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Checking if ped has been isued warning

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I'm working on my callouts plugin and I need to know when to call End();


Currently, I have the following


if (Game.LocalPlayer.Character.IsDead || Suspect.IsDead || Suspect.IsCuffed)





I want to know how to add another OR check into that if statement for what if the player simply dismisses the ped/issues them a warning?


Thanks in advance!

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15 hours ago, SneakySteve said:

On foot, if the player says "Issues warning" I want to be able to detect that, having the ability to detect it for StopThePed would be nice also.


i don't think LSPDFR has API or published event for that

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You should be able to detect this by waiting until Functions.IsPedStoppedByPlayer returns false (run this check in a separate thread). This won't work correctly with StopThePed since it uses its own functions and not the LSPDFR API. StopThePed might offer other functions through its own API for you to integrate.


Example untested module that you can expand on:


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