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:nuke: Please DO NOT PM me with zmodeler requests, requests for support or for unlocked models. Anyone doing so will be reported for spamming. I'm no longer going to be replying and re-iterating what I've posted here :nuke: - even though I'm not modeling anymore this still applies! You can find so many resources for this stuff these days in the forums tutorial section. 

**I will no longer be creating models or any mods for GTA IV and LCPD:FR.**  I've spent many years on this board, thousands of posts, 35 files totaling over 40,000 downloads, and a community award. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and a better group of people to have met along the way. I had some fantastic times in this forum and in this community as a whole and I thank everyone for that. I will still lurk in the shadows and check the forums from time to time to see whats new and interesting but for the most part this will conclude my time here.