Indicator Script 1.0


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About This File


- left/right indicator

- hazard indicators

- permanent lighted indicators (like position markers)

- key config via ini-file

Planned in future:

- flash indicators just while pressing a defined key (for now just toggling available)

- add this mysterious ticking noise when indicators are on (coming from the indicator relais in real life^^)

Anything missing? Just leave a comment...

(for keys look at the included read me!)

Recommended other mods:

- TBoGT Vehicle Lights Fix ( http://www.gtagarage...ow.php?id=14536 )

-> this will correct most of the problems with the vehicle's lights like indicators not flashing etc. - thanks to sam for pointing that out :)

User Feedback

I have GTA 4 patch 1.0.7, this is how I have the script set upC:ProgrammsRockstarGTA IVAdvancedHook.dll <---------comes along with the script rar file proided in this websiteC:ProgrammsRockstarGTA IVScriptHook.dll<---------from GTAIV Script Hook 0.5.1Copyright

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Really nice! Been looking for this a long time!Really glad that you uploaded it, will add so much more realism for those who wants it!

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Heey thanks about your dawnloads or uplods so i have only 1quetsion and it is which botton i will clik when i need to indikate the write corner and shic botton i will touch when i need to indicate the left corner please send me a messege thanks in my inbox thanks

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GREAT MOD! Quick question: Does this enable AI vehicles to display turn signals as well? Or is it just for MY vehicles I am driving? THANKS!

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EDIT: solved now, it was becuase of a conflicting mod, now i need to find another car fuel mod =(

when i use the indicators all that happens is they go on once, then go back off. they dont go back on like they should/ they only flash once. ive tried holding them down and pressing them once. also i can only use the left indicator after ive used the right, and vice versa. i cant use them twice in a row. plz help, thanks.

edit: i have everything installed that needs to be installed and everything is installed in the correct place (if i didnt the indicator lights wouldn't work AT ALL, but they do, just not like they should) so hopefully that makes sure u dont tell me ive done it all wrong.

thanks anyone that helps me!!!

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