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Simply... Thank you!

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Indeed it is an amazing undertaking that they accomplished. The people complaining dont realize how much coding,debugging and testing goes into this sort of thing - and its volunteers doing it. Its amazing how they were able to incorporate so many other mods that for the last 6 months I have felt were almost mandatory for good rp. now its all bundled together and will make life so much easier not having to update 20 different mods when lspdfr now does it all on its own.

I cant tell you how many times I wanted to use 'XX' mod but it required rph .32 but lspdfr required .29 and script hook wouldnt jive and so many other little pains in the ass that are now fixed.

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Cannot agree more, I cherish all the time I get to play this amazing mod. Thank you to all involved with making this the best of the best, including all the mod makers that put their heart and soul into adding different aspects to this glorious mod and then sharing it with the rest of this amazing community!

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