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    EFox reacted to Unknown Author in How to "still" mod GTA V | For you dense morons   
    Instructions weren't clear enough, Dick got stuck in the fan again.
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    EFox reacted to Slendis in Stop making Chargers.   
    Well then don't download the Chargers, and wait till' someone releases a ''ELS Slicktop crownvic or a ELS Slicktop 2013 Explorer''
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    EFox reacted to RoegonTV in 2012 Ford Expedition   
    This thread will be dedicated to let you guys see my progress modeling a 2012 Expedition.
    To start off, I have just finished the bodyshell (most of it): 


    Let me know what you think so far!
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    EFox got a reaction from gangrenn in [WIP] Rescue Mod V (FD, EMS, LifeGuard)   
    The website listed in his signature is for his GTA IV Firefighting mod, which is a separate mod. This mod is for GTA V and covers all aspect of fire/rescue, including paramedics and life guarding.
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    EFox got a reaction from gangrenn in [WIP] Rescue Mod V (FD, EMS, LifeGuard)   
    The website listed in his signature is for his GTA IV Firefighting mod, which is a separate mod. This mod is for GTA V and covers all aspect of fire/rescue, including paramedics and life guarding.
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    EFox reacted to gangrenn in [WIP] Rescue Mod V (FD, EMS, LifeGuard)   
    One mod, three jobs, One goal: saving lives (and more fun).
    Rescue Mod V, allow you to play as a FireFighter, paramedic or a Life guard. From air to ground responses, sea or Mountains, this mod will take you everywhere !
    Features: Advanced control when treating a patient ; Reduced amount of keys to remember, and easier to use ; Air and ground units; Unique callout locations ; Many Fire Stations, Hospitals, etc. available ; Plenty more cool features to discover ;  

    Video preview:
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    EFox reacted to RoegonTV in Breaking Bad Studios   
    As many of you know, I am the Founder of Breaking Bad Studios, a small modding community that is dedicated to releasing only high quality models to the public.
    What is Breaking Bad Studios? We aren't many in numbers, and strive to bring the best out of our members. If you are a talented modder, modeler, skinner, or coder (scripter), then BBS is the place for you. We keep our group clean, and respectable, out of respect for other people. This means it is not tolerated for members to troll, or spam other sites or users. We would love to have many more members, and hope you guys want to join us!

    We are now accepting applications for membership to BBS, and encourage any modder, modeler, skinner, or coder to apply to the group. If we are impressed with your application, you will be given further instructions. If you are interested, send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can!
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    EFox got a reaction from Firearm2112 in What ped model is this?   
    It appears to be this model, brought to you by the search bar...
    '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    EFox reacted to ineseri in How to deal with a "creepy" coach at school?   
    Talk to the principal at school. This is a extremely serious matter with potential legal consequences. 
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    EFox reacted to Nightwater in California Tick Counter   
    Sometimes I wonder if there is a point to peoples threads. 
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    EFox reacted to theninja35 in The E3-Ring Circus, Preparing For E3 2015   
    Rockstar delaying GTA V for PC from April until May.
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    EFox reacted to dunkboi in Almost completed 08' Tahoe[WIP]   
    To make this as close to a PPV Tahoe I suggesr deleting all the badges, side fenders or whatever those are called on trhe doors and remove the roof rack it would make it look ALOT better in my perspective
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    EFox got a reaction from XBR410 in 2016 explorer police revealed/with video   
    That is damn good looking...now I want one lol.
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    EFox reacted to Illusionyary in Stranded Deep   
    Has anyone else heard of this game? If you're a fan of The Forest, Rust or DayZ, I think you're in for a treat. Stranded Deep is a hardcore survival game in early access with a focus on crafting, building and surviving. The only enemy is mother nature herself.
    Your private jet has gone down somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and you're now stuck on a flimsy life-raft surrounded by sharks. Get to shore, craft some makeshift tools, spear some crabs and survive.
    Dragging plays a huge part in the crafting and building elements, as all objects must be placed on the floor next to each other in order for crafting/building to work. You can also drag dead sharks or fish ashore and move fallen trees to a desired area before chopping them apart.
    Multiplayer and co-op are coming soon along with many, many other features. While I'm not a huge fan of early access games, this one seems quite promising. Even with the limited content in the game currently, there's still enough to do to keep you entertained for hours. I just picked it up a few hours ago and I played for roughly two and a half hours before I ended up dying to a poisonous sea urchin. The game is seriously intense, especially when jumping off your raft into the depths below. You just don't know if what you're diving into is a shark feeding frenzy or not.
    Stranded Deep is currently $14.99 on Steam, I'd say go pick it up if you're a fan of survival games. 

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    EFox got a reaction from Steele1925 in Are you a evolutionist or creationist?   
    Hmmm....Illuminati Confirmed.

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    EFox reacted to Kane104 in 2015 Chevrolet Suburban ELS Enabled (VIP)   
    I smell a troll. A sweaty troll.
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    EFox reacted to LawfulDev in 2015 Chevrolet Suburban ELS Enabled (VIP)   
    You need to stop with those misleading titles, they are extremely misleading and make it seem like your desperate to get views.
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    EFox reacted to NickieB in NickieB's farewell to the community - its been a good one....   
    For anyone who's been paying attention my activity on the site over the past few months has been slim to none. I've been meaning to do this for awhile now so this will be my farewell and my announcement of "retirement". I've been an active member of this site for years now with over 1,000 posts, honestly I never thought I'd make 100 posts. I'm not going to ramble on and right an essay, there are just a few things I want to say. There have been so many people along the way that have helped me:
    Nutt - who's been a great friend, contributed to many projects and has been with me since day one.
    Makinith29 - the YouTube legend
    EFox - another good friend who has been with me from the start
    KevinDV, EVI, BxBugs123, Voodoobie, Tim98 (or whatever he calls himself today) for all of the parts and support they have provided along the way.
    Raptor422 and Strikeeagle345 - I was able to form great friendships with these guys and have a successful YouTube LCPD:FR patrol series.
    Also a huge thank you to Sam and the developers of LCPD:FR, without you there wouldn't be any reason for all the great mods we make.
    Anyone who has ever BETA tested for me - the mods weren't possible without you guys.
    Anyone else I forgot, don't feel bad if I forgot your name, I just have trouble remembering everyone.
    It all started with an unlocked CVPI, EVI's wheel pack, Code 3 XT6's and a Whelen Justice... I did it simply because I wanted 1 car, a slicktop unmarked CVPI with hubcaps. (link to my first model for anyone interested ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>)'>?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>) I never intended to even release that or make any more cars than that but with almost 35 released files totaling 40,000 downloads on this site alone, I couldn't have asked for anything more. None of which would have been possible without you guys, the community.
    Honestly I have no interest in modeling anymore, I haven't touched any projects in months and even in my free time I don't enjoy it like I use to. With work and the fact that what use to be a virtual law enforcement career is on its way to becoming a real life one I feel its time to part ways so I can focus fully on that, as I've been doing for awhile now. I had some great times on this forum and in this community as a whole and once again I thank everyone for that. GTA V has been in the back of my mind and while there is a chance I may come back and release content for that, well I wouldn't hold your breath. I will still lurk in the shadows as I've been doing and may occasionally posts here and there but for the most part this will conclude my time here.
    THANK YOU and I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and new year.
    NickieB going 10-42, farewell 
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    EFox reacted to Cj24 in Cj24's Modifications   
    I'm currently working on a new version of my old LCPD pack ('?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>), using new equipment and a new livery. The CVPI is in progress right now:

    More pictures of the car can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/duh7z
    The setup is including more interior equipment like a console as well as a few more lights. It is very customizable, decklights, grilllights, mirrorlights and a dashlight can all be removed seperatly by simply replacing a texture. Textures for all blue, all red and red/blue lights are included. An alternative .wft file without rambar will be included as well.
    The models itself are also more accurate, KevinDV's Liberty and TIR4 grill lights for example are way more detailed than the models used in the old pack. Most of the car models have been updated and improved in the meantime as well. Yet, I don't know exactly what cars I'm going to include, the current plan is to release the CVPI together with one other car and later update the pack to add more. It depends on the interest, but if it's as popular as the old one, I'll try to create as many cars as possible.
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    EFox got a reaction from trewq34 in A good book on the metric system?   

    Google is a search engine. LCPDFR is not a search engine... The more you know.
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    EFox got a reaction from TheSandwichStealer in What'd the Fox say?   
    I don't make any of those sounds! Usually I make a series of grunts and sounds of disapproval, but nothing even remotely close to those. This is not accurate whatsoever.
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    EFox got a reaction from Black Jesus in Why don't cops carry this?   
    I'm all in favor for them barreling into the suspects car with a BearCat, that outta' do the trick. 
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    EFox reacted to strike in Health concern   
    Definitely the most plausible cause here.
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    EFox reacted to medmark in Deerfield Rescue 102   
    I don't think that rescue ambulance has enough lights on it
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    EFox got a reaction from CrossFire in NYPD PAL STICKER?   
    A really quick google search brought me this...you should try it sometime.