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About Me

Hello everyone!

Thanks for checking out my profile! My names Dylan! I go by Virzza and I am a vehicle modeler for Grand Theft Auto V! You can view all of my released modifications here and all my W.I.P.'s here! I am a 16 year old guy from California, USA. I do actually have a life so if you send me a message I may or may not get back to you as soon as you would like but I will as soon as possible. I am a pretty laid back and friendly guy. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to shoot me a message.  If you would like to discuss possibly buying models please PM me.

My Favorite People

@CODEX12 - Introduced me into modeling. I wouldn't be where I am without this guy.

@PSource - Helped me immensely with modeling and constantly supports and encourages me.

@FRGamer For being an awesome friend. He has always been super supportive and provided me with two new monitors! (* cough cough* maybe even a new computer soon *cough cough*

@Krame86 - An amazing friend who always supports me on my projects and provides amazing HQ liveries!

My Favorite Quotes

“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.” - Regina Brett

"Dream big, work hard" JJ Watt

"With God, all things are possible" Unknown