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  1. purplepotatoes14

    Nightlife #3

    Just VisualV and Radiance, and of course with some edits I made in the Rockstar Editor.
  2. purplepotatoes14

    Coroner Van Using Sirens

    I'm guessing that this is for sure GTA's distant siren affect. I'm thinking that even "code 2" activates the distant siren sound.
  3. purplepotatoes14

    2013 Ford Explorer Liberty

    The FPIU from Robert's pack seems like a nice fit. The only problem you may have is that is does have a red steady burn LED in the lightbar. Due to California law, all emergency vehicles must have that. If you can get by that, then this might work for you.
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  5. purplepotatoes14

    Ford Police Utility/Sedan Engine Sound Mod Alternative

    Yes you're right about the music. I've just gotten used to it but you can always shut it off in the game settings.
  6. purplepotatoes14

    Nightlife #3

  7. purplepotatoes14

    Nightlife #2

  8. purplepotatoes14

    Nightlife #1

  9. purplepotatoes14

    Los Angeles Police Utility

  10. purplepotatoes14


    It's an old LAPD Gang/SWAT FPIU made by Windows446 (his name is now different on LSPDFR). I can't seem to find the download for it anymore, sorry about that. It's non-els though, and I bet you use ELS anyways
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    She Dirty

  13. purplepotatoes14