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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to grimdar in Check out ELS for V!   
    Come back in about a year. ;)
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to KarlieTheKloss in Dallas Officers Fired Upon at a BLM Protest (Updated 12:57 AM EST)   
    This is just fucked. Honestly I am not suprised anymore. BLM has practically evolved into a terrorist group by now, and I am glad DPD did their jobs well. I hope that a large scale crackdown on civilians owning hunting weapons or automatic weapons that supports BLM is going to happen soon. I hope that the fuckers who are behind this that didn't get shot by police gets locked up for life or executed.
    Also, "Guns don't kill people, other people do, but automatic weapons and hunting rifles help."
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 got a reaction from Cyan in Dallas Officers Fired Upon at a BLM Protest (Updated 12:57 AM EST)   
    oh they are killed more then whites right ..better look at the 2016 stats its almos equally whites shot by police ...take that stuff somewhere else blm is nothin more then isis in disguise and should be dealt with like so
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to TheDivineHustle in Worst mass shooting in US history   
    I use those words because law abiding citizens aren't going to break the law. What you aren't understanding is that new gun laws only affect those that obey the law, and those that probably wouldn't have broken previous laws to begin with. It doesn't matter what you decide to write down on paper, criminals aren't going to abide. They're going to get their guns, either legally or illegally depending on the strictness of the laws, and they're going to do what they do best; break the law and commit their crime. When you pass a gun law, you're telling the law abiding population that they can no longer do something. As I've been saying this entire time, criminals are going to continue to do it, regardless of how strict the laws are. Why do you think that making something law will fix all of our problems? That's a very naive way to think. "Let's pass another law and everything will be good to go".
    The bar staff could have guns. Club security could have the guns. Not every single person that goes to a club or a bar is there to get smashed or break dance on the middle of the dance floor. I don't know what the specific circumstances surrounding the permitting of guns into a club or bar would be. It depends on the bar, the clientele, and the area, the policy of that particular property, existing laws in the area, you can't just set a generic procedure.
    Yes they do commit their crimes in Chicago because no one has guns there. When a criminal wants something, he intends on getting it. He doesn't want to shoot people to get that cash register from the 7/11. He doesn't want to shoot the person who's car he's trying to jack. He doesn't want to shoot the owners of the home he just broke in to. He wants to get in, grab the valuables, get out, and get away. Since people can't legally possess firearms in Chicago, this puts the criminal at an advantage. He doesn't need to worry about getting shot in the back when he turns and runs with a stolen wallet. He doesn't need to worry about the homeowner coming downstairs with an assault rifle and spraying him against the wall. He doesn't need to worry about the person who's car he's trying to steal pulling a gun on them. He can commit his crime, grab what he wants, and roll out. Not a fear in the world, not a worry at all.
    There's always motive to crime. Whether the motive is to gain valuables, to spread fear, or because you're bored. The idea that someone would commit crime in Chicago simply because they live in Chicago doesn't make any sense, and I've never heard anyone say that. Of course they're going to commit crime where they live. A mugger isn't going to fly from Los Angeles to London to mug someone in a back alley. He's going to walk up the street and see what he can do right in the area. That doesn't necessarily mean that that's his motive to committing the crime. It can easily just be the simple fact that it's convenient and common sense to commit crime in his local area.

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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to sloosecannon in Project P25: Your dispatch audio - digitized   
    Hey guys - so I'm going to be starting my first ever mod here...
    I'm going to retrofit the entire "PoliceScanner" audio folder in P25 Digital
    And of course the best way to do that.... is to pipe it through an actual radio :)
    Here's the setup I will be using: Two E.F. Johnson 5100 handhelds on a simplex channel - one will be transmitting the raw audio, the other will be recieving it and piping it back into the computer

    I've attached a demo to this post - Hope you guys like it!
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 got a reaction from TheCanadianDream in NHL Playoffs   
    yup i agree on that one 
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 got a reaction from Dutch Modifications in EVL/ ELS beta testing Xplicit92   
    i think they are making great progress with evl i would use it for sure 
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 got a reaction from Dutch Modifications in EVL/ ELS beta testing Xplicit92   
    i think they are making great progress with evl i would use it for sure 
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to Dutch Modifications in EVL/ ELS beta testing Xplicit92   
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to PNWParksFan in [CALLING ALL DEVS] Police Computer Integration   
    I don't have any callout plugins yet, but would love to help integrate my Custom Backup and Better EMS mods if appropriate. Are any of the Computer/MDT mods including a mechanism to call for backup from the computer? I could also do something like integrate the EMS Incident Reports with the police computer. @fiskey111 will you be exposing an API to allow adding custom reports? And if you'd like to integrate with Custom Backup, I'm going to extend the Custom Backup API to allow you to call for backup through it. 
    Just want to add, I'm very proud of the scripting community here for being so helpful to each other and collaborative. I'm glad that so many plugin authors are now including APIs and using APIs from other plugins. Whereas there's constant drama in the vehicle modding community over somebody using a lightbar or whatever, the scripting modders are much more open and collaborative. And, newcomers to scripting always seem to get lots of help in the forums. Sharing is caring - keep up the good work everybody! 
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to PieRGud in [REL | WIP] LSPDFR Computer+   
    Ever miss the LCPDFR computer? The one with the user-friendly realistic UI? LSPDFR Computer+ aims to bring that back.
    Check out the Computer+ Git!

    Current Features
    - Ability to search for persons and vehicles without keys conflicting with other mods.
    - Uses the LSPDFR API to get ped and vehicle information. Also includes info left out of the regular LSPDFR police computer, like times stopped and number of citations.
    - Uses the Traffic Policer API (if it is installed) to also show a vehicle's insurance information.
    - Search fields are automatically filled out with the subject's information during a traffic stop, so all you have to do is press a button!
    - Dynamic backgrounds! Depending on which police vehicle you're in, you'll get a specialized department background. Comes with RDE support.
    - Looks practically identical to the LCPDFR computer (in terms of the layout).
    [NEW!] - Active Calls screen, which shows all callouts sent by Dispatch, even the ones that AI units respond to! (Must have participating callout plugins installed for this to work)
    [NEW!] - Computer+ now has its own API, for callout developers to use!!
    Planned Improvements
    - Integration with @Albo1125's British Policing Script and soon to be released LSPDFR+.
    - Combining Computer+ and @fiskey111's LSPDFR PolicingMDT into one mod.
    My mouse keeps resetting to the middle.
    -> Change your mouse input setting to DirectInput or Raw Input.
    The game crashed when I tried to search.
    ->This issue has been fixed in 1.3.
    Police Radio and Computer+ showed different vehicle owners. Is this a bug?
    -> No. Computer+ follows LSPDFR's vehicle owner, while Police Radio sometimes doesn't.
    How can I rebind the E key?
    -> Change the context key in your game settings.
    Do I need a Computer+ supported callout for this plugin to work?
    -> No. Computer+ will work fine, just the Call Details screen will be useless.
    I found a bug / the plugin crashed.
    If the bug/crash isn't a known issue, post here with as many details about it that you can give. If the plugin crashed, please ensure you also include your RagePluginHook.log (not the rcr report) that contains the crash message.
    I'd like to give a suggestion/provide feedback.
    Absolutely! I'd love to hear it. I'm actively looking to improve this plugin based upon what you guys want.
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to GlitchGamer in Glitchgamer's (nick's) WIP and model showroom   
    My fire and rescue model, what y'all think?

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    SoUThPHiLLY20 got a reaction from Kal74 in Assorted Callouts constantly crashes LSPDFR   
    yes kal it does indeed still works 
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to TheCanadianDream in NHL Playoffs   
    but like you said there are no canadian teams so i dont care 
    its like choosing the lesser of two evils .....uh......make that 4 evils 
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to ineseri in Site Can't Be Reached   
    It was a temporary issue. A few hours of downtime is not the end of the world, on a free site.
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to GravelRoadCop in Check out ELS for V!   
    ELS features real world light patterns from Whelen Engineering, Federal Signal Corporation, Code 3 , Feniex, and SoundOff Signal. I think there are enough patterns to cater your needs. it's more than ELS IV. Also, the hide-a-way system alone will have over 30 patterns to select from. ( Halogen, Strobes, and LED patterns. ) Lastly, I have not had 1 single crash yet by using ELS. I can tell you that this platform provides more stability than GTA IV ever could.
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to Alex Foxx in Real PDF Tickets and Incident Reports   
    Hey there fellow Officers ;D
    I had this Idea i really loved since it gives the game a little more RP, i've made a PDF Ticket form for the LSPD Traffic Stops and really want to keep improving them, like incident Reports or so sort of Shift Blocks when you Started the Shift and ended. might be even cooler if we get a Dropbox or something where more Officers can put their Tickets and Reports in to let others see what they did :D
    Anyway i'll keep working on these Forms for now and if you are Interested i could upload them so you can write down your Incidents as well.
    Here is an early Alpha Version of my Ticket Form for a Traffic Stop -> [TKT] #0011 05:12:16.pdf
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to OfficerFive0 in OfficerFive0's GTA V WIP [Current Project: MSP + Washtenaw County]   
    soon. thats all i can say.
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP, REL] Better EMS   
    Alright, I've fixed the upload, it now includes the latest version of ParksTools.dll. It also includes a new copy of my custom backup plugin DLL file for people who use that, compiled to work with the newest version of ParksTools.dll. 
    Please give it a try and let me know your feedback!
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP, REL] Better EMS   
    Beta 2 has been released. Those of you helping with the testing, the same download URL I sent you previously will now have the updates version. Please download it there, and check out the info in the new readme file. 
    Thanks everybody for your help!
    Injury report has been cleaned up quite a bit: 

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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to Steiger4044 in [WIP] Premium Callouts for V   
    Never know user could be quite busy with life, and in any case I'm sure someone will attempt something else like this later....LSPDFR potential is soo huge with all the callouts and coding done.
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to Albo1125 in Adding a Weapon slot to LSPDFR/LCPDFR   
    I personally agree with @ineseri - there aren't enough weapon files on the site at the moment to warrant an entirely unique section. As of now, I think they should be added under Misc - and as Ineseri said, once there are a sufficient number of weapon submissions I'm sure a unique Weapons section would be considered.
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to Albo1125 in [WIP, REL] Better EMS   
    Looking sleek!
    Is this the work of the GET_PED_CAUSE_OF_DEATH native? I should look into that a bit more if it can detect all of these things.
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to Kal74 in LSPDFR - Callouts not loading today   
    No offense, but your GTAV Directory and Plugins Folder is pretty jacked up
    If i'm reading your screenshots correctly, for some reason you have Duplicate files in your Plugins Folder that belong in your Plugins>LSPDFR Folder and those same files are already in the Plugins>LSPDFR where they actually belong.
    All of these below do not belong in the Plugins Folder
    PoliceRadio Folder
    Traffic Policer.ini
    Traffic Policer.dll
    Arrest Manager Transport Regions
    Arrest Manager.dll
    Arrest Manager.ini
    These files below are in both the Plugins and Plugins\LSPDFR Folder
    Another thing, in your Main GTAV lspdfr folder, the one with your Police Scanner Folder. You have files in there that don't belong there either
    All of these below don't belong in that Folder
    These files are in both the Grand Theft Auto V\lspdfr Folder and the Plugins\LSPDFR Folder
    You need to go back through ALL of your stuff and find the ReadMe Files and Read them to be sure files are installed in the correct locations.
    I can't see the entire Main GTAV Folder so I'm not sure what else might be wrong.
    You don't need the Licenses and SDK Folders either, those are for developers.
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    SoUThPHiLLY20 reacted to lilmisschloe in You know when you play LSPDFR too much when......   
    Read the title and continue the sentence, here I'll start!
    You know when you play LSPDFR too much when......you strongly believe you are an actual Police Officer working in Los Santos, and you have convinced yourself its a real place lmao