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    Now i have been waiting for these skins for so so long now. You did a absolute amazing job on these thank you so much buddy you have been a good friend and i will repay you one day for all the love you have shown me. Thanks you again buddy Much Much Luv brother
    i absolutely love this texture. Simple and just what i needed for one of my next projects. thank you for taking the time into making this for the community I'm Grateful for people like you Again thanks Buddy
    Thank you so much for releasing this you are a GOD and i will always download your work love the detail and all the hard work you do. This is what a Tahoe suppose to look like
    JUST WOW, I Love the detail work that you put into this awesome model this just might be my new bae, and thanks bro for taking the time into making this and releasing it to the community for us to enjoy.
    i really do like these peds thank you for taking the time into making them for us.
    OMG my eyes are truly open now. DAMN i love what you have done with this pack lightbar the pattern you came up with, the skin, damn everything. Your Talent at this getting crazy Keep up and awesome work Fam..
    Absolutely love what you did with this Pack Bro i don't like using other modders models but a few but i had to put this in my game. Love this Lightbar and how you did your lighting setup i wish for some more light in the back of that 16 Explorer doe but that just me loving alot of lights but hands up this is one of my favorite packs. Damn good work as always bro and keep bring damn good Quality work like this to the community.
    nice pack bruh.. but my them tahoe wheels are the worst but that's my opinion Keep up the good work
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