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The Wasteland 1.0.0

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The Wasteland


A pack of callouts and world events for the borough of Bohan. The mod is focused on recreating the conditions of policing in high-crime areas of NYC. You can expect dynamic gameplay as well as ordinary police work.


Due to the fact that the pack is still in development stage every aspect of gameplay may be changed.


List of calls:


1. Burglary in the past

Take a report and look for a suspect. Monitor your radio, another sector car may spot your suspect and need your assistance in pursuing him.


2. A car on fire

Cars in Bohan are rather in poor condition. When FD is busy (in South Bohan: always) you got to back them up with some easier jobs.


3. A car is being stripped

It might be stolen car so be there ASAP before they dismantle it to atoms. Make sure you don't spook the "mechanics" with your siren!


4. Sale of narcotics

Drugs are one of the biggest problem in the neibourhood. Help the community and take another dealer from the streets.


5. Homeless people harassing LTA passengers

Just askin' for a dime, huh? A simple question may turn into a violent attack, respond quick when it’s dark!


6. EMS is requesting assistance

Help paramedics with the aggressive patient.


7. Gang-related assault

Despite of gang activity and violent attacks, people are still jogging after dark. Be on scene as soon as possible, otherwise the victim may not survive.


8. A mugging victim calls for help

Mugging is an everyday crime in Bohan. Go and help a complainant. Drive her to the hospital or canvass the area to find a suspect.


9. Prisoner transport

An ordinary job of a patrolman. Transport a prisoner to the station house.


10. Assist patrolman with a "man with a gun" call

Respond on a request of your fellow Officers. You got to be there in case of hell break loose.


11. An unconscious man

Street events attract people like a magnet. Control the crowd until EMS arrives.


12. A street fight

Common occurence in every busy area. Your task is to restore public order.


13. Drug usage

Bohan is highly infested with drugs and you are the one who is suppose to fight it. Take all possible safety measures while handling calls connected with intoxication.


14. Commercial burglary

Store owners are struggling to keep their businesses running. Without police assistance they won’t make it. Be in the right place at the right time to catch goons who destroy the local business.


15. Robbery of street gamblers

What gives more fun than shooting dice with friends? And wherever there is money there are robbers. Keep your gun prepared while responding to this call!


List of world events:

  • wanted person,

  • person with a weapon,

  • person with a bat,

  • unconscious civillian,

  • a known felon,

  • a decaying vehicle,

  • a foot pursuit.


Special feature:

a custom radio chatter based on real NYPD recordings.


Have fun! I expect some feedback here:



VirusTotal analysis of the pack:


What's New in Version 1.0.0


  • new callout: robbery of street gamblers,

  • new world events: 1) person with a bat, 2) unconscious civillian, 3) known felon, 3) decaying vehicle, 4) foot pursuit,

  • new dispatch lines for selected callouts,

  • bug fixes and improvements.
- Authors:
* LtFlash,
* FCV96.
- Special thanks for:
* FCV96,
* LMS,
* LukeD,
* OekelWm,
* JulioNIB.
(more in the topic in "Script Modifications" section)

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