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  1. OfficerLee

    Los Santos Police Department Mega Pack [ELS]

    it would be nice if u you could add those unmark car light to the mark car.. it'll be totally BOMB!
  2. can you make a how to install video? I can't install.
  3. OfficerLee

    [ELS] Los Santos PD Mega Pack

    Add traffic adviser would be cool.
  4. OfficerLee

    Improved Invetero Coquette Q5 Pack

    make it ESL..
  5. Release a new version for the new rage plugin please?
  6. OfficerLee

    [WIP] Enhanced LSPD Cop

    It dead. Don't wait lol
  7. OfficerLee

    Los Santos Police [ELS] CVPI

    awesome your works is really appreciated. LOVE IT!
  8. @Captain14 Hey, i really love your work but every time i installed your vehicles my game always crash please help.
  9. OfficerLee

    Improved Lighting Pattern

    where to change that? sry im new.
  10. OfficerLee

    Improved Lighting Pattern

    Why did all my light turn to blue? only FBI 1 have red and blue.
  11. OfficerLee

    Los Santos Police Department Pack

    hey, i would give it a five stars if the white light in the middle and on the side of the light bar work. But other than that really good man keep up the good work.
  12. OfficerLee

    [WIP] Enhanced LSPD Cop

    can you make it for sheriff department too?