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  1. I'm having a weird issue, whenever I try to conduct a breathalyzer test, the suspect walks away (even when kneeled down and cuffed :D) Has anyone encountered the same issue? How can I debug it further?
  2. Hello, I'm desesperatly trying to have a siren tone as can be seen on those videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAqpThXmvXc&t=36s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0DHwQzqjUo&t=1m12s I can't find the "name" of that one (like wail, hi-lo, etc). I guess it must have a name so I can find some samples on the interweb. I tried fiddling with audacity by inverting the regular primary siren and stuff, but it just doesn't work as great as in the first video. Also if that's a ELS functionality I've been missing, don't hesitate to tell me as well
  3. liberto

    [Community Work] POLICE_SCANNER Dictionary

    Not personally since I'm not playing LSPDFR that much anymore these days. But feel free to continue the project :)
  4. liberto

    Emergency Lighting System

    Wow! Now we're talking! Lots and lots of feature and awesomeness in such an easy to install mod! Hats off! One question though: is it possible to deactivate the controller inputs? (or is it planned to be doable in the future?) I'm using a controller, but I removed all control bindings I didn't need, and I replaced almost all of the controller buttons to simulate keyboard keys (using xpadder). So, all in all, I use a controller to presser keyboard keys, which means that ELS controller bindings interfere with my setup. Also, Ctrl+P brings up the pause menu, but it doesn't show the ELS UI :/ (but maybe that's something with my keybindings)
  5. Thanks for the reply! About removing the keybind, I was speaking about GTA 5 keybindng, as mentionned in part 3 of your documentation :)
  6. Awesomeness in a box, that's what it is! Great work! Some observations/issues/ideas I had with lighting up your lightbar (without the siren, so by pressing G first) doesn't produce the "beep beep" sound, whereas I think it should. With sirens OFF, if I press O rapidly, it does a siren blipping, instead of just repeating a quick sample of the wail (for instance). Not sure I'm being clear here. What I want to reproduce is the same as here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mok8FfGuM9k&t=2m38s (by tapping 3 times the O button, ofc) Also, it blips the lights as well. Maybe all this is intended, I don't know :) Last thing on that point: it does the "beep beep" thing as well, which would be nice to configure (basically, for me the "beep beep" sound shall be played only when switching to an "automatic" tone (yelp, priority or back to wail) or lighting up your lights. Maybe you can set this as a configurable thing? Pressing O (manual siren) quickly "blocks" the light pattern (it doesn't animate, like frozen) Thanks for providing so quick though, it gives so much more possibilities Lot's of new keybindings to memorize tho, but it's not an issue Edit: last thing: When I try to remove the keybinding for the horn, it tells me it can't be saved (= I have to set a key). There's a red /!\ next to it as well. How did you manage to remove it completely?
  7. liberto

    Enhanced Emergency Lighting

    This may sound dumb, but I'm seeing this word a lot, and as a non-native speaker, I'm now confused since version 3.0 -> What is/are coronas, exactly? Is it the bright halo around the lights? (improved by the Radiance mod for instance)
  8. liberto

    PA-300 Police Variant

    Seconding this. I guess we are many here to have modded sirens for ambulance, firetrucks and whatnot, and would like to keep them besides this awesome PA300 siren :)
  9. liberto

    San Andreas State Police Liveries Pack (2K/4K)

    These skins look awesome! Would it be possible to support this car as well?
  10. liberto

    The Menu

    Same error I had. Here's the process that worked for me to fix it: Try redownloading it Replace all your files with the redownloaded ones. Then run your game and make sure The Menu works. After this is done, you can put your TheMenu.xml back. If step 3 is working but not step 4, then you have a syntax error in your XML. Otherwise, it should be working.
  11. liberto

    Running Out Of Function Keys For Menus

    Totally agree with this, we definitely need a way to improve that key function mess :) There's a "workaround" (which is not ideal, but can still help a bit) until this gets adressed: using Key Conflict Manager together with The Menu It doesn't solve everything, but it definitely helps interacting with stuff if you think about a proper layout for the menu.
    I can finally call for more than 2 backups without having either a slide-show or a gigantic mess. Amongst all the other cool features of this mod, of course! 6/5. Just awesome
  12. MundaneCallouts "We have, a suspect resisting arrest, in...". - Random callout Tired of these kind of run & gun callouts? Me too. Well, they are fun sometimes, but I wanted to have more police work to do, like finding a suspect matching a description (aka BOLO), conduct investigations, etc. You may know Repeat Offender, which was made by FinKone. Well, my callout pack will go along those lines also. As this is my first callout pack, I don't think it'll be as detailed as FinKone's one, but fear not: I'm putting a lot of effort to have something fun and realistic to play with. Currently ongoing shoplifting (just started) Main scenario A shopkeeper just called the police for a shoplifting attempt. He will transmit all the details he knows about the suspect, and the last seen location (most likely the shop itself). These pieces of information will be golden to find the suspect, since there will be not blips at all. Only a rough search area. However fear not, if you have some difficulties, you'll be able to send a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) to a nearby officer, so that he'll help you finding the criminal. Once you find someone matching the description, you'll have to conduct your investigation, frisk him, or whatever else you need to do to make a stronger case against him. Maybe he's also just someone looking like the suspect. You'll have to find out. But be careful, the suspect may be aggressive and/or armed. API integration I am planning to "integrate" the following plugins, so that the callouts have a more realistic feeling: - LSPDFR Computer+ - Search Warrant (for the frisking part) - Traffic Policer for possible alcohol/drug tests - Maybe VocalDispatch Last words For now, there's only one callout, but I will most likely add new ones in the future. Feel free to voice your ideas or what you want to see as well :)
  13. Nevermind, false alert. Dunno what happened, since the first time I used it I had really bad framerate, and removing it and reloading LSPDFR did solve the "issue". But I just retested a few minutes ago, and everything is fine. So, no performance impact. Sorry for the trouble Version 1.0.0 is amazing by the way
  14. With 1.0.0, I've noticed a huge performance impact (went from 60fps to 25fps). Am I the only one?