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Indicator Script

Version 1.0


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  • Submitted: Nov 02 2011 09:45 pm
  • Last Updated: Dec 01 2011 08:49 pm
  • File Size: 77.05KB
  • Views: 229149
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  • Screenshots

- left/right indicator
- hazard indicators
- permanent lighted indicators (like position markers)
- key config via ini-file

Planned in future:
- flash indicators just while pressing a defined key (for now just toggling available)
- add this mysterious ticking noise when indicators are on (coming from the indicator relais in real life^^)

Anything missing? Just leave a comment...
(for keys look at the included read me!)

Recommended other mods:
- TBoGT Vehicle Lights Fix ( http://www.gtagarage...ow.php?id=14536 )
-> this will correct most of the problems with the vehicle's lights like indicators not flashing etc. - thanks to sam for pointing that out :)


So amazing! Great job! I've been looking for this for a while! Works perfect! :D
This is amazing, I have been waiting for this kind of mod for ages. One suggestion I have is to allow us to turn headlights on and off during the day. But even with out that it's great.
I have GTA 4 patch 1.0.7, this is how I have the script set upC:ProgrammsRockstarGTA IVAdvancedHook.dll <---------comes along with the script rar file proided in this websiteC:ProgrammsRockstarGTA IVScriptHook.dll<---------from GTAIV Script Hook 0.5.1Copyright © 2009-2010, AruC:ProgrammsRockstarGTA IVScriptHookDotNet.asi <---------from GTAIV .Net Script Hook v1.7.1.7 BETA © 2009 Hazard (hazard_x@gmx.net)C:ProgrammsRockstarGTA IVscriptsindicator.ini <---------comes along with the script rar file proided in this websiteC:ProgrammsRockstarGTA IVscriptsindicator.net.dll <---------comes along with the script rar file proided in this websiteblinkers are not working =...( .. what I'm I doing wrong.. please reply with solutions.. much thanks..
install themodcorrectly anddoes not work,Help!
not working too :( only turning on, but no flash.
awesome guys. thx
Really nice! Been looking for this a long time!Really glad that you uploaded it, will add so much more realism for those who wants it!
why is not blinking ?
It's FANTASTIC!!!I wanted this for years.
Hm deleted my post?I say - mod don't working. "Can't read Advanced Hook.dll" - TBoGT the lastest patch.

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