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    Virzza got a reaction from Sam Cliffe in Common Police Fonts   
    Hi I thought maybe we could start a thread where people could post pictures of Law Enforcement vehicles and include what the main font is called. I feel as if this would help a lot of people that create skins for cars.
    Here is the New York Police Departments Crown Victoria and the main font is Rockwell Extra Bold and the CPR font is Freshman.

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    Virzza got a reaction from effiner in RETAIL VERSION!!!   
    You forgot about caps lock... or you just need to calm down
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    Virzza got a reaction from effiner in RETAIL VERSION!!!   
    You forgot about caps lock... or you just need to calm down
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    Virzza got a reaction from OfficerSquare in Check out ELS for V!   
    @GravelRoadCop I wish people would just be patient and enjoy the mod when it gets here. Some people are acting like they paid for it and it is late. It's sad to be honest. I am so greatful that Lt. Caine and the rest of the group is developing this modification! Thank you guys so much!
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    Virzza reacted to Ben in [NOT VICTORY] Count To 20 Before A Moderator Or Developer Posts   
    It's a shame that a joke cannot be taken in, simply enjoyed. Quite a shame.
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    Virzza reacted to Fiskey111 in Notification Issue?   
    Hello Cyan!
    I wanted to check to see if the notification issue was just on my end or if it's a server thing.  I've tried deleting my cache and whatnot, however that didn't help.
    Basically my notifications are showing (and updating, too) in the top right.  However, when I click on them it simply brings an infinite loop and doesn't show me the notifications.  In addition, when I press "View all notifications" it shows this error:
    I haven't seen anyone else say there is an issue yet, so I wanted to check!
    Thank you!
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    Virzza got a reaction from Starmix in LSPDFR Scripts & Plugins Not Loading   
    So the problem is that Albo included a couple outdated files in Arrest Manager. Update Traffic Policer then everything should be fine
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    Virzza got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in LSPDFR Scripts & Plugins Not Loading   
    @steakjake Not really a solution because then I can't use his mods.
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    Virzza got a reaction from Officer27 in [WIP] Los Santos Police Department Pack   
    Here is a preview of the base Explorer model - http://imgur.com/a/rUydv

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    Virzza reacted to Hystery in I need help with light color on police cars   
    Hi there!
    Have you ever noticed this thing?

    It's called a Search bar. The search bar is very useful, and is also a very important tool on forums! It allows you to type keywords and find stuff related to what you typed. For example, if I type 'white lights', here is what you could have found:

    Yes, all those people had the same problem as you! And yes, all of them got the same replies and fixes to that problem. Sadly, no one uses the search bar, and it feels very lonely, and as a result, many people create new topics about the same thing, and it ends cluttering the forums a lot, and it makes our moderators all sad too, just like the search bar... So, if you want to make our moderators happy and make our search bar all lively and content again, I'd suggest you use it before creating a topic. Who knows, maybe someone already found the fix you're looking for!
    Of course I'm not telling you what to do or where to post, this is a simple message for the the good of the community. No search bar or moderator were hurt during the creation of this post.
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    Virzza got a reaction from wantedelf in uploading skins   
    File download and follow the steps
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    Virzza got a reaction from wantedelf in uploading skins   
    File download and follow the steps
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    Virzza reacted to PieRGud in [REL | WIP] LSPDFR Computer+   
    Ever miss the LCPDFR computer? The one with the user-friendly realistic UI? LSPDFR Computer+ aims to bring that back.
    Check out the Computer+ Git!

    Current Features
    - Ability to search for persons and vehicles without keys conflicting with other mods.
    - Uses the LSPDFR API to get ped and vehicle information. Also includes info left out of the regular LSPDFR police computer, like times stopped and number of citations.
    - Uses the Traffic Policer API (if it is installed) to also show a vehicle's insurance information.
    - Search fields are automatically filled out with the subject's information during a traffic stop, so all you have to do is press a button!
    - Dynamic backgrounds! Depending on which police vehicle you're in, you'll get a specialized department background. Comes with RDE support.
    - Looks practically identical to the LCPDFR computer (in terms of the layout).
    [NEW!] - Active Calls screen, which shows all callouts sent by Dispatch, even the ones that AI units respond to! (Must have participating callout plugins installed for this to work)
    [NEW!] - Computer+ now has its own API, for callout developers to use!!
    Planned Improvements
    - Integration with @Albo1125's British Policing Script and soon to be released LSPDFR+.
    - Combining Computer+ and @fiskey111's LSPDFR PolicingMDT into one mod.
    My mouse keeps resetting to the middle.
    -> Change your mouse input setting to DirectInput or Raw Input.
    The game crashed when I tried to search.
    ->This issue has been fixed in 1.3.
    Police Radio and Computer+ showed different vehicle owners. Is this a bug?
    -> No. Computer+ follows LSPDFR's vehicle owner, while Police Radio sometimes doesn't.
    How can I rebind the E key?
    -> Change the context key in your game settings.
    Do I need a Computer+ supported callout for this plugin to work?
    -> No. Computer+ will work fine, just the Call Details screen will be useless.
    I found a bug / the plugin crashed.
    If the bug/crash isn't a known issue, post here with as many details about it that you can give. If the plugin crashed, please ensure you also include your RagePluginHook.log (not the rcr report) that contains the crash message.
    I'd like to give a suggestion/provide feedback.
    Absolutely! I'd love to hear it. I'm actively looking to improve this plugin based upon what you guys want.
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    Virzza reacted to Starmix in [NOT VICTORY] Count To 20 Before A Moderator Or Developer Posts   
    And now Virzza's account will probably get banned for like a day to stop it.
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    Virzza reacted to Fiskey111 in [WIP] Non-lethal policing   
    Hello everyone!
    I'd like to offer you a sneak peak at the development of one of my two new callout packs!
    These callouts/features are focused on the less GTA side of policing!
    There is no current release date, it will be done when I complete all of the following and feel as though it is stable.  I'd plan on at least 3 weeks, but most likely more.
    Included with the release will be the following:
    1. A personal, integrated MDT - containing report writing functionality, a map of LS, and (potentially) a ped database (although it may not tie into LSPDFR).  This alone has taken me about 10 hours to complete to its current stage (seen in pictures below).
    2. Accident callouts that require the player to simply direct traffic in an area - my plan for these is to have the player respond and maintain control of the scene (you may be first on scene or last, I plan on making that dynamic).
    3. Community policing - a feature that will get you out of your cruiser!  I plan on making it force you to walk around an area (like a shopping mall, convenience store, etc) and forcing you to talk to people.  Something may happen, but most likely not.
    4. Reports of
         a. Shots
         b. Shoplifting
         c. Racing individuals 
         d. Etc.
         The above will require you to talk to the reporter and write a detailed report regarding the situation.  I plan on incorporating some sort of feedback mechanism using the MDT to see whether you got accurate information/remembered it all.  (Maybe, we'll see).
    5. And more I'm sure!
    Here's a sneak peak at the basic MDT.  I plan on incorporating more features to it (specifically suspect information in the reports cause I forgot that hahaha) as well as a navigation bar at the bottom so you know where you are.
    Please not this is V0.0.0.1 of this system and it WILL change.
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    Virzza reacted to propel in New PC Build   
    Are you interested in CPU overclocking? A 4790K is meant to be overclocked but you have no CPU cooler which is pretty much required for overclocking... If your not, get something like a i5-4690 w/ a intel H97 mobo or the Skylake equivalent and use your extra cash to get a HDD/SSD combo with a 128/250 gb SSD, which will take your pc's performance to the next level compared to using a i5 instead of a i7.
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    Virzza reacted to thegreathah in New PC Build   
    I'll be getting the 1070. I'd wait around for that if I were you.
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    Virzza reacted to CODEX12 in New PC Build   
    I would wait for the MSI 1070 the stock ones look really ugly looking the 980 ti handles everything so getting a 1070 would be your best bet plus cheaper as well so you can add that extra cash to something else :)
    Parents for you dude.
    Am on the same boat i need all new part's CPU, GPU, motherboard a new case also ram cards i do want to get the 1080 myself but for my use i think its to much overpowered i rather get the 1070.
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    Virzza reacted to Hystery in New PC Build   
    I agree with above, the 1080 is waaay overprived, the 1070 would be a more affordable choice.
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    Virzza reacted to forsakenbacon17 in New PC Build   
    That video card is 660 dollars, when you could get a 1070 (they release June 10th) for about 380. It's most likely more powerful as its close counterpart the 1080 has greater power than SLI 980Ti's, at half the cost. 
    I'll be building a new PC soon too, and will definitely have a 1080, so it may be something to consider.
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    Virzza reacted to Cyan in New PC Build   
    Avoid cheap PSUs. My last PC had numerous crashing issues, with a cheap EVGA ~750W PSU.
    As soon as I replaced it with a slightly more expensive SeaSonic PSU my issues went away.
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    Virzza got a reaction from thegreathah in New PC Build   
    Hey everyone! 
    I have decided I want to build a new computer and I thought I would get some ideas from the community. I want a computer that will be able to hold up for years to come. I have around $1300 to spend and have decided I want a GTX 980 ti in it so when listing possible builds please be sure to have the GPU as a 980 ti. I need your help guys. What parts? :D
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    Virzza got a reaction from TaylorSwift in New PC Build   
    @TaylorSwift Alright, cool thanks!
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    Virzza reacted to TaylorSwift in New PC Build   
    Cheaper than or equal to a 980 from what i've seen around online, but of course that doesn't represent the actual company's price, I'd wait until they release though, as the others have said, As you could get something that is supposedly better than 980 SLI, For the same price.