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Airport Callouts [WIP] [0.4.1] v0.2.3.2

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This is still a WIP!

The next callout update will be the final I'll be continuing making other callout packs. The next calloutpack'll be Regular Callouts



What airport should I add? please vote (NEW POLL AFTER 15th November 2018)



how many responses should I make? please vote!















Included Calls:

- LSIA Car Theft                          LSIA          SANDY          ZANCUDO          GRAPESEED

- Person With A Firearm at *AIRPORT*      LSIA          SANDY          ZANCUDO          GRAPESEED

- Nude Person In LSIA Metro Station       LSIA          SANDY          ZANCUDO          GRAPESEED

- Dangerous Spotter                       LSIA          SANDY          ZANCUDO          GRAPESEED

- Private Aircraft Theft                  LSIA             SANDY          ZANCUDO           GRAPESEED

- Emergency Landing                       LSIA          SANDY          ZANCUDO          GRAPESEED

- Suspicous Passenger                     LSIA          SANDY          ZANCUDO          GRAPESEED

- Animal On Airport Grounds               LSIA          SANDY          ZANCUDO          GRAPESEED

- Unauthorized Plane Landing              LSIA          SANDY          ZANCUDO          GRAPESEED



Thanks for the kind words Steve!






Future Updates

- Sandy Shores Airfield Support        W I P

- Grapeseed Airfeeld Support           PLANNED

- Millitary Base Support               PLANNED

- More Callouts                        W I P


Known Bugs


Change Log


v0.1.12.1 (Not yet released)

- Added Speech buttons (Y)

- Added Sandy Shores Integration (Emergency Landing)

- Added Suspicious Passenger Callout

- Added Wild Animal on Airport Grounds Callout

- Changed AI Driving

- Improved Dialogue on the Plane Spotter Callout



- Added Possible Drunk Pilot Callout

- Added Emergency Landing Callout

- "Presumably fixed the Shootout callout gliching bug reported by Yo_Adrian!"

- Added routes to callouts

- Added fun Easteregg

- Changed the Dangerous Planespotter Callout(s)



- Added Dangerous Planespotter Callout

- Added Private Aircraft Theft callout



- Fixed Callout Not Closing Properly Bug (Reported by Pacific Pig)

- Added Callout "Nude Person In LSIA Metro Station"



- Added Callout: Person With A Firearm at LSIA

- Added .zip instead of .dll

- Changed Callout Frequence of "LSIA Car Theft" from medium to high

- Fixed bug "Notification audio isn't complete"



- Added File

- Added Callout "LSIA Car Theft"



Please Leave Suggestions below.


Special Thanks to Bendy Snowball and BASTOSS for testing!

Special Thanks to Yo_Adrian! for showcasing this calloutpack



Put AirportCallouts.dll into "Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\LSPDFR"








Coding Jesyx
Testing ReaZzor
Airport Vehciles ReaZzor

User Feedback

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For current version ·

   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

I am about 3 calls in on this callout package.  So far I like it.  Phew glitches with the Emergency landing with EMS on scene,  other than that.  I like it!


Response from the author:

Thanks, the first thing I did today when waking up was watching your video,

I've tried to fix the response on Emergency landing, make sure to try the Emergency landing in Sandy Shores 😉

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For old version v0.1.12.1 ·

   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

This is an awesome call out pack and I want to love this so bad, but there seems to be a couple issues, particularly with the crash landing call out. I love that you go to a staging area and respond to the crash rather than just going directly to the scene. The issues that I ran into are that sometimes the plane itself will not spawn so there is nothing you are responding to other than a red blip on the map. The second issue that I found was that the AI all seem to crash into the wall when they get on scene. Everything else is near perfect. If those two things can be fixed it's a 5 star call out pack for sure!


Response from the author:

Could you send me your log please? I'm sorry it doesn't work 😕, I'll try OKAY?

next time try putting the trouble part about your problem in the comments tab also I cannot fix the airplane not spawning as I don't have the log and I'm not able to test the solutions because I wouldn't know if they'd work and I haven't encounterd the bug myself. About the cars, i tried but they just like to show up at 100 mph, I don't know how to Make 'em stop earlier I've already tried another stopping posttions, endless 'Driving tags', so I'm sorry I'm not able to help you at this time, DM me with the log mabey I can resolve the issue.



Did you try the new version, I tried to improve the AI driving, some people may say it improved, while others say it is worse.

The bug may be fixed by some tags, try them out and get back to me OK?

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For current version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This mod is ok but it needs polish with the radio etc. Also it seems to override other callouts even the default LSPDFR ones so when you're up north it's still trying to force you back down to LSIA. 3/5 but could be 5/5 with work!

Response from the author:

Override other calls? do you mean you get these more often? And yeah I admit it I'm shit at audio mixing

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For old version v0.1.12.1 ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

The Dangerous Spotter callout is very unique! Looking forward to future updates! 5/5 ❤️ 

Response from the author:

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it, most likely will be updating it this month 🙂

Also thanks for making a 3.9 a 4.0 on lspdfr.com

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For current version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This is an awesome call out pack.

Response from the author:

Thank you dude


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For old version 0.004 ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Amazing job with this mod, connecting to a side of LS with very little love, the airport (also my favorite part of LS!) Even though there are a few bugs to work out, this is one of the better callout mods I've downloaded and I encourage you to keep going no matter what! 

If I may leave a suggestion, one day I was at Sky Harbor and a Southwest 737-700 came in for an emergency landing and the police and ARF units escorted them so it would be cool if you could add something like that, keep up the good work! 



Response from the author:

Thanks for the feedback Sean, could you please tell me about the bugs?

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Yo Adrian

For old version v0.010 ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Enjoyed showing these off in an episode. Great work on these callouts man. Hope to see updates on them soon! 


Response from the author:

I'm uploading a new version of the callout right now, thank you sm for showing it off ❤️

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· Edited by BEModsV

For old version v0.1.12.1 ·

   14 of 17 members found this review helpful 14 / 17 members

Hey man,


I know the modding commmunity can be one of the nicest, closest communities, but it can always turn and show its harsh side. Like the nice people say: Don't let it get to you. You sparked my interest when I read there were finally airport-focused callouts. You kept that fire burning by telling there are more callouts to be planned. And only having one callout that doesn't close correctly, means that you have at least worked and provided something for us. Doing nothing means having 0 callouts. I'd say keep up the good work buddy. 

If i may suggest something: A callout that is about luggage theft. Maybe some kind of integration with the stop the ped search API and some interrogating of airport workers to find out who stole the luggage and where they took it!

Big thumbs up from Belgium 👍

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For old version 0.004 ·

   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

vey nice callouts sill needs a little work though keep good work 

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For old version v0.010 ·

   3 of 4 members found this review helpful 3 / 4 members

This version of the callouts, I am impressed with. If you had initially released with, it would've been a great release and you wouldn't have any negative comments. I did bash your initial release, but great job on the updates. Looking forward to future updates.

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Pacific Pig

· Edited by Pacific Pig

For old version v0.1.12.1 ·

   12 of 17 members found this review helpful 12 / 17 members

Great to see this Updated and with some interesting new callouts! Forced them and they work pretty well but after testing still had call get stuck on map but it wasn't all the time. If you're looking for some new callout in the LSIA area I can actually say this pack is now worth a pick up! Great work keep it up, hope to see more soon!

Response from the author:



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For old version 0.004 ·

   9 of 13 members found this review helpful 9 / 13 members

First off, I am giving you 4 stars, not because of the callouts, but because there is way too much negativity here. Making callouts is hard, especially for someone just starting, and the first step to making complex callouts is to make some basic ones. Maybe with the GTA callout at the airports, it could be an airport utility vehicle, like an airtug, a ripley, or maybe a fuel truck, and or a security vehicle (ditanette2). Something to if you need help making .rar or .zip files hit me up on discord at: Bendy Snowball#3661 or hit me up at bendysnowball@gmail.com. (preferably you contact me on discord). The callouts coming soon sound very interesting, and I do have one recommendation, you should change the title to add a [WIP] tag in it and it it in so people dont spam you with negative reviews. I will be following your progress.  

-Bendy Snowball

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For current version ·

   15 of 34 members found this review helpful 15 / 34 members

My man, My guy where did you come from to save me on this day with a car theft callout. I can send you 10 maybe even 20 other callouts with cars thefts. Think of something unique and I won't lie a couple of the planned callouts sound interesting but come on, atleast change the title to callout because that's all you're getting.

Response from the author:

Please update the review based on the callout updates


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· Edited by likebubba

For old version v0.1.12.1 ·

   9 of 53 members found this review helpful 9 / 53 members

I love


For those bashing the Car theft, look at the Planned ideas, hoping that they won't take forever to come, imagine the content from just even one of those callouts! Cause I am guessing this is just a testing phase!


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For current version ·


great callout pack gives give you something different to do. Keep at it 🙂

Response from the author:

thank you

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