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  1. Krame86

    2016 California Highway Patrol MegaPack

    Amazing. We need more complete packs like this.
    Awsome model once again. I love all these Tahoes
  2. Krame86

    LSPD Tahoe & FPIU (Laguna Beach)

    Amazing work man, I've been using a lot of your models lately. The tahoe door trim tho lol
  3. Krame86

    4K SAHP Skin Pack

    Yea I can do that. I wanted to make it for cars that FHP actually uses/used first. I'll add more compatibility later.
  4. Krame86

    4K LSPD Alternate #2 Skin Pack

    Yes, next update.
  5. Krame86

    4K Blaine County Sheriff Skin Pack

    Yes, it will be added next update.
  6. Krame86

    4K SAHP Skin Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    4K SAHP exture pack based on Florida Highway Patrol for CVPI(Carperino/Virzza/BlackJesus/etc...), 2014 Charger(Bxbugs/Carperino), 2009 Charger(Blackjesus1/PSource/Gump/Lundy/PimDSLR), 2013Tahoe(Gump/Blackjesus1), 2015 Tahoe, 2015 Charger(Thehurk/F5544) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommended models: 2014 Charger(Bxbugs123) 2009 Charger(Blackjesus1) CVPI(Gump/Blackjesus)2015 Tahoe 2015 Charger(Thehurk) 2013 Tahoe(Gump/Blackjesus1) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instructions: Replace one or all of the skin textures inside the corresponding .ytd file in the police slot that you have these vehicles installed. *Do not edit or re-upload without my permission. Enjoy!
  7. Krame86

    4K Blaine County Sheriff Skin Pack

    Im currently working on adding those hmm, Ill take a look at it. they should be pure white as well.
  8. Krame86

    Keep Calm problem

    Im getting the same problem and just lower fps in general. Works great when it's not loaded
  9. I'll see what i can do. I totally forgot about that skin lol
  10. Krame86

    4K Blaine County Sheriff Skin Pack

    @Delta4 Yup that is being added as well as the silverado, RS4, 2015 Taurus and F350
  11. Krame86

    4K LSPD Alternate Skin Pack

    @SniperA236 Yes that will be added. I've been slacking on updating this pack, should be updated this week though
  12. Krame86

    Anchorage police font

    This looks close for the first one. http://www.dafont.com/corporate-hq.font