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  1. Typically I stay offline all together unless it is to validate the copy of gta. What I do is I'll validate with gta v only then yank the connection once it validates. Then hit cancel when it's not connected online when it attempts to do a update. Granted the launcher initially will update no way around but your bigger issue is if it updates after validating. Then it'll shut down after cancelling since it don't detect a connection, then start rage hook not connected to net. I've prevented openiv from even trying to update so I'll keep the 1032 version until things work itself out. I still run older versions on couple other computers without issue. All retail copies as I avoided steam due to mostly avoiding the loop 3rd wheel issues playing offline. They could still make 2 copies of the game one for online other for offline and using different format for online content versions and allowing complete offline version still validating. Yet they choose not to. They see $$ with online gaming pushing all to eventually go for online hoping they get hooked. But half butt it with the games. I haven't had chance to apply for five m or any other server yet thought about it more so since this but I'm honestly surprised they don't claim loss of revenue due to private servers utilizing their game over open iv. Honestly the whole situation blows and stinks. Like mentioned before someone will always fill a void. If they locked down completely they would just hang self since most of the attention comes from gamers modding playing role play which causes people to purchase the game to play offline or in role play servers. If they did go out of way and try to kill it all it would just hurt them in long run. It would also push many to come together to make a game and world of own, maybe like five m but user donated time and effort in building a world. The demand for it is higher now days over the gta v type circus online play.
  2. So with this going on is everyone running the latest dlc they came out with or everyone hanging onto 1032 I believe it was, or one prior to the gun running latest dlc? I make back ups as a habit but seeing how it goes. Is it true they changed the file format in the latest update or was this proven false? Good thing I always archive full backups anytime I update. Should be advice habit everyone does to help self in end when failure strikes.
  3. Got it going. Pretty neat. Have allot to catch up on though with els/others but it's running smooth now.
  4. Azteco

    INFORMATION - Patch 1032

    Just a fyi. Script hook is updated and available now just seen it. Been bit before I played but updated and script hook was just released for latest patch.
  5. Azteco

    GTA V update...

    Typically when you laubch social club it'll throw a basic kick start update at you. In the past you'd allow this one to go and after signing into social club it'll try to go to the actual update and install. This is where you got to be quick and yank your net connection. Backup are always a good thing, rph consol and local self backups. I recall a file one added to help avoid updates somewhere here in recent past but I avoid ways used the old manual method to avoid. Matter fact I barely got one drive going with the post recent version of rph and was waiting to get the plugins and still have two at rph 28 and 34. They all run and did the pre social club update then tried to do the after sign in full update but I stopped it and all 3 run fine. If you allow it to get so far and it don't take much after signing into the social club you'll be sol and need to relie on a revert game or backup or wait until rph updates. Basically you only allow it enough to validate the social club to okay offline for while and yank your net off between that and just at or prior to the actual update. Letting it get barely going in the update can cause issues.
  6. Azteco

    Emergency Vehicle Theft Callouts

    I think it's a good idea considering in reality pursuits occur more often then most think and you don't hear about it on main media unless it involves a officer down, suspect down, or beating unfortunately. there is many pursuits that occur that end without a dramatic ending and are not published and yes police cruisers sometimes do get stolen and wrecked who do not utilize ignition belt locks or other safety mechanisms. I have been a very pro supporter of these for many years so only the medic, fire fighter or officer can release the vehicle out of park. good idea I think you added the chases to game.
  7. really nice skins. are you using redux or which mod for the game graphics?
  8. If the rotating halogens are super fast it isn't per say a issue. The mx7000 light bars if you ever seen one had versions where it was the rotator shield had 3 sides either strobe, led, multi led, halogen in center and the outer mirror would rotate really fast. One example would be el paso texas sheriff/pd, or Miami Dade in past. Trust me if you seen it you'd say it is exactly that. Here is a older version with the single mirror lense rotating but the tri mirror lense ones appear even faster if you ever see it. Skip to 22 seconds in.
  9. Azteco

    LE Revamped 2

    Nice xts5000 on duty belt.
  10. Azteco


    Nice ptt affiliate tone. This is used in trunking systems notifying user access to the current site is permitted for audio to be transmitted and decent signal. I'll probably go ahead and do some GE burps tonight which can be used in similiar for the game a old analog format used to radio I'd units before it was phased out. There is 4 types I'll go ahead and do for people to add where ever in game.
  11. Does it come with a litercola? looks good.
  12. Check your slot the vehicle is in and the siren setting etc. If it was thrown into a different slot youll have to adjust things so it'll work. I'm thinking it is the siren and light setting in your meta.
  13. Azteco

    Los Santos End DWI Police/Taxi 4K/2K

    Nice. Any chance of other cruces pd skins? They use to be that ford royal blue with white roof with the old 3 crosses logo. Then went to the all royal blue and text. Looks nice.