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  1. Cosmo

    2015 Lenco Bearcat G3

    Are there any pictures of it? I don't think I quite know what they specifically use
  2. Cosmo

    2015 Lenco Bearcat G3

    Nah haven't quit, just caught up in school and other ventures, but I'll definitely be releasing this one. And the same model as what? My last one, the one in the pictures? That model does look promising, although that looks like a picture off google so I dunno haha
  3. Cosmo

    2015 Lenco Bearcat G3

    Thanks! And yes, I got quite distracted with a large coding project that I'm working on but I'm still developing the model and should have some updates out in the near future ;)
  4. Yeah I am just so bad at default lighting that it was taking forever. Although I am pretty sure I'll come back to it now that ELS is out :D
  5. Cosmo

    Lenco Variation

    Sorry for the late reply. Did you use the vehicles.meta that was included with the download or take the edited part and put it into yours? You have to make sure that under the trailers section in the vehicles.meta that it lists them and has the flag for enabling trailers. Also make sure that you are editing or putting the vehicles.meta in the correct place for it to be used. Should be just as many as usual. I think it's something around 4 or 6?
  6. Cosmo

    2015 Lenco Bearcat G3

    It's definitely a possibility but I'd have to see after the Bearcat because it would be a lot of work.
  7. Hello everyone, Some of you probably remember the first Lenco Bearcat Variation that I released. While it was the closest thing that the community had at the time, it wasn't nearly as accurate as I wanted it to be. But today I am proud to announce that a much more accurate model is in development. I have been working on it for quite some time now, but I did not want to announce it until it was farther along in the development process. There is no current release date, and it still needs a lot of work done on it, so please don't ask when it will be released. Screenshots in the spoiler below. Enjoy Please remember that it is currently in development. I am still working on the textures/materials and this is not the final product. Also, my previous model is being renamed from "Lenco Bearcat Variation" to "Lenco Variation" to avoid confusion. It is suggested that anyone who made skins or other versions rename theirs as well, but it is not required, just to help. Feel free to comment any questions or suggestions you may have.
  8. Cosmo

    D&R Electronics Window Bar Pack

    These look really great, Thanks for releasing. I hope to see more cars in the future use window bars!
  9. Cosmo

    Lenco Variation

    That should be all of the edited code, I'm not quite sure why it would be crashing your game. These flags: FLAG_ATTACH_TRAILER_ON_HIGHWAY FLAG_ATTACH_TRAILER_IN_CITY and you have to add which trailers in here. <trailers> <Item>boattrailer</Item> <Item>trailersmall</Item> </trailers>
  10. Not really, you would need to find a vehicle model that is specifically setup for that
  11. Cosmo

    Lego Car "Blade Runner Spinner"

    Looks pretty spot on to that lego model, good job.
  12. Cosmo

    4K O.P.P. Helicopter skin

    Is that interior texture correct? It looks a bit out of place. Besides that, the texture looks great! I'd love to see one for the Super Volito, if the template works!
  13. Cosmo

    Los Angeles Police Lenco Bearcat

    That moment when you gotta put a disclaimer because you know you'd get roasted for accuracy lol. This looks really great though, always love seeing new things involving the Ol' Bear. Where were those nice lights when I was putting it together though?
  14. Cosmo

    variable name to all objects

    You're sorta there. If I'm not mistaken, you should be able to make a Vehicle array like that, then in the end, just make a loop that deletes every element in the array. for(int i=0; i<3; i++) { if(vehicleArray[i] != null) vehicleArray[i].delete; } And you'd obviously have to use whatever code is needed to delete the car in place of vehicleArray.delete. And the if statement isn't needed but I would strongly suggest it just in case one element gets deleted by another part of your code and then you won't have this code trying to delete a car that doesn't even exist.
    The lighting looks really great on this. I've never seen those kind of lights on the back before but they look really cool and I like them. Glad to see people using my dev model and making it even better