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    Friggin beauty she is. Nice job! I hope to see more classics like these from ya in the future!
    Awesome Model - I really enjoyed using the car on patrol. She is just beautiful! Great work man!
  1. Please veiw the Readme PDf file included in the download for installation instructions AND previous comments above. The tones included here arent intended for us in LSPDFR. These are meant for use in Teamspeak to replace the mic click tones.
    GOOD LAWD these are fuggin sexy! I loved the first version of the sheriff ped. Then you drop these sexy EUP and female sheriff ped textures- Out did yourself this time Charles! Great Job!
    I love this mod. Ive been enjoying it since the beta and Its only gotten better. IF you want some game-changing action for LSPDFR. this is a mod You gotta check out.
    Absolutely love this model. You did a great job man. Glad I could help with things!
  2. All the sounds in Alpha are being re-edited. Some people have the pops some don't. An updated version will be released soon. Thanks for checking it out!
  3. I must have missed one or two them during mastering. I will rework 'em and update the files. Thank You very much for the input and legwork!
  4. Feel free to shoot me a private message anytime! I'm curious to know which sounds you are experiencing "popping" with. All of them were mastered at 320KBPS, and thus far You're the only one experiencing this issue that I am aware of. Please feel free to contact me if you have the time. I appreciate the feedback and would like to know more about your experience so if there is an issue it can be resolved! Thanks!
  5. I assume you are using simple trainer? If so go into the main options and turn off keybinds
  6. HAHAHA Hilarious Lundy! Sad that it needed to be said though.
  7. I'm looking into this. BDA does not replace any files in the resident folder as far as I know.
  8. I'm happy to try and answer some questions about the future of RadioRealism. Feel free to shoot me a private message and ask away! Thanks! Im not quite sure which audio you are referring to. The current RadioRealism version only replaces the resident folder which is comprised of radio tones, squelches, etc. There is not any audio files in the Resident folder that contain speech. Are you using BDA? I use BDA alongside RadioRealism and I still receive the various audio replies from other unit when I do not take a call. Please feel free to provide me more info so I can help you figure it out. Thanks!
  9. You go to the RadioRealism page click download. Then once unzipped, follow the read me instructions as stated to properly install it.
  10. Thank You for bringing it to my attention. I will get the link fixed asap
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