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  1. NP Albo just a thought bud and something that might of been of use if the possibility's where there but many thanks for your reply. Much appreciate mate!!! ;-)
  2. I know Fenix2525WOT said that you wouldn't be able to select a car to pull over unless you was right up close to it as we have now but couldn't you use the Radar or custom pullover red cursor to select cars from a distance? Just a thought and something that I have no idea whether you could do that or not? It would be well cool if you was sitting at the lights but saw an offence at a distance and you could use the Red cursor to select that offending car just in till you then got close enough to then select E to pull that offender over. Like I said I was told somethings couldn't be done due to the game mechanics but that might be something that could be tweeked. Would be very interested to see if that was possible.
  3. What I would like to see added is the chance to pull over cars from a further away distance than the current option. I sometimes feels that you have to be right up against the other cars Bumper to get a lock on to pull them over, It's the same with Finkones Police radio. I feel you need to be to close to the suspect to select registration checks when I feel it would be more realistic if we could be 4-5 car lengths away. If both LSPDFR and Finkones radio allowed us to be further away to select both options that would feel much more realistic than it does to date. Just my 2 penny's worth but something that I feels worth mentioning. My apologies is these are not in the right place to mention and if it's not please let me know so I can move them to the correct place. Many thanks
  4. Can anyone tell me if this is still working with GTAV678 & RH38? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm well pleased I can still use this with the new RH and GTAV updates. I haven't upgraded yet due to all the issues but I am using it with the setup I use right now and it's a must for LSPDFR one of my favs!!!! Great to see I can add it once I update as well. Many thanks lads!!! ;-) Great work all round.
  6. KK thanks for letting me know much appreciated.
  7. Just out of interest, Would this work with version GTAV 678 - RH38?
  8. It's great to see code 3 updated and ready to go. Defo some great callouts!!! Thanks stealth appreciate your time and effort to make us all happy!!!! :) All the best bud
  9. Can't believe all the great plugins I use have been updated and this is one of them, A must for LSPDFR and a plugin I use all the time!!!! Thanks bud really appreciate your plugin and appreciate all your help in making LSPDFR what it is today!!! All the best.
  10. This is one of the plugins I was really looking forward to getting updated. I Can't wait to add this once I update my version of GTAV from 678 to present. Well done bud as Computer+ is a must for anyone who wants LSPDFR to get even better!!! Thanks for sharing bud and all the best.
  11. Ok bud, Thanks for the heads up, Appreciate it.
  12. Just a quick question, Do you think entity persistence and LSPDFR Computer+ might have a conflict with each other?
  13. Sweet thanks bud really appreciate the help!!! :)
  14. KK thanks bud, I did have a feeling that it might come up in the replies. Could you tell me the parts to look at and the parts I don't need to post if possible. Would be very grateful if you could as I would love to learn it all for myself so I don't need to ask anyone else. Many thanks in advance.
  15. Many thanks for adding the support regarding the mouse issue on the front detail page. That will stop quite a few members asking for support strait away and will get them up and running with no fuss. Really appreciate it PieRGud. All the best bud ;-)
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