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  1. Back to Apex till the 26th! See yall!
    One of the greatest mods ever, what actually brought me into LCPDFR back in GTA 4 and now this! Amazing mod! God Bless Lt.Caine
  2. 18 more days, just check it for 18 more times! haha
  3. sounds like after 0.4 is released, my life will be complete. CANT WAIT GUYS!!!!!!!!
  4. anyone else has cars, with lights dont work? im sure the car ive installed is els enabled, ive placed the els file into the proper place but why doesnt it work?
  5. after doing that, the i couldnt spawn the car, it kept saying invalid model!! can u upload yr vehicles.meta or smth pleasee why cant grump do this please helperino
    10/10 nice one, is there anything that can be done about the rear suspension? it seems too low imo!
  6. can someone help me car keeps fallin over at the turns, how do i fix the handling lines?
  7. after adding the LSPDFR+, i now have an "error above the minimap" how do i fix this sir
  8. do you place it in the LSPDFR folder or juz the main folder with all the GTA V files?
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