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  1. Ethan Rubinacci

    2018 Dodge Charger Valor Sheriff

    hach to
  2. Ethan Rubinacci

    Lake County Indiana Mega Pack [WIP]

    Nice man, I've got my FiveM stuff based off of my town and county. I live in Terre Haute.
  3. Ethan Rubinacci

    Taser X2

    I have only been trying to convince myself to make something like this for 2 months, but alas I will no longer have too as king buford has come to the rescue! Thank you for your beautiful piece of art.
  4. Ethan Rubinacci

    LSPD Pack [ELS]

    Template for the 2016 Charger is wrong.
  5. Ethan Rubinacci

    Count To A Million Before 2020

  6. Ethan Rubinacci

    [4K] LSPD Vehicle Texture Pack (Anchorage, AK)

    What font did you use for the Los Santos text?
  7. I keep getting 'File Could Not Be Downloaded' only with your files.
  8. Ethan Rubinacci

    Indiana State Police Slicktop 2016 Dodge Charger ELS

    Aside from the wheels, I myself living in Indiana can say that this vehicle model is pretty accurate. Especially the lighting setup!
  9. Ethan Rubinacci

    Walking Dead Inspired Dept of Corrections Texture

    Slight improvement over your last 'mishaps'. But still not great, honestly you need to stop, and think. Put some time and effort into a skin, there are plenty of Law Agencies across the world, and the US that have yet to be done. Take a look around at skins and see what hasn't been done and try doing something worthwhile. I also recommend not rating your own files, simply for the reason people get extremely annoyed, myself included.
  10. Ethan Rubinacci

    2015 Tahoe w/Hg2 Lighting ELS Compatible

    Simply rating 5/5 to override the person below me, this doesn't deserve 1/5 stars simply for forgetting to place the model into the file. Comment, and I'm sure Sgt.Goetz will fix it. I think the model looks amazing, can't wait to get to use it once the model is there :)
  11. Ethan Rubinacci

    LSPDFR Videos & More! = Ethan Rubinacci

    A New Start: Well, I've once again taken quite an extended break, and welp... I'm feeling like it's time for a fresh start. So... let's do this! Episode 01: New Years Eve DUI Enforcement
  12. Ethan Rubinacci

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone! Let us make this year count!
  13. Ethan Rubinacci

    Callout Manager

    @PieRGud Thank you for this mod, so far I have quite enjoyed it. However, like the person above me stated this plugin fails to call some callouts, or it will call them but they fail to notify, or even become able to accept. Ex: Creating Callout (insert) Callout should be aborted Then the callout never registers.
  14. Ethan Rubinacci

    IMPD CVPI BxBugs123

    Sweet dude!
  15. Ethan Rubinacci

    LSPDFR Videos & More! = Ethan Rubinacci

    Oh, yes you'll notice that in my newer videos that I do already use an Xbox One controller, as well as a quieter keyboard, however I really do like my mechanical keyboard so getting rid of it would be a no go, like I said though I do use a normal membrane keyboard, as well as my Xbox One controller.