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  1. Hyfrith

    Who else likes to do foot patrols?

    I personally enjoy a middle ground and like to engage in Bicycle Patrol around the Del Perro beach area! World of Variety includes a police bicycle or you can just use the black mountain-bike. EUP also includes Bicycle Patrol uniforms which is neat. The cool thing about a cycle patrol is you can respond to incidents a bit further away than on foot but it's still slower like a foot patrol, but we're definitely in need of some small scale incidents just as robbery, drunkenness or even a medical emergency. Hopefully the new dynamic world systems coming in the next LSPDFR update will help make foot patrols come alive more!
  2. Evenin guys, just wondering if anyone has a functioning gameconfig for RDE with reduced performance hit? Or anyways to reduce the general FPS drop? I'd be happy to delete the scripts for instance, I'm only here for all the addon cars and jurisdictions. I'm partially convinced something is up with my rig, but recently after installing RDE my usually steady 50+ FPS will suddenly tank to 20 and stay there. Cheers.
  3. Hyfrith

    New GTA update coming 29th August

    Feels like they've gone hard to include community favourites in this update? Everyone's been asking for the Hunter and Rustler for years and SkylineGTR's models, one of which is used in RDE, have shown just how brilliant they could be. There's a fantastic video of popular GTA Youtubers BayAreaBuggs and Jeff Favignano using Skyline's modded WW2 planes in a dogfight that got be excited about the possibilities. Although we all know they'll probably have explosive rounds and 1-hit KO to spoil the fun of dogfights... Also interesting to see a tactical helmet being added like those in RDE and EUP. Hell, even the glider is already a fantastic SkylineGTR addition to the game. Personally, I barely touch online and I imagine many people here don't either. But i'm still excited for new vehicles to mess with and take photos in Singleplayer using Trainers to spawn them in.
  4. Thanks! I can't see any keybind options myself so far.
  5. I SOLVED IT. I deleted Menyoo because it was causing crashes with Realism Dispatch Enhanced, then noticed that the engine siren revving has stopped too! Solution = delete Menyoo. @nick_g44
  6. Sure thing. I don't have LSPDFR installed, so I gave you my Scripts folder instead.
  7. Hi all, I've got a really strange issue and I wonder if anyone has any ideas. When using any emergency vehicle with the siren running, we all know that you can hold the siren button to give a blast of, say, rumbler tone until you release the key again. However, when I do this, the different siren tone plays just fine but it will also be accompanied by a loud engine revving noise as well, as though I had the accelerator pressed fully with the handbrake on. I do have some mods installed such as EUP, Realism Dispatch Enhanced, Menyoo, and Simple Trainer. But this problem was occuring before I installed RDE too. Any thoughts? It's a very annoying bug. Thanks!
  8. Real question is: What timezone are the RDE team in? It's 20:00 on the 10th here in the UK already... Waiting in anticipation for release! :)
  9. I'd love some access to the various Fire skins available in the Emergency addon for RDE. There are no nice lore friendly Blaine County fire truck skins anywhere!
  10. My life sure is empty without RDE, and I only use it for all the lore-friendly vehicle addons! Speaking of which, wonder if there'll ever be a version without the scripts? Just the awesome addon cars. Not enough lore friendly mods here.
  11. It seems that putting Caine's EMS pack below RDE DLCs causes a crash on startup. If I delete RDEEmergency DLC then the game loads fine and I can spawn in Caine's addons, however the Lifeguard SUV remains the Granger model and not the Contender model that Caine's pack should make it. You'll have to me more specific i'm afraid. I can find my way around the folder structure just fine, but I don't know which files/lines to be deleted, replacing, or editing yet.
  12. I wonder if anyone can guide me in adjusting RDE so that it doesn't overwrite the default ambulance or lifeguard SUV? I want to use Lt Caine's Default-Type EMS Vehicle Pack, specifically the Lifeguard Contender replacement for the Lifeguard SUV. But it seems that RDE is taking priority .
  13. Hyfrith

    Default-Type EMS Vehicle Pack

    I believe you need to export it to the desktop, edit it, then drag it back into OpenIV after saving.
  14. Hyfrith

    Default-Type EMS Vehicle Pack

    A truly excellent bit of work and a gem for any player who wants Lore-friendly additions to their game like myself. The models are well designed, fun to use, and interesting to mess with due to all their liveries and add-on parts to change via trainer. I feature these vehicles now and then on my LSPDFR role-play account now and then if people want to see more pictures.
  15. Oh wow you made the Oracle!! Officially one of my favourite cars in the game haha. I'm just not one for all the silly supercars everywhere in Online especially. I tend to stick to more "realistic to own" cars. As a UK resident I've always dreamed of someone making the Oracle into an in-game car because it's like the police BMWs that are used here. Someone just needs to make a UK police style skin that still says Los Santos for it now! I love all the lore friendly cars you make and I implore you to keep going. And definitely explore the British police's cars more. Like the standard Ubermacht Oracle (as BMW. I like the Oracle more than the Oracle XS as it's got more curves), and Obey Tailgater (Audi). Even the Benefactor Schafter V12 looks kinda like the BMWs used by the police. Keep it up!