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  1. Xander6478

    [ EUP ] PBPD Uniforms

    Vermont State Based Uniforms are next on my list
  2. Version 1.0


    My second EUP Release, First thing I'm gonna say is that it's not perfect by any means. There's some colours off on some uniforms but I wanted to get this out to everyone as fast as I could, Gonna work on fixing them so don't worry. I tried my best to base this on Upper Macungie Township Police Department but I had to change some things because of GTA 5 limitations of course. Keep in mind this pack is fully compatible with my BCSO Uniforms and Glove Textures so you can have all of my three retextures at the same time if you want to. As always I recommend these vests by GrandTheftPD: I also recommend these LSPD Uniforms, A lot of people have been asking me to make LSPD but it's not my priority: Lastly, My favourite belt to use: As always, love you all for downloading my stuff and I'm happy you enjoy it ! Thin Blue Designs Discord: https://discord.gg/jEHyEc7
  3. Xander6478

    Black Mountain Police Based Liveries

    Well It looks like the real thing, I really like their departments cars and uniforms.
  4. Version 1.0


    My next livery pack is here and it's based on Black Mountain Police Department. Found this one a while back and wanted to make it but my texturing skills were absolute shit so here it is now in it's beauty. Love this department, it's simple and sleek. Hope you guys enjoy it, Here's some of the cars that I used for the screenshots: As always thank you for downloading my stuff, Have a good day ! Thin Blue Designs Discord: https://discord.gg/jEHyEc7
    Gotta say, Just pure amazing work right here. Thank you for releasing this
    Oh my god, This is gonna fit in my game so good. Thank you !
  5. Xander6478

    County Department Liveries

    Version 1.0


    My next release, some of the vehicle textures I've been making. Nothing special but they're just nice and simple. I've been gone for about a week now because of some computer issues but I'm back up and running so I'll be updating some of my EUP stuff and I'll be making some more vehicle textures for this pack. Here's what you can expect so far [ Keep in mind that yes these are based on real departments but I add my own stuff to these liveries and change things on them so they are not going to be 100% accurate ]. Paleto Bay Police - Windham Police - Patrol Crown Victoria - Patrol Tahoe - K9 Explorer Blaine County Sheriff - Gwinnett County Sheriff - Patrol Tahoe - Patrol Charger Grapeseed Public Safety - Fairfield Public Safety - Patrol Explorer Some Packs I've Used: If you want to see other stuff I'm working on then make sure to check out Thin Blue Design's discord. I post my screenshots and updates there if you ever want to see what I'm working on next. As always, Thanks for downloading ! Thin Blue Designs Discord: https://discord.gg/jEHyEc7
  6. Xander6478

    [ EUP ] BCSO Uniforms

    There are two versions of the jacket and winter jacket, green and black. I knew some people would prefer black but I like green personally. This is beautiful indeed. I don't know why that might be, nothing I can fix sadly. Yes the vehicles I am still working on so don't worry I will fix everything for release. My GTA 5 is not working at all right now so I haven't been making anything. It completely doesn't work, I've tried everything. I'm getting a new computer so I'll be getting back to things on the weekend. Especially fixing some stuff and adding a bunch of other things to this pack as well as finishing Paleto Bay PD EUP.
  7. Xander6478

    [ EUP ] BCSO Uniforms

    I made them, Will be releasing those soon as well.
  8. Xander6478

    EUP Replacement Shoulder Mic & Body Cam

    Personally I'd just have the shoulder mic. Good job any ways, EUP needs new good stuff like this and your belt.
  9. Xander6478

    EUP Replacement Shoulder Mic & Body Cam

    I love the shoulder mic but I gotta say, personally I hate that bodycam. Other than that it's perfect.
  10. Xander6478

    [ EUP ] Gloves

    No, This is actually not part of EUP but you can use it on your EUP character. Basically, these gloves are already in the game and aren't created by EUP but you need their character in order to use them if that clears things up. If not then we can talk more about it.
  11. Xander6478

    [ EUP ] Gloves

    I used this glock - https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta5/weapons/93137-glock-20-10mm-all-upgrade-s-hd-hq/
  12. Xander6478

    [ EUP ] Gloves

    Version 1.0


    I've had a couple asking me on my BCSO Uniforms file to release these gloves so here they are. I even made extra designs for this release and will probably keep making new ones. Also as you may know GTA 5 includes a ton of upper body files so it doesn't clip with certain clothing. I've made textures for two of those upper bodies so in theory it shouldn't clip with long sleeve and short sleeve shirts as seen in the pictures. If you have a shirt that clips with the upper body files provided then message me and I'll add it to the file download. Gloves included: Mechanix Wear The Original Black Mechanix Wear FastFit Gloves Wolf Grey Mechanix Wear Hi-Viz Yellow The Safety Original Black Under Armour Lined Training Gloves Black Under Armour Lined Training Gloves Different Style Red Under Armour No Breaks Armour Liner Glove If you're using Simple Trainer to use these then it is under Upper and number 152 for Short Sleeve Shirts // 153 for Long Sleeve Shirts. Hope you enjoy these ! Thin Blue Designs Discord: https://discord.gg/jEHyEc7
  13. Xander6478

    [ EUP ] BCSO Uniforms

    I'll look at a Motorcycle Uniform and the gloves are a bit harder to add as it's not part of EUP but I can make it happen for sure. Here's the glock that everyone is wanting https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta5/weapons/93137-glock-20-10mm-all-upgrade-s-hd-hq/ The helmet is under the helmet category, somewhere in the 50's or 60's area. There is AI peds in the newest version but I rushed them, they're alright for now but I want to make better ones ofcourse. Someone else also mentioned a LSPD pack. I personally made these because I used GrandTheftPD's LSPD pack in my game and there wasn't any BCSO EUP packs but I might look at making one. I'm also making Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores PD uniforms. Here's a screenshot.