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  1. DaMomsMom

    New Scripthook came out, fresh install of Gta

    I did this and it worked. Of course, none of my mods folder contents were working, but the game launched with RPH. I think the issue is that I have an old gameconfig.xml (that I need so I don't crash from too many addon cars) and the new SHV doesn't like that it's an outdated gameconfig.xml so we need someone to update that, please!
  2. DaMomsMom

    Stuck on loading due to dinput8.dll (New Scripthook)

    It's really unfortunate that there are issues are happening with the infinite loading... Hopefully, there is a fix soon...
  3. DaMomsMom

    Stuck on loading due to dinput8.dll (New Scripthook)

    I've updated my update.rpf in my mods folder. It's come to a point where my addon cars need a custom gameconfig.xml or else my game will crash. There isn't one that's updated for v.1180 and I've never had an issue with the version of the gameconfig.xml so I guess I do now. I can't test if it's the game config or not because if I don't have it in, I'll just crash.
  4. When I load in using the dinput8.dll from the new scripthook RPH will load all of my plugins, then it will just sit there. I can fix this by removing any dinput8.dll from my game, but then I can't use my mods folder or trainers. Please Help.
  5. DaMomsMom

    ELS VCF Sirens Audio Strings

    So, I've wanted to have a different siren for my hwaycars (CHP) than my regular police cars. I went into the ELS VCF file for hwaycar and changed the primary and secondary sirens to the firetruck warning and ambulance warning and went into my audio files and changed those sirens to be the CHP ones. https://gyazo.com/3658892c44ca83a2f9923add23db3afd https://gyazo.com/bfc18d70f3fdcc0d9ca83819a495c3cc It says those are the only known audio strings and I was wondering If anyone knows where I could look for other audio strings to use the police bike siren, ect. and or why the firetruck and ambulance are glitchy in game. Ambulance warning starts at different times throughout the siren and the firetruck warning has breaks in the sound.
  6. DaMomsMom

    2016 California Highway Patrol MegaPack

    To put it simple, this is great.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    4K San Diego Police 2016 FPIU! Cool Car :) Not much else to say.
  8. DaMomsMom

    DaMomsMom GTAV Screenshots

    for those of you wondering i use visualv and radiancev
  9. DaMomsMom

    2013-15 LSPD FPIU

    Absolutely beautiful
  10. DaMomsMom


    I underestimated this plugin. It is fun to use when you are in pursuit and getting shot at and you need backup. It make me feel like a real cop :D
  11. DaMomsMom

    Repeat Offender [Callout]

    Great work. I really like the investigative side of things in LSPDFR!
  12. DaMomsMom

    To Obey and Survive

    Nice video! I enjoyed it!
  13. DaMomsMom

    Unexplained Crashes

    @pjrthefox I only crash when I go through the trouble area. I'm going to try something out that someone sent me