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  1. oh they are killed more then whites right ..better look at the 2016 stats its almos equally whites shot by police ...take that stuff somewhere else blm is nothin more then isis in disguise and should be dealt with like so
  2. SoUThPHiLLY20

    Better EMS

    awesome mod ...must have
  3. SoUThPHiLLY20

    EVL/ ELS beta testing Xplicit92

    i think they are making great progress with evl i would use it for sure
  4. SoUThPHiLLY20

    [MODEL] Ford Expedition (Lots of Skins)

    needs lots of work..like other said wrong interior
  5. sounds great im still using the rage computer will be using this for sure once its released
  6. SoUThPHiLLY20

    RE LSPDFR GTA 5 work

    yes it will run gta v and pretty good as i have a laptop that has i7 4960, gtx960m, with 16 gb ram and i run just fine on it and with medium and high settings with a bunch of mods with lspdfr yea but he has a gtx 965m also he will be fine
  7. SoUThPHiLLY20

    Assorted Callouts constantly crashes LSPDFR

    yes kal it does indeed still works
  8. SoUThPHiLLY20

    NHL Playoffs

    yup i agree on that one
  9. SoUThPHiLLY20

    NHL Playoffs

  10. SoUThPHiLLY20

    NHL Playoffs

    not really rooting for any one since the flyers are out just rooting against those damn penguins
  11. SoUThPHiLLY20

    New PC Build

    the gtx 1080 will be released on may 27,2016 with the 1070 edition following right behind on june 10th so buying any gpu right now would be stupid considering the 1080 is twice the power of a titan x for only 599 so waiting is the key https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2016/05/06/geforce-gtx-1080/
  12. SoUThPHiLLY20

    Unmarked 2010 Ford F350

    thanks for all the work that u have put into the models you have released for us ...we have enjoyed them greatly
  13. SoUThPHiLLY20

    Would you rather?

    let me get that 10 million dollars worth of crack please ...jk
  14. SoUThPHiLLY20

    [WIP, REL] Better EMS

    this is awesome cant wait !!!!
  15. SoUThPHiLLY20

    [WIP, REL] Better EMS

    I 2ND this would be very helpful , loving the script by the way