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  1. To whoever is reading this as well, No, I'm not attempting to jump on a bandwagon and get attention, in fact, that is the lease of my intentions. Like @t0y my little New York friend pointed out, there are issues with this community, I think everyone can accept that. it has never been and will never be my intention to copy anyone with a forum post like this. But I think everyone knows files get rated bad ways because people don't like others which to me is ridiculous. I have lost interest and am taking a break from my modeling time here within the LSPDFR community, I will continue to do it around for fun but will come back later, when maybe I have more free time and have some interest back to put stuff out there, to people, who are somewhat just disrespecting of it. Not everyone disrespects other modders but a lot of people do and influence these based on the reviews of the mods. Like I said before, it's not because of one person, it because of toxic people. I know I wasn't all that popular, and well, I know I made some people angry (Not really sure why but, I did.). But, like the title says it isn't a goodbye, its a see you later type of breakup. Other Issues within the Modding Community- Like many people know and see, not a whole lot of dev parts get released. Which, really inhibits the ability to create new and refreshing mods. Mods that would make people happy to get into a single player game and pig out and have fun (I get the reference, not intentional). I will continue to visit, interact and just try some other mods out and around but it has made me lose interest right now. To Conclude- Yes, like @t0y said LSPDFR hasn't received an update forever, and I know one is in the works but it gets boring after a while of playing the same doggone thing over and over. I also know, I wasn't a popular known modeler, considering I only had one pack that reached a little over 17k downloads, but I also have an issue with the same things being featured, my pack was one of the firsts to have a Mega Pack like that released, and it reached over 17k downloads quickly and was never one time featured. You clearly have to be popular to be featured, which I have no issue with being not popular, but it gets old, and I'm sure others feel the same way. But, it's not a goodbye forever, its a see you later thing. Peace yall ill catch ya on the flip side. In the meantime, it's getting near planting season, so now its time to tractor watch (And sometimes go round in at the end of harvest! (If Im lucky drive too!))
  2. I'll miss you my little New York friend.
  3. But they dont care and will continue to break a kinda working game. 1088
  4. The State Police on the front window is a bit tiny. Same with the State Police on the trunk. Might just make them a bit bigger.
  5. You attach all your Extra_1's together, all the extra_2's together, so on so fourth. ALSO, make sure, the lights are setup how you want them to be.
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