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  1. dunkboi

    Project CHP WIP

    As a CHP Explorer, can confirm 15/10 Accurateness in all cars, he even included our console thingamapod
  2. dunkboi

    Lildunkboi's Showroom

    The tahoe is done! Now just going through phases of testing! '
  3. dunkboi

    Lildunkboi's Showroom

    Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy with midterms, the 2013-14 Tahoe is coming along nicely, all that needs to be done is add side and mirror lighting, add interior equipment and some more exterior equipment!
  4. dunkboi

    Thehurk's WIP Thread

    What was the original count? I say just plug it in Maya and reduce, reduce, reduce! but of course if you reduce to much it'll start distorting
  5. dunkboi

    [ELS] Alameda County Sheriff's Office CVPI

    I can't seem to find the issue so, I'll just do a re-make of the car and add it into the pack!
  6. dunkboi

    Thehurk's WIP Thread

    Any updates on the FH3 CVPI?
  7. I would love to help! I've already PM'd you just awaiting your response now.
  8. dunkboi

    Lildunkboi's Showroom

    Still looking into it
  9. dunkboi

    Lildunkboi's Showroom

    I put it in my game and Could'nt find any issues, I also looked into Zmod and couldnt find anything
  10. This topic will host all my conversions: In progress: 2007 Hino Flat bed tow truck: 3% Done Today was just focused on poly crunching the damn thing, started off with 1 Million + Polys and I got it to roughly 286k Polys, my goal range is 150k and below. so a couple more hours work and this puppy is ready for conversion, I will most likely be using the 2D Interior that comes with it unless someone wants to make an interior for it. Before: After:
  11. dunkboi

    [ELS] Alameda County Sheriff's Office CVPI

    I will re-install it into my game, look for a fix within the week
  12. dunkboi

    Lildunkboi's Showroom

    2014 TAHOE: 49% Complete: Turned it from a civilian model into a PPV by removing badges and trims To Do: Add PPV Wheel Add Lighting Add Interior
  13. dunkboi

    [ELS] Alameda County Sheriff's Office CVPI

    Did you install the xml? I haven't had that problem nor has anyone else reported it