but it looks pretty sweet dude!!
  5. Sgt ECarnby

    Chevrolet Caprice Police epic lights [ELS]

    Sweet hands down the best caprice i seen for GTAV.... Only thing, could u make a unmarked version just with out the light bar on top and a marked version without the (inside visor lightbar) ? Also where could we get the skin template from?
  6. Sgt ECarnby

    Paleto Bay "Christmas Tree" Chevrolet Tahoe ELS

    pretty nice tahoe!!! Maybe its just me but the ELS file needs to be fixed or something bc the warning lights ( 1st set of lights to activate) dont even come on at all... 2nd and 3rd ELS lighting works tho... Also where or which template did you use for the skin?
  7. Sgt ECarnby

    Emergency Lighting System

    For some reason this has really reintroduced the game!! My hats off to you and the crew for putting this together! wish i could give 500 stars bc yall def deserve it!!
  8. Sgt ECarnby

    Improved Lighting Pattern

    Ok cool.. I did have to add police1, police3, and policeb to the carvariations.meta file!! So yea ill go back to it and look for it.. Appreciate the quick reply!! BINGO!!! Fixed LET issues i was having with the cars too!! Thanks Kompetenzz
  9. Sgt ECarnby

    Improved Lighting Pattern

    humm nope.... How and where do i do that at? also would i do that for just the police 1 and police 3 slot? Im pretty good at knowing my way around moding the game and files so just point me in the right direction bud!!
  10. Sgt ECarnby

    Improved Lighting Pattern

    def love this mod.... But for some reason police1 and police3 the lights just flash regular?? Any way to adjust that? Thanks and keep up the good work
  11. Sgt ECarnby

    ELS enabled Caprice PPV

    If x64e worked then he may not have a mod folder!!
  12. Sgt ECarnby

    Emergency Vehicle Theft Callouts

    yes u did do a good job on this plug in and i as well as the above appreacita the hard work that went into this, but as stated above stolen police vehicles already exists!! Between the current call outs for it and the AI ppl jumping in the police car when u out on a traffic stop is plenty lol!! Anyway hope to see some other call outs from you soon!!
  13. Sgt ECarnby

    [SOLVED] How to make Police3 lights work?

    sorry to be bringing up old stuff, but i had to reinstall my gtav game on steam and from some reason i now had this issue with police3 and policeb.. I tried everything except this and this has fixed my police3 issue BIG THANKS!!! I'l try it with policeb now!! YUP did the same and just renamed it to policeb and it fixed it for my cop bike... THanks again!!
  14. Sgt ECarnby

    LAFD* Battalion Chief Surburban

    Thanks for explaining this bud!!! Yea i have downloaded some very nice models only to have to replace them due to either the whole car or parts of it disappearing in the distance....
  15. I cant get this to play for me.. but this is the video i made Oct-17-2016-Clip-0002.clip