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    After a bit of testing I can say that this is a very nice plugin. It enhances the immersion of arresting someone a little more. It's nice to have someone watching out for you who will also help doing the "default procedures". But there's one thing I would like to have: PT I don't want another unit showing up although there's already one available (LSPDFR sometimes picks the on scene unit which is good but that's random). Btw: another idea for a plugin: securing of evidence (e.g. securing of a weapon, finding out if it's stolen or so)
  1. Kompetenzz

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    Finally a sign of life! :)
  2. Kompetenzz


    I like it. Please add that vehicles will run a red light slowly.
  3. Kompetenzz

    2012 Smart NYPD

    Hot! Love it, solo :)
  4. Kompetenzz

    Improved Lighting Pattern

    Copy that in there.
  5. Kompetenzz

    Improved Lighting Pattern

    you have to change the sirensetting for every police car you want... i prefer mpluxe2
  6. Kompetenzz

    Improved Lighting Pattern

    There's one in the dlcpack mpluxe2\common\data
  7. Kompetenzz

    Improved Lighting Pattern

    You have to change the sirensettings in the carvariations.meta
  8. Kompetenzz

    Ultimate Taxi Ad Fix

    There're tons of taxi ad fixes...
  9. Kompetenzz

    Summit County Ohio Themed Sheriff Texture Pack

    Very nice skin, but the font isn't the right one and the front stripes are too high. :)
  10. Kompetenzz

    Make Visuals Great again crash

    Are you using the ENB? If so, try to start the game without it