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  1. Just send a message to Kane 104 and ask about them. I can tell you there are a LOT of dropped projects because GTA V came out and everyone move away from GTA IV and that's sad. I have never left my unfinished jobs and allways make everything done till it's done, seems like they think different...
  2. For me its a similar problem, when I put any ENB mod, I have error - "application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000005", then I click on icon, properties and uncheck two box where says Run this program in compability mode for and Run this program as administrator. Then it works, game launch without error 0xc0000005. But the next problem is: LCPDFR mod not work properly without these uncheck boxes. So I don't know what to do..
  3. Janis28


    Maybe there no need for big update, but creators are forgotten about older files like callout mods... All those Callout+, Wouters, Wastelland mods need to be updated
  4. I have a lot of them but in my personal files.. If you figure out how can I send them, then I can do it
  5. There are plain clothes ped with same bullet p. west. And the best FBI ped is this one, but they need to upgrade some textures..
  6. Can you give me link for that Vice City Rage?
  7. Finally after 3 days fight, Its working. Thanks for replies, appreciative
  8. Finally I figured out, I didn't put GIMS IV folder in right place.. and now I get error: it works only on 3ds Max 2012, mine is 2009, great, this error took me 2 days
  9. looks like it gonna take a while or it's not working
  10. I figured it out that I need GIMS_IV plugin, I tried like 4 different oldest and newest plugins and all I get is this error: Any ideas, someone? No one works with gtaIV peds? Mybe I need other program, ZModeler3?
  11. How can I open WDD file on 3ds Max program? I want to fix few things to police ped from original GTAIV file
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Im a fan of non-ELS cars, and this is original GTA IV Vapid Minivan turn to unmarked police car with non-ELS lights just like NYPD style.
  13. No one play with non els cars anymore? Look at my galleries, I change all cars to non els, because when I use ELS, the game crash more often. And maybe people not play with non-els because there are no good non els cars
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