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Ravenguard Callouts 0.1.3A

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About This File

BETA Testers wanted!!

Apply here.





UPDATE: VERSION 0.1.2 NOW AVAILABLE. Some new callouts have been added, however due to my game not working at the moment they remain in an untested state, if you encounter any bugs please inform me by being as detailed as possible, IE: when the bug/crash happened, had you accepted the callout yet, were you arriving on scene, as well as any other information that you can think of.


Ravenguard callouts is a collection (two in total so far), that would be expected in the everyday duties of Officers, yet I have not seen them implemented in other plugins.


I just started learning to develop callouts, and this is a learning process. I intend for their to be more callouts, not sure on the amount but I would like to develop at least 5-8 different and unique callouts. I am releasing this in an early beta form and this is not to represent the final product.


I have tested this with most of the major callout plugins that you find on here and have had no issues so far. If you find something please leave a comment and a log if you get one. Screenshots are nice to.


Current Callouts:

Domestic Disturbance (Two people are fighting and caller says one of them has a gun, this plugin will develop alot more with future releases)

Dead Body in Car (Someone called 911 saying that they think there is a dead body in a car, respond to the vehicle and find out)


Future features that are planned:

Domestic dispute between neighbors (Handle the call as you see fit)

Stolen Vehicle (Want to add more depth to a stolen vehicle call. If the suspect pulls over will he tell you that you his gf is trying to get him arrested after a fight? Will he take off and attempt to flee? Or will he open fire on you as you approach. I would like to make it so there are many things possible for the suspect to do)


As suggested by BlueSteelShield:



Parking violation


Accident(ped vs car)

Missing person



And more will be added as I develop the callouts, also any ideas would be great I will do my best to implement the things the community wants.


Thank you for downloading Ravenguard Callouts!


Want to help Develp Ravenguard Callouts? Send me a message and I will gladly accept help on this project.


Support Forum: (Means no support will be taken in the comments or reviews, please post to the forum to receive any support for Ravenguard Callouts.)

My video showcasing RavenCallouts v 0.1.3a with the new code for the Domestic Callout


What's New in Version 0.1.3A


    #region V 0.1.3
    /// - Rewrote all callouts to be more efficient and have cleaner code.
    /// - Work on the Prowler callout to expand it has begun. Early tests are in progress.
    /// - Completed rewrite of Domestic Callout and fixed dialouge for suspect and victim. More to come soon after ALPHA release

   /// - Added support for RagePluginHook V 0.56.1131.11508



Please note that this is an Early Alpha Version and as such only the Domestic callout is working, this has been tested by me and all endings are working everytime, I have experienced a bug where the callout fails to remove the dot of the suspect, if the blip is still there after killing or arresting the suspect use police radio to end the call manually and it will disappear. If you encounter any other bugs please use the comment section and not the Review section.


Thanks you Lord Raven

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For current version ·

   12 of 12 members found this review helpful 12 / 12 members

I really like this, it's a simple callout script... For it's first version I believe it deserves 5/5 since it doesn't crash and it actually works! I highly recommended adding some new calls and stuff like the following (if possible)

  • CHILD ABUSE (May use the youngest style ped closest for a child, like a skater)
  • MISSING PERSON (Really good addon)

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For old version 0.1.2 ·

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

This Callout package has great potential.  Can't wait to see where you go with this.  Please add more callouts when you can,  and I will update the showcase ;)


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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Simple installation, simple callout. I didn't encounter the dead body callout, probably just need to play a little longer. You should elaborate the included callouts to make them more unique. Good luck with this. :)

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

While some of these callouts have been implemented in other mods, it's still good, imo, to have a variety of similar callouts. Adds to the unknown. Which disturbance is it this time? This definitely seems promising, and I look forward to seeing where it goes. Going to keep these implemented until the new release comes out!:thumbsup:

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For current version ·


good callout im also a dev and i like to beta test for you plz contact me soon

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For old version 0.1.2 ·


works great for me, criminal confinement would be a good one, child molester,so i can blow his brains out,need more hot pursuits, i will post if i come up with any ideas.

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For old version 0.1.2 ·


All of the calls are very entertaining and realistic.


Thank you

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For old version 0.1.2 ·


Very potential plugin, simple installation and simple callouts but very unique, compliments, good job @LordRaven

I hope to see more about that in the future.

I like very much Dead Body on a car callout, it is very original, no seen in any other callouts packs.

Is a bit bugged and unstable 50% of cases but is normal.


Response from the author:

Can you be a bit more specific on the bugs you are talking about? Perhaps a video of said bugs would help so I can watch and identify the bug and possibly reproduce it once I get my game back up and running again.

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That's an awesome Callout script! I really like the Dead Body in vehicle callout! :thumbsup:

Like BlueSteelShield I have another suggestion:

What about a truck which lost its load? That would be a nice callout in my opinion.

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Nice, can't wait for future updates. If there is a callout I always wanted, it would be searching someone that's wanted in the forest or so, after he has escaped from a crime scene.

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