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  1. In addition to what Ineseri has stated, please keep your code organized and consistent. It'll make creating and maintaining your codebase a lot less stressful.
  2. You can try using this: The basic idea is that you load a plugin through RAGEPluginHook which interprets and runs ScriptHookV scripts. When I tried using this with ELS, I experienced nasty frames as soon as the game spawned me in which made using it unplayable (unloading the plugin returned normal FPS).
  3. Going on a cursing rampage and demanding that you be assisted because you're oh so special is not how lcpdfr.com works. Everyone who helps out on these forums is volunteering their time and effort to help you with problems that have more than likely been resolved elsewhere and are accessible on Google. There is no secret agenda to set you back in doing things that are straight forward and naively supported by the game, and there most certainly is no obligation for anyone to help you at all. The most ludicrous part of this response is that your tirade began a mere 4 hours after you posted this topic, not even a whole day passed. Since you're so adamant about having a proper SDK (which by the way, all three of your questions aren't even related to the LSPDFR API. RAGEPluginHook isn't a product of G17 Media), you surely can make your own extensions for RAGEPluginHook that do what you want how you want. Not good enough? Make your own hooking system that is everything you've ever dreamed of. If you are not up to such task, I strongly advise you to use resources such as Google and NativeDB and make do with the freely available systems that have been developed and made available for free. This topic will more than likely be locked due to your behavior. P.S: Being toxic is not going to magically make people help you (in case you haven't understood that part yet). Don't bother releasing anything on these forums if this is how you plan on acting. There are other places you can do that.
  4. gameconfig.xml stores various data limits, sizes, and other general numerical data used by the game. Downloading a gameconfig.xml with upped limits is essentially what you are being advised to do.
  5. You are not going to be forced to upgrade your game installation to LSPDFR 0.4. In fact, I personally recommend people with free hard drive space back up their LSPDFR 0.3 game in full and maintain a LSPDFR 0.4 installation in a new, clean folder. This way you can go back to LSPDFR 0.3/0.4 with a folder rename. Some mods most likely will become obsolete, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some mods (specifically, LSPDFR plugins) may break when used with LSPDFR 0.4. It'd be on the specific developer to address the compatibility issues with the new API. Hopefully a majority of callout type plugins will at least stay compatible with basic functionality, especially the old ones with inactive developers. No way to know yet. All in all, this is a great chance to redo your game and get things how you want them again. The update most likely won't be plug and play for the aforementioned reasons, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  6. I don't imagine anything would prevent you from playing LSPDFR 0.3 once LSPDFR 0.4 is released. That said, it is equally likely that a majority of the plugins you have installed (along with LSPDFR and G17 Media, who probably won't ever update 0.3 again) and may not release updates compatible with 0.3 down the line. These developers may also not support these legacy versions.
  7. Update 1/19: I'm not happy with the current infrastructure being used for the plugin and have recently begun rebuilding from scratch in order to develop a better core that can better support what I want out of this project (as well as help ensure more compatibility with LSPDFR 0.4 once released). Some of the progress being made: More versatile dependency checking and internal layout, allowing for better integrations of other scripts and plugins Completed interfaces for: Peds Callouts Base is done: integrated with ComputerPlus+ More versatility is being given to individual callout scripts compared to the previous iteration, especially during creation Added a basic validation system for beta/developer versions Added a system for checking for script updates Added a basic logging system Added a settings file with relevant loading system Update 1/22: I've managed to get a good amount of work done in my spare time, and have gotten to a point where I believe I have a good basis to begin implementing callouts. The first callout I'll be working on is a law agency distress call, and I will hopefully be able to use this callout to test the infrastructure I've created thus far. I'd like to extend an indirect thanks to Stealth22, as I've taken some inspiration from his Code 3 Callouts code base when it comes to certain parts of my own code base. Update 1/28: I've spent some of today tackling a lot of the issues I've been facing so far, and have gotten things mostly stable now. Update 1/30: I've gotten a lot of progress done as of recent and am close to having an initial Law Enforcement In Distress callout mostly functional. This is complete with basic callout configuration, including weapon types and amount of suspects. Doing this initial callout allows for me to develop systems such as callout data without having to apply it to multiple in development callouts all over the place. Once I've got this callout and general features of the plugin working solid, more will be worked on. Update 1/31: I've gotten a lot more work done today, especially with callout data and configuration. Some changes are still being made, but you can expect this level of configuration per Callout at least (.xml): There are also similar sets for other types of peds: Civilian, Security, Medic, Firefighter. I was originally going to handle this on a per callout basis, but have spent today redoing callout data so the same basic ped and general data is loaded in the callout handling script rather than the individual callout script. This ties back with feature #2 and #4: doing it this way keeps things more organized and reduces the amount of hack like code all over the place. I'm still not sure how I'm going to approach spawning Police Officers as I don't want to hack around the backup functions and the LSPDFR API doesn't provide direct access to this data. I could read the backup.xml file directly but I don't think that's a task I want to undertake as of now, especially with major changes coming to the backup system in 0.4. I might just hardcode based on county (an .xml might be done for that, a lot more basic than the regular backup.xml with just ped and vehicle model data strictly) for the 0.3.1 release and see what is natively offered in 0.4. I'll maybe look into adding Custom Backup Locations or Ultimate Backup as an additional (optional) script dependency to provide more control over spawning for this release. I believe at least Custom Backup Locations API provides data access that is viable for this. The work done today has been productive and has brought me a lot closer to being able to begin developing more of the callouts I want to try to push for the first release. I'm hoping to be able to have this ready before March provided development time allows. More to come soon. Stay tuned.
  8. I think a legacy release for LSPDFR 0.3.1 is a good idea for those who want to keep an install on that version.
  9. In regards to: I think another function, such as SetPedAsHandcuffed (with a toggle boolean to remove this state) would be a good addition, in reference to this issue. No animations need to be involved in my opinion, just sets the hands behind the pedestrians back and invoke whatever else (such as an object) would occur if handcuffed through LSPDFR natively. To supplement this, there could also be IsPedHandcuffed which just returns false and true respectively.
  10. Glad to hear steps are being taken to optimize the website experience, and more specifically, the downloading process. Thanks for your hard work.
  11. RAGEPluginHook also exposes this native directly within the Vehicle class. You can use: https://docs.ragepluginhook.net/html/P_Rage_Vehicle_IndicatorLightsStatus.htm To set both lights as visible, use VehicleIndicatorLightsStatus.Both. As far as I know, GTA V does not have a native hazard light function, so you'd have to process this between VehicleIndicatorLightsStatus.None and VehicleIndicatorLightsStatus.Both to create the effect that the lights are flashing.
  12. You have to remember that when you play the game without any modifications, everything you do and see has been finetuned by a studio with a million dollar plus budget. This finetuning means that everything is meant to work together. Modifications work differently and often work through reverse engineering the game with little official information on how the internals work. Modifications such as RAGEPluginHook run as additional scripts interacting with the game, which means additional processing power. There are some things you can do to try to optimize the impact, but the bottom line is that you just may need to upgrade your hardware (CPU and RAM will especially help in the case of LSPDFR and LSPDFR plugins). Some things you can try on an upper level are: Adjust GPU settings for the game (NVIDIA Control Panel, AMD Catalyst (?)) Use lower poly models if your hardware can not handle a large amount of polys in one location. LSPDFR and LSPDFR plugins may call in modded vehicles such as police units more frequently than you'd see them in the base game Ensure you are using a high performance power plan in Windows 10 Ensure components aren't being throttled, ensure you have adequate cooling and ventilation Adjust settings in game, especially those that use CPU (population variety is one of them, you can google for more) Optimize the plugins themselves where possible. Plugins will often have a configuration file (.ini, .xml) where you can tweak certain parts of the script. The included readme may recommend certain options to tweak in favor of performance Similar to above, some plugins will bog the game down no matter what you tweak. Try removing certain plugins and finding less demanding alternatives Close applications and programs that you do not need. This gives more processing power to the game
  13. According to the article, the involved resource officer is a sworn in police officer for the local police department. He is still able to respond to the building if police are called, it just seems that the school administration do not actively want him there in the role of a resource officer. Whether or not the administration of the school has the power to remove this role is unknown to me, but it seems as if that's what they're trying to do here. Silly situation though.
  14. You use the arrow buttons to change selection when creating/editing an outfit. Pressing enter results in an exception being thrown (likely due to an oversight). Just reload the plugin and continue creating/editing the outfit if that happens.
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