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  1. LIPDProductionsInc

    Dispatcher Tone Panel

    Raise the volume of stuff being played on your computer up in TeamSpeak.
  2. LIPDProductionsInc

    Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order

    Can I use this with custom ped skins?
  3. LIPDProductionsInc

    [FIRETRUCK SOUND] Detroit Diesel 8V92TA Engine Sound

    Is it possible for this to be in GTA V?
  4. LIPDProductionsInc

    2008 Ford Crown Victoria Taxi

    Do I need to put a license plate in or does GTA V take care of that? (Can't tell right now, at work)
  5. LIPDProductionsInc

    Foot Pursuit Aid

    I think he meant to say that Buggs will definitely get this mod.
  6. LIPDProductionsInc

    2008 Ford Crown Victoria Taxi

    This might look cool in the AAA Taxi skin, can I release the skin of it when I'm done?
  7. I know that Jeff Favignano, a YouTuber, uses this mod.
  8. LIPDProductionsInc

    San Andreas TrashMaster

    Now all we need is a Lost Santos Bus Transit mod, and I'll be happy!
  9. LIPDProductionsInc

    Looking to Team up With a Molder

    Hello all! Before I start, I would like to point out that I cannot model anything yet. I simply don't have the time to learn how to model, as it is a large learning process. That being said, I still would like to bring some Emergency lighting equipment to the LCPDFR community. What I am saying is, I would like to team up with a modeler to help bring some cool stuff like vertex lights, light modules, control boxes, mini lightbars, as well new regular lightbars. The requirements: Credit to me for giving you what you need to create the lighting system I hope to work with a molder soon as this will bring new items for the LCPDFR community and help make it better. Any questions? Feel free to send me a pm here!
  10. LIPDProductionsInc

    Ford Taurus Slicktop w/ ALPR (ELS V8)

    Just to let you know, Fiskey, this vehicle does work with ELS V 8.5. I had configured the .ini to work with ELS V 8.5. If you would like the file, let me know and I'll happily give it to you!
  11. LIPDProductionsInc

    Dispatcher Tone Panel

    Amazing! I love it! Insta-5 stars for you!