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  1. You could try scaling the Lower LOD's siren mesh larger to give off a brighter effect from a distance. For example, if you are using ELS you can simply scale L2 and L3 larger, compound then done. But if using the game's vanilla siren system (NON-ELS) then you will have to adjust the 'scaleFactor' value in the carcols file so the mesh won't protrude through the car when the lights are inactive. I have tried value 20 for scaleFactor and scaling the siren meshes in ZMod down to 5.000 and can confirm the lights will not be visible when inactive. You could always just put the dummy's for the sirens far below the car and not have to worry about messing with the carcols file, but of course you won't have environmental reflections which can ruin the immersion. I hope this makes sense and is not too confusing to follow. Let me know if this helps!!
  2. I did not include the .meta file itself as majority of people have already edited their current file. In the readme if you scroll down to the bottom, you will see that I have included the required lines that are required to be added into a carvariations.meta file (the mpchristmas2 one for example). But if you plan on replacing the FBI slot you should not need to edit any .meta files as if I recall correctly FBI by default uses sirenSettings value 1.
  3. try changing format to A8R8G8B8 aswell and see if that works, make sure you check in both the .ytd and +hi.ytd.
  4. In the ytd (and possibly +hi.ytd) find the dial texture and click it. Then at the top left select properties, change mipmap value to 1.
  5. Make sure you center axis to object on the wheel model, also reset to world on chassis dummy and root dummy (police or whatever you named it).
  6. Well I am hoping that I can get the park lights to work similar to spotlights (extralights), so when you turn the high beam on the park lights will turn on, not sure how well this will work but it worth a try!
  7. Now that would be really amazing @Thehurkbut I find that would be unfair as you made those parts and you should use them in your vehicles. I just think it wouldnt be right using equipment you have made yourself and put in all the effort and time. They lights flash correctly, its just rockstar editor that causes all those light to appear on at the same time, but what I am hoping to achieve is chp park lights (or whatever they are called, basically how the lights are on a traffic stop) and have them act like spotlights and turn on when the high-beam is active. Also i just thought i would point out, those cars in the picture and all the California cars polecat has used in recent videos (except the CHP bike) are older versions and have so many problems and look rather bad and ugly, ive been redoing all the Cali cars and they will be far better with environmental effects for the lights, wobbling/animated antenna and improvements to materials and reflections, been working on perfecting these vehicles for quite some time now and I think I am nearly finished with them.
  8. Yes I have nothing against @Thehurk, his cars are looking very nice aswell (especially the bike, love the look of that!). Im not trying to compete with him either, I've been working on these chp cars for quite some time now and plan to make them as best as I possibly can and I am sure his cars will be very awesome aswell!
  9. 2013 CHP FPIU is currently in the works as we speak! We don't need to rush at these things as it's good to take your time to perfect the model which I have been doing for quite some time. But do not worry, it will be finished! Those pictures that @FRGamer posted are what I have done so far and the cars are far from perfect, I'm putting my best efforts into these cars so they are perfect upon release.
    These vehicles are very nice! However, I think you should try and have the coronas for the sirens behind the light (or in the light module itself) so you can get environmental reflection from the lights. But other than that, very nice work!
  10. Yes i do agree they should be black, I'm not sure if its LSPDFR causing the cars to spawn white or something else. Use the texture I have attached for replacing the others (replace both chgr_sign_1 and chgr_sign_2), doing this will make the car always black.
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