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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to FCV96 in Good ENB Graphic Mod?   
    Here's the one I use; it is quite good as per the screenshots I will post below[it can be installed perfectly fine without EFLC; I'm running with standard GTA IV and have no problems] -

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    JamesCraftStudios got a reaction from JoshRobbino in LCPDFR Commentary   
    Uploaded a new LCPDFR commentary! If you like it, be sure to give ita thumbs up, if you want to see more, be sure to subscribe. Support me in the comments section below.

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    JamesCraftStudios got a reaction from Break in CVPI Slicktop Model w/Blue Lights   
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    JamesCraftStudios got a reaction from Break in CVPI Slicktop Model w/Blue Lights   
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    JamesCraftStudios got a reaction from Break in CVPI Slicktop Model w/Blue Lights   
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    JamesCraftStudios got a reaction from Break in CVPI Slicktop Model w/Blue Lights   
    Blue Lights
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    JamesCraftStudios got a reaction from wmai20 in New Minecraft Series!   
    Hey guys, I have recently restarted my Minecraft Survival series. I will be making more and more videos as long as I get support.


    Be sure to leave a like and a comment ^^
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to Compeast in Take Hats Off Cops   
    Open pedVariatians, located in Folder--> Common --> Data, open it, and seek for the Police files, like m_y_cop. Edit the p_head.
    1 = active. meaning it will wear a hat.
    0 = inactive, meaning it won't wear a hat.
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    JamesCraftStudios got a reaction from GTAIVPV in Minecraft New series   
    I play Minecraft! :D I have a server too, if you want to join, the IP is: kluxoscraft.zapto.org

    The website is: http://www.kluxoscraft.smfnew.com
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to RyanB524 in Pistol Disappears When Selecting Taser   
    When I got to pull out my taser in game my pistol disappears, It usued to be that the pistol would just disappear and I could not get my taser. After reinstalling LCPDFR I can select my taser now but my pistol still disappears.

    Any suggestions?
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to AlconH in Multiplayer   
    I copied my whole GTA IV folder and renamed it "Multiplayer" therefore I have one copy that is modded for SP and then another which is clean for MP.
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to Makinofaman in Green PBSO Swat Uniform Request   
    You can make the noose guys stand up through the simple native trainer. If you don't have the trainer just google it and download it. You can find all the trainers at www.Gtagaming.com.
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to wmai20 in Drug Deal Call   
    Calls are random. This may help or not but press ALT+F11 to force a callout. Once done keep pressing it until you receive a Drug-Deal.
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to Birthofahero10 in Blue ELS Light Reflection   
    I will say that there are alot of topics that answer this but ill go ahead and answer this for you. Go into your GTA IV directory and you will see the ELS files find the one that says configuration and right click it. Go to properties and change opens with: to notepad, word, etc. then click ok. Now, double click the configuration settings and go down. You will see police, police2, noose, etc. and numbers beside them. just change the number. The color to number is at the bottom of the file. I hope this helps and have fun ;)
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to Slimory in Blue ELS Light Reflection   
    i can't remember the layout of V6 but i use V5 and this is how you get red and blue surroundings :[ POLICE ]
    Active = 1
    Color_Light1L = 0
    Color_Light2L = 0
    Color_Light3R = 1
    Color_Light4R = 1
    Offst_SLights = 0

    EDIT: ninja' by birthofahereo

    EDIT 2:Red 0
    Blue 1
    White 2
    Amber 3
    Green 4
    use those numbers as a refernce if you'd like just go half n half starting from the top Colour_Light1L=0 rinse and repeat :)
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to Braveheart in Roleplaying tool (serious enthusiasts only!) [mdc.lcpdfr.com]   
    EDIT 18/12/2011

    I'm very pleased to announce that the LCPD:FR staff have kindly allowed me to move the system to their servers!! So, effective immediately, please access the following link to get to the system:


    Report bugs at: mdc.lcpdfr.com/report_bug.php

    (Make sure it hasn't already been reported: http://mdc.lcpdfr.com/view_bugs.php)

    The report a bug and view bugs links can also be found at the bottom of the index page (outstanding calls).

    EDIT 06/11/2011

    Please ensure you read the details after logging in before using the system. The main point being please use the "Generate person(s) at incident" on the My Inquiries page to generate ALL persons details you use in your work. using them means it builds up a virtual record for each person which other officers can access via person checks etc.

    Avoid making up or using persons' details from LCPD:FR in this tool.

    Use the "Generate person(s) at incident" tool for persons' details.

    Please do report any bugs you find. And have fun!


    Original message: I'm not sure if I've posted this here before or not, I can't seem to find it. I have posted it on GTApolicemods.com. It was originally made to go hand in hand with LCPD:FR so I'll post it here too.

    I thoroughly enjoy LCPD:FR and I like to take the game one step further by role-playing. Now I'm not the best programmer nor have I any intentions to be a programmer, however I wanted more detailed calls in the game and I decided to try and make something, from scratch. So after a little reading up on HTML and PHP I had a go, and this is what I came up with.

    Let me know your thoughts and any suggestions. I do plan on adding more calls and other things when time prevails. I suppose it's more suited to an online environment - would anyone be interested in founding a "virtual police force"?

    EDIT: You'll now need to register your own file, the test account has been closed.
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to MoonShine in Car Request   
    I modified this vehicle to look somewhat like that of Boca Raton's, Lightbar isn't the exact same, but the closest I could do.

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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to lonestranger in Texturing Tips & Tricks   
    Lesson 8: Creating Simulated Reflective Vinyl

    Ridgerunner had asked for this lesson long ago, but until now, I hadn't posted it to the public.?

    Note that I said "simulated". This lesson is intended to teach how to make you graphics appear as though they're made from reflective vinyl, but they will not react to the light as, say, a specular map can do.

    The basic steps are
    1: Create our graphics such as stripes, lettering, logos normally, as if they weren't reflective.
    2: Create a seamless pattern that looks like our desired reflective material.
    3: Apply the pattern to the desired areas, but in a new layer.

    Regardless of the type of material, the process of applying it to the texture is the same.

    Step 1: Creating the base graphics.

    We likely want the reflective pattern to appear on the stripes only, and not the background "paint" of the car. When creating the graphics, leave them in their own layer, don't merge them to a soild background before applying the pattern. If you want the pattern to be applied only to certain sections, it's even better to leave those sections in their own layer, although it's not essential.

    Step 2a: Creating a seamless pattern from scratch.

    We can make a pattern from scratch, or from an image. First, we'll make one from scratch, and later, after I've shown step 3, I'll show you how to make one from an image. Making one from an image is a little more complicated, and it might make more sense if we've already learned what we're trying to achieve.

    Create a new image in GIMP, only 2x2 pixels large, with a transparent background.

    Make one pixel 100% black. Create a new layer, and make two more pixels, in opposite corners. Make them also 100% black, but lower the layer's transparency to around 50%.

    Merge the layers and save the image. Your scratch-made pattern is done, but leave its window open for now. (There's a way of saving it as a pattern instead of an image, but this method works fine for me). This is just a basic pattern, and might not be best for every type of reflective decal, so feel free to experiment with different sizes and arrangements.

    Step 3: Applying the pattern.

    Open your car texture. In this example of my RCMP Taurus, all of the graphics are in a single transparent layer, with the template in a separate layer. Here's a closeup of the driver's door:

    Select the layer you want the pattern applied to, right-click the layer, and select "Alpha to Selection". This will apply "crawling ants" dotted lines around the edges of the graphics:

    Create a new layer, since we won't be applying the pattern directly to the graphics yet. Leave the window open, and go back to the pattern you made. Right-click it and select "copy", then go back to the car texture again. Select the "Bucket Fill" tool from the toolbox. In the lower part of the toolbox, there's some options. Under "Fill Type", select "Pattern Fill". The default pattern will likely be "Pine", but we'll change it regardless. Click the little "Pine" box, and a window with a bunch of patterns will show up. the one in the top left is called "Clipboard". It's whatever the last item we copied was, in this case, or scratch-made pattern. Select it. The "crawling ants" should still be there around our graphics. In the new layer, use the "Bucket Fill" tool to fill the "crawling ants" with our pattern:

    If there's areas of the graphics that you don't want the pattern applied to, just remove the pattern with the eraser tool, as I'm doing here on the crest:

    Of course it's way too dark, that's why we kept the pattern in its own layer. Depending on the pattern, you may need to experiment with the layer to get it to look right. In this case, I just reduced the pattern layer's opacity to 14%:

    But, you may want to try different modes of merging. In the layers dialog, it says "Mode: Normal". Beside it is a drop-down menu, with dissolve, dodge, burn, etc. If you haven't used them before, try each one to see how it effects the texture, and remember you can still adjust the opacity as well. Once satisfied, merge the layers, and you're done! Here's the same pattern, applied to a different livery, and what it looks like in real life. Click for larger sizes in order to see the reflective detail:

    City of London Police, Octavia Police Car by BillKatyGemma, on Flickr
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to EFox in Backing Up Files   
    If it's for vehicle mods, just copy the unaltered original R* files into a folder, or export then using SparkIV. For all the other files, just copy and paste them into a folder of your choice.
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to theninja35 in Backing Up Files   
    What I do is copy my whole IV directory like 20 times just in-case.

    Also, all you have to do is right click on the file, copy, drag to another location, and paste!

    For multiple files, hold the right mouse button, scroll over all the files, click copy, drag to a location, and paste.
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to Break in [How-To] Listen to NYPD radio in game.   
    Since many people hate the fact that there is no police-scanner action in game, I'm gonna teach you how to have soem sweet radio talk in the background, when you're on patrol.
    We will listen to the NYPD radio over internet, this is legal.

    Now, GTA IV doesn't accept M3U files anymore, so we will have to have a program running in the background. Use what-ever program you'd like to use, for example Windows Media Player or iTunes. For this tutorial though, and for my own game, I'm going to use VLC. You can get it from here.

    First Step:

    Download VLC or any media player of your choice. I'm going with VLC, from here.

    Second Step:

    Open your media player, in this case VLC and go to "Media > Open Networkstream..." (or similar on other media players)
    What you want to do now is enter the following address into the field...

    ...and hit Play.

    Now you will have a police scanner running in vlc. If you don't hear anything, don't worry, they don't always talk; just wait a bit.

    Third Step:

    Open GTA IV and play. You might wanna adjust the volume of your media player so it isn't too loud ingame.

    Have fun!
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to cp702 in Cops w/o Hats   
    Two ways:
    First, you can go in peds.ide and change m_y_cop_p to something like m_y_co_p_p. This will stop it from loading the prop.
    If you want them to still have sunglasses, replace m_y_cop_p in pedprops.img with the prop from Olanov's fit security guards. It has no hat, only sunglasses (you still will need to change other stuff to make them *wear* sunglasses, but this will let *you* wear them).
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to Break in What is the different ELS-H and a ELS   
    ELS-H is ELS Halogen, it enables rotary halogen lights, similar to the ones GTA IV uses by default. To enable it you simply go into your ELS.ini file, look for the model you replaced that's ELS-H and enable it there. (I think the option is called Halogen Only or something). Then ingame cars will use a sort of halogen rotary pattern for that car.

    Also, wrong section. Moving to GTA IV support.

    EDIT: freaking ninjas.
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    JamesCraftStudios reacted to AlconH in Road Textures/ENB   
    DKT70 Road Textures - https://rapidshare.com/#!download|116p6|436129945|gtxd.img|28536|R~DC514BFFA56A97D7F4D26174342EDB0C|0|0#
    Just replace the old file. (if you can't find it, open the gta directory and search for it)
    Brighter ELS lights- Google "GTA 4 Radiance Mod"
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    JamesCraftStudios got a reaction from Hastings in What do you want to see more of in LCPDFR?   
    The Police Pursuit mod has a lot of different callouts but I do not use it because it is too buggy. If LCPDFR could have a bunch of different callouts, rather than 3 of the same callouts, that would be epic.