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    Boshy got a reaction from sjain in Best Christmas presents?   
    Beyerdynamic headsets are some of the best cans I have ever owned. I have the MMX 300 paired with the headzone base station. So crisp. Congrats!
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    Boshy reacted to MooHamOinkBeef21 in Slow down the time scale/progression in game   
    Well this is more meant for the support thread, but it's an easy question to answer. If you're using Simple Trainer for GTA V you have many options on time, such as freezing, causing time to move at real time or even syncing up time to your system clock as well as tons of other features.
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    Boshy reacted to c13 in Backup.xml Sharing Thread   
    Since some people understandably don't want to create whole new backup files by themselves, I figured a joint thread would be a good idea. Here is my version:
    Unit setup downloads:
    (Only required if you like real cars/want to get the most out of livery control. If not, remove "livery" from vehicle lines)
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    Boshy reacted to Screminmemes in This mod is going to cost me $1200   
    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/7GsT23 so far...  still got a couple things that aren't included on that list to buy... and also probably going for a $400 budget on video card
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    Boshy reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.3 - Now Released   
    After what has to have been the most chaotic night in the history of LCPDFR/LSPDFR, I'm happy to announce that the third public release of LSPDFR, LSPD First Response 0.3, is now available for download.  LSPDFR 0.3 brings with it many exciting changes and features, including some amazing developments we've made with the Downtown Police Station, beautifully seamless arresting animation sequences, and a whole range of general improvements across the board.
    On a similar note, we hope that you enjoyed the livestream provided on our new Twitch channel at http://www.twitch.tv/g17media.  We appreciate that there were some teething issues with this over the night, but we also hope that you can appreciate the amount of work that goes into putting together not only something like that, but also preparing the modification for release at the same time!  (If you'd like some quantification of that, every member of the management team here has dedicated the entirety of their days today to LSPDFR - seriously, we've barely even eaten!)
    I'd also like to say a massive thank you to @JFavignano and @Stevetrackboyz for being a part of the action tonight.  Indeed, I hope that everyone else will join me in showing their appreciation - you guys were absolutely fantastic!
    We highly recommend that you take a look at the LSPDFR 0.3 Feature Guide, located here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/lspdfr/features.  This guide highlights some of the new features available in greater detail, and also provides more complete release notes (which are massive).
    LSPDFR 0.3, now complete with automatic and manual installation packages is available below: 

    On behalf of the team,
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    Boshy reacted to FadedCalicoJack in YOU'RE WELCOME!   
    So, I just spent the last several hours attempting to see which mods work along side the new 0.3 update and the new RPH updates. This is what I have found to work with
    LSPDFR 0.3 and what I am still testing:  BreathalyzerRage     (Not yet tested)
                                                                   Emergency Strobes (Work great! And look awesome too!)
                                                                   More Control (works GREAT!)
                                                                   Ped Search (Still Testing)
                                                                   Speed Radar (Works Great!)
                                                                  Spotlight (Still bright enough to see even the ugliest of hookers of Vespucci Blvd!)
                                                                   Vehicle Search (Still testing)
    Usually I am pushing some of these to their limits (turning them on and off relentlessly, attempting to glitch it out, hitting it with a hammer, lighting it on fire, sacrificing it to Sam and LMS, the usual). The ones listed here work great so far and the ones I am still testing I am still trying to make them break. LOL
    Mostly all of the Callouts, Police Radio, Arrest Manager and Traffic Manager all cause RPH 0.34 to crash. This is because they have not yet been updated by the authors. And please, before anyone whines about why stuff isn't updated yet, remember that these guys are just like us and have lives just like us. I for one am incredibly happy that they choose to make this stuff for free for all of us to enjoy!
    So to all of the developers and authors and programmers and coders:
    Just don't read the fine print of how addicting the mod can be, the "pending" FDA approval and such. It means nothing.
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    Boshy reacted to TheDude in YOU'RE WELCOME!   
    Here is a few more that are also working with 0.3 and rph .34 (will update as more updates release)
    Important Note : The working versions are the tested minimum required versions that work with 0.3 and are not necessarily the most recent.
    Overlayaway : WORKING (with version 1.0.1)
    Spike Strips : WORKING (with version 0.7.1)
    ShowmyLocation : WORKING (with version
    VehicleSearch : WORKING (with version 2.1.7)
    PedSearch : WORKING (with version 1.1.0)
    TrafficPolicer : WORKING (with version
    FootPersuit Aid : WORKING (with version 2.0)
    Arrest Manager : WORKING (with version
    KeepCalm : WORKING (with version 0.8.0)
    Panic Button : WORKING (with version 1.0.2)
    Bribe Mod : WORKING (with version 1.0)
    PoliceRadio : WORKING (with version 0.45)
    Drug Warrior (Search items) : WORKING (with version 0.1)
    MoreItems (Search items) : WORKING (with version 1.4)
    DashcamV : WORKING (with version 2.1.1)
    Working Callouts
    AgencyCallouts : WORKING (With version 1.4.0)
    ArrestWarrantCallouts :WORKING (With version
    CrazyCallouts : WORKING (With version 0.5.1)
    Code3Callouts : WORKING (With version 0.5.0) - Reports of Crashes
    FederalCallouts : WORKING (With version 0.40)
    AssortedCallouts : WORKING (With version
    LosSantosProtectionSquad : WORKING (With version 1.1.1)
    Updated 1-19-2016  2:00pm
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    Boshy got a reaction from Virzza in Simply... Thank you!   
    I will echo what Virzza said. Thanks for hours of good times with this mod. Bravo!
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    Boshy got a reaction from Virzza in Simply... Thank you!   
    I will echo what Virzza said. Thanks for hours of good times with this mod. Bravo!
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    Boshy reacted to Virzza in Simply... Thank you!   
    I just want to say thank you to everyone that helped develop, test, and in any way contribute to the making of LSPDFR. I really do appreciate it. The modification is absolutely amazing. 
    The time put into this is really mind-boggling. I think everyone should leave a thank you below because other than donating it's the least we can do. And trust me, I plan on donating!
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    Boshy reacted to TheDude in Simply... Thank you!   
    Indeed it is an amazing undertaking that they accomplished. The people complaining dont realize how much coding,debugging and testing goes into this sort of thing - and its volunteers doing it. Its amazing how they were able to incorporate so many other mods that for the last 6 months I have felt were almost mandatory for good rp. now its all bundled together and will make life so much easier not having to update 20 different mods when lspdfr now does it all on its own.
    I cant tell you how many times I wanted to use 'XX' mod but it required rph .32 but lspdfr required .29 and script hook wouldnt jive and so many other little pains in the ass that are now fixed.
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    Boshy reacted to Stealth22 in do i have to uninstall callouts for 0.3 v   
    Just as an FYI, my LSPDFR 0.3 compatibility update is out. 
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    Boshy reacted to Albo1125 in do i have to uninstall callouts for 0.3 v   
    I will personally be updating my mods as soon as possible. Until I do so, they most likely will not work with 0.3.
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    Boshy reacted to Hyfrith in Anyone considered a bar/street fight callout?   
    There's a bar out in the desert with the dartboard that you can go inside. Or there are a number of clubs throughout Los Santos that could have scuffles occuring outside. Police in my city are always getting tied up on a friday and saturday night with drunk people coming out of clubs and fighting in the street. Might make a good callout!
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    Boshy reacted to Gump in Paleto bay   
    I like to patrol Sandy Shores for some reason.
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    Boshy reacted to haveme1 in Graffiti Callout   
    To all of the talented programmers and coders out there, can you create a call out for a person doing graffiti in-progress? I think that would be pretty cool.
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    Boshy reacted to forsakenbacon17 in [Call Idea] Evacuation   
    Often times in the California area, wildfires will threaten homes, and voluntary/mandatory evacuations will take place. It would be neat if this were implemented to LSPDFR. The evacuation could be for Fires, Flooding, Crime In The Area, Gas Leak, etc.. You as the officer, would have to make sure everyone exits the area. Sometimes they will, sometimes they wont, and you must search for them. (Theoretically, you would have some sort of roster, and check off names, or just count the people to see if everyone comes out or not).
    The area could be an apartment complex, a whole street, or a store or building. Maybe even something big like an Airport. Maybe you could have to search inside some of the Online apartments for people. For the Crime version (possible gunman, hostage situation etc, ) maybe SWAT would be covering you and a small group of people would follow you. Maybe there is an active firefight and you are trying not to get the people killed. There are many variations of this, though could be a very difficult call to code.
    Let me know your thoughts and ideas on this possible call!
    Happy (And Safe) Patrolling,
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    Boshy reacted to Kal74 in LSPDFR 0.3 - November Update   
    Yeah I have some great news! I managed to save a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico 
    On another note. I am very excited for 0.3. So excited I went back and looked through the past screenshots from the very first week again..
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    Boshy reacted to Azteco in Too many cops driving around. Agree?   
    I wish they had more in gta lol as certain areas can become very hostile for a single lspdfr officer lol. The presence does make the ai avoid trouble ;)
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    Boshy reacted to Kal74 in Help Requested - Mod Will Not Load - No Errors?   
    Here is another shot in the dark
    Is Steam Overlay disabled? If not disable it
    Are you running any other overlays or recording programs in the background, Like FRAPS or OBS? if so disable them
    Have you tried to temporarily disable your Anti-Virus and launch RagePluginHook 
    Have you checked your windows Firewall to make sure GTA5.exe or RagePluginHook aren't being blocked?
    Can you open up your RagePluginHook Config Console? 
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    Boshy reacted to Badge744 in Help Requested - Mod Will Not Load - No Errors?   
    Yes! Works like a charm with Steam Overlay disabled. Thanks guys - now time to get some plugins installed!
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    Boshy reacted to riale1829 in Can not go on duty   
    I used the troubleshooter and found i was using the wrong version of Rage Hook. Fixed that problem and I could start the mod. Sometimes the mod crashes during game play, so i have to work on that. But the trouble shooter worked well. 
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    Boshy reacted to RankkaRusakko in I love LSPDFR mod – thank you   
    I just found this LSPDFR mod first time earlier this week. I must say, I love it. It's perfect. Thank you for all the modders. You are totally superb!
    I made my second video about LSPDFR and I will make at least a 100 more  
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    Boshy reacted to gamerdanger99 in Best Christmas presents?   
    A car and no im not kidding. I got a freaking Toyota Camry.
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    Boshy reacted to SgrtAlexandra in Crash fix wont work   
    No problem, me and Boshy are glad to help you out