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    Kaiserslautern, Germany
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    Law Enforcement, Games, Music, Japan, Anime, NBA (Knicks), Trucks, Cars, American Civil War, History, NASCAR, Wrestling
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About Me

Hi everyone (^-^)/
and thanks for reading :D

About Me:
Well. What is there to say? :D
I'm a pretty shy person from Germany. I love history, law enforcement, music, games, anime, basketball, trucks and i'm interested in the american civil war and the south. But i also love the japanese culture. Oh yeah. I also make textures and skins from time to time.

I would consider myself a nice person. I always try to be friendly and helpful to others the best i can.
Respect is something very important in my opinion. Treat people the way you want to be treated :)

More ~less important~ stuff you might want to know:


  • Language Skills: German, English
  • Music i like: 50s Rock 'n Roll, Country, Classic Rock, Metal
  • Music i DON'T like: Pop, Dubstep (with some exeptions), and any kind of techno & house.
  • Favorite Anime: "Another"
  • Favorite Cars: 1974 Dodge Monaco, 1969 Dodge Charger, 1968 Dodge Polara
  • Favorite Trucks: 1973 Ford F-150, 1981 Dodge Ram,
  • Favorite Big Trucks: Kenworth K100, Scania 143, Mercedes-Benz MP4
  • Favorite NBA Team: New York Knicks
  • Favorite PD's: Forth Worth TX, San Francisco CA,
  • Favorite State Wide Agencys: Texas DPS
  • Favorite Police Car: 1974 Dodge Monaco
  • Favorite Countries: U.S.A, Japan, England

    List of awesome people:
     (I kinda hate those lists but why the hell not? And if your name is not on the list don't worry. Maybe i just forgot  about you while i was making it :D )
    *This list is not in any particular order*
  • mikichii = Nice person and fun to chat with :3
  • Ineseri = Good guy. helps whenever you need something. Very friendly.
  • Yard1 = Makes Models & Skins. I love his lore friendly stuff.
  • strike = classic car lover just like myself. Makes awesome screenshots and was always nice to me.
  • OfficerBaboso = Another german :D He Made a Uniform mod on my request. Check his stuff out. It's pretty nice.
  • Murphy = RoboCop fanatic and a nice guy. I like him.
  • FCV96 = Great guy. Another classic car lover. always willing to help me if i ask him something :D
  • DeputyLund = Makes some great mods you should check out!
  • Compeast = Yet another classic car lover. He made some very nice classic police cars. He's a dutch but i can forgive him that sin :D
  • Cleveland023 = Another countryman of mine. Nice guy
  • Bxbugs = I don't think i need to explain why he's on that list :D
  • Braveheart = Nice Guy. We had some great fun back in the day with his Website based MDC :)
  • Serthaeus (Linxu) = Awesome dude. Very nice guy
  • LMS = Another German and one of the guys we have to thank for that mod we all love called LCPDFR :D
  • Carrythxd: Makes great Videos and was always nice to me
  • LukeD = i love his API Callout Plugin
  • Reibu = Another very nice person that deserves to be on that list :D
  • Olanov = Pretty funny guy
  • Ringo4494 = Classic Car lover and great texture artist
  • Sergiyj = loves m_m_fatcop_01 but is too shy to admit it ^-^
  • HaLoPCDrAcO = Took my request for an Whelen Edge 9000 Chevy Impala. Thanks buddy!
  • Chester199 = Cool guy :)
  • MasterTrooper = Yeah another nice guy
  • Rocking_Star101= He..umm..rocks? :D

*Sorry to anyone i forgot to mention*
hmmm i think thats about all i can say here :D
If you have a question or something just ask.
Have a nice day :)

PSN: Sheriff_Taxi
Steam: Taxi