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  1. Hello all, I'm not about to say what your presuming, I know how to hook up a controller and play (and just to mention, I didn't see this as a thing I needed support on, hence the general discussion). I use a PS4 controller, so I have to use software called DS4Windows to make it work on PC. However, when using this I notice the that my controller has a dimmer response than keyboard. What I mean is that the keyboard has a lot more power in the acceleration of a car than a controller. Is it like this with an Xbox controller as well, or is it just me. I also am unable to shoot with the controller (well, I can but have to smash the s**t out of it). Of course this could just be my controller personally but when on the PS4, it works perfectly. So if anyone else uses a controller and has or had this, whats with it and how to change it? Now it does sound like I want support...
  2. Andrew Lincoln

    2006 Chicago Tahoe

    Love the car, just what I was looking for. Just one thing, do you have the template (and could I have it if possible)? (Don't worry, I found it in the .wtd)
  3. Andrew Lincoln

    Ultimate NYPD Bundle

    Thank you very much IronicRainbow.
  4. Andrew Lincoln

    Profeet ENB

    Intel Core i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 4201 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) Radeon R9 270X I don't know other stuff (not my PC build). It's nothing special (far from) but I normally get around 30fps.
  5. Andrew Lincoln

    Profeet ENB

    Hey Prophet, my game doesn't show any onscreen extras such as the phone, nor the pause menu. It just shows up blank but I do hear the sound of the menu and navigate through them, but I just can't play the game without these. I did update the game and run on Windows 10, any solution?
  6. Andrew Lincoln

    IV on Windows 10

    I know. It's been so long since I played IV, trying to remember everything. If your getting stuck, just delete paul.dll from the IV directory. It skips the login stage.
  7. Andrew Lincoln

    IV on Windows 10

    Ok, don't worry. It was simply the result of my game being jumbled up everywhere. It still has the occasional error trying to log in, but at least if works.
  8. Andrew Lincoln

    IV on Windows 10

    Now, your probably going to the comments to blurt some stuff like this has already been resolved, etc. So just listen and please help me with advice. I decided to go back to IV for a bit, but I have Windows 10. I got through everything and then, when trying to log into RGSC, it either says, "cannot connect to RGSC" or "username/password incorrect". I read a post in the R* forums but that just doesn't seem to help. I also installed the latest version of GFWM (Marketplace rather than Live) becuase the forum directed me that way. I seeked the comments in Prophet's video but no conclusion to getting IV to work. UPDATE: IV was all messed up, but Social club is now unavailable, so looking through forums, but not finding anyone giving me an exact answer. If you could help me it be much appreciated, thanks.
  9. Andrew Lincoln

    2015 Metropolitan Police Service Vauxhall Astra IRV

    This Astra is somewhat more realistc. BPM (the linked author) has a certain style which makes his models seem like a sport version and this is nowhere near what the actual police force use in the UK.
  10. Andrew Lincoln

    LS Through the Years

    Images of Los Santos through the years until present day.
  11. Andrew Lincoln

    Andrew Lincoln's Images

  12. Andrew Lincoln


    To be honest, it's unclear what the country will get out of this and things won't change for another 2 years. I'm 16, and there were arguements that suggested we should be able to vote as it is our future. The Governemnt can over rule the decision, but it would be deemed suicide. It will be intersting to see if the Queen has anything to say.
  13. Version 1.0


    San Andreas County Sheriff Speed Enforcement (SE) This is texture pack for the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI). This pack consists of three variants (2x White, 1x Black and 1x Unmarked) which can be changed via the trainer. Each texture has it's own custom license plate that will only appear on a version that will allow it (aka, you need a CVPI without the generic license plate). Only one problem so far, the black texture may turn out slighty grey, simply change the colour of the car to black via the trainer and it should look better. If you come across any more problems that haven't been notified in the comments or description, please alert me of the issue. By downloading this file, you agree to NOT redistribute on any other website. You may edit the texture as long as you do NOT redistribute the file. Failiure to comply with these simple agreements, will result in a report. Thanks, Andrew Lincoln.
  14. Andrew Lincoln

    Does Scripthook need to be updated again?

    Looking around on other sites, and this appears to be the first topic. I'm having the same problem despite having everything updated. Few saying on the GTA-5-MODS page but that's it. Really hope for an update.