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  1. @PeterU sorry for the delay. I've been away for the past week. Here is the entire log.
  2. are these replacements or add ons? Reason I ask is I am new to modding via OPEN IV.... Love your work and would love to have these.
    Good mod, readme confused me. "PLEASE REMOVE "TrafficControl.dll" and "TrafficControl.ini" FROM YOUR "Plugins" DIRECTORY, AND DO NOT INSTALL THESE FILES IN THAT FOLDER!" You never say what folder to put them in.
  3. @PeterU Game loads fine. Soon as I go on ForceDuty game crashes. Message remains stating to Ctrl + L to accept license. Using Rage version 0.63.1224.15140
  4. I have a CM keyboard. Scrolllock turns the keyboard backlights on/off. I had to go into the .ini and change the scroll lock to the END key. Made a word of difference.
  5. I've done all of the above and not working in 5Reborn
  6. After loading the .oiv per OpenIV successfully and then starting GTAV via Ragehook, I am getting a "Corrupt Data error. Please reboot, repair, or reinstall the game"
  7. I have almost the same. I removed GTA Comes Alive and saw improvement. It would be great to see what mod was pulling what....perhaps a new mod to do that? lol
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