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    James3000117 got a reaction from OfficerMcRae in ELS 7 primary lights not working   
    You press J 3 times to turn on all of the lights.
    All ELS 6 cars are compatible with ELS 7.
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    James3000117 got a reaction from Leonov in Your LcpdFR 1.0 tales and adventures   
    I was pretty impressed when I saw one of the random events where someone gets carjacked and when I caught up to him it triggered the ANPR as stolen.
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    James3000117 reacted to JewishBanana in most annoying Add on for a game!!   
    Hey buddy if you would like to code for a year and a half and make LCPD:FR by yourself that's great! Nobody asked you to install the modification into your game. I don't think you realize how hard it was to create LCPD:FR from scratch. Rockstar, from what I know, didn't include a simple manual about modding GTA 4. People had to create it from scratch. The errors and crashes may get annoying but if you don't like it you don't have to play it or tell other people "hey don't install this mod it has terrible crashes and errors". Have a good day.
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    James3000117 reacted to Sonny236 in most annoying Add on for a game!!   
    First of all it's not a "Add on" it's a mod.
    Second, We're sorry that it can't be a 100000% perfect script, We'd like to see you try and make it better, Gta 4 is unstable in some ways and it's not easy to code a mod perfect. For one you probably installed it wrong, or just don't understand anything about it.
    Sorry that you're a newbie who knows jack shit about modding and the hard work that this modding community has put into it.
    Go play some other, Shittier mod like Pursuit mod but don't come in here and start crying about how buggy it is or that you can't understand it.
    Wrong section too.....I don't think there is even a section for this.
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    James3000117 got a reaction from sheepvine in Trouble when accessing LCPDFR computers?   
    Yeah the callouts on the first one have absolutely nothing to do with LCPDFR. They are part of GTAIV. You will only recieve LCPDFR callouts at the bottom on the screen where you have to press Y.
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    James3000117 got a reaction from sheepvine in Trouble when accessing LCPDFR computers?   
    The first one is the default GTAIV one. If that opens you should just close it and keep pressing E until you get the one with the login screen. You will then be able to look up the name of the driver that you just pulled over. The GTAIV default one is only useful in certain story missions and shouldn't really be opening if you have LCPDFR installed, i'm not too sure why it is.
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    James3000117 got a reaction from sheepvine in Trouble when accessing LCPDFR computers?   
    That sounds like an error on the default GTAIV police computer. When you press E in a police car, does it look like this:
    Or like this:
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    James3000117 reacted to joeyford05 in Need Help with ELS!!!!   
    You need to ensure you make a back up of all your files. That way if you run into a problem you can simply use your back up to fix some issues. it saves alot of time
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    James3000117 got a reaction from OfficerK in Question about Modded Police cars   
    Sorry, I could have sworn that I replied to this.
    Anyway, if you're getting the invalid resource message, I suggest that you try a different car model and ensure that you are installing it correctly. If you still can't get it to work, reinstalling should not be needed, just a reinstall of vehicles.img. You can find the backup of it here:
    (ensure that you download gtaivbackups_14_pc_mo...cdimages_vehicles.rar)
    It goes in Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IVpcmodelscdimages. This will reset all of your vehicles to the original ones and therefore remove any corrupted or bad models, allowing you to try again without having to reinstall the whole game. Again, try to just put in another car before you put in the whole new img.
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    James3000117 reacted to Him1250 in Question about Modded Police cars   
    Open IV and Spark IV are the same thing technically. I personally like OpenIV because you can just drag the cars in, and OpenIV auto saves them. Also You can view the car model in a 3D view. 
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    James3000117 got a reaction from SamForrester in Question about Modded Police cars   
    It can seem quite complex at first, however I believe that you don't actually need to mess around with any configs for it to actually work. Just go in game, get into the car and press J a few times.
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    James3000117 reacted to Post Design in What do you think of people who hate cops?   
    I realized over the years that in fact many people hate cops... Do I hate cops? No. Do I respect them? Only the ones that do their job right and justified. The thing that saddens me, is how the "bad" cops give every other cop a horrible image. I've noticed on YouTube that videos with cops doing something unjustifiable (or something people with no knowledge of law enforcement THINK is) tend to get more views and comments then a video of a cop doing something nice towards the community or something clearly justified. I've also noticed that the "many" who hate the men and women who have sworn to protect, are usually people who have had bad trouble with the law, had family who had trouble with the law, and people who just have absolute 0% knowledge of how law enforcement works! And the worst of the "many" are usually just people who just hate everything or people who have a horrible sense of humor (Like the dumbass, kadu, that posted a joke about 911 on the "Random" section today) And I'm sure cops hate helping the heartless, but they do... because that's their job. Sure, some cops are "Pigs" (Hate that word...) and don't do what they have sworn to do or don't do it correctly. But why don't we admire the MANY who do their jobs right. That risk their lives everyday to people, they don't even know. No coward could become an officer of law. But only a coward can offend an officer of the law. I myself have wanted to be a cop for years now (I'm 14) but how cops have been looked at... It discourages me deeply. All I've ever wanted to do is help others, protect others, and most importantly, serve others... And I feel many of you men and women here on this site, feel the same way as I am... And If you yourself hate police officers. Well I'm sorry for what a few officers did in a YouTube video, or for an officer putting you in cuffs for a DUI. The real fact is, most officers are true, brave and heartfelt men and women who, like said before, have sworn their whole career to protect and serve. 
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    James3000117 got a reaction from starpoo1 in Installation component 'LCPDFRModels' error'd!   
    Please read the very first pinned thread in this forum.
    '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    James3000117 got a reaction from GangstarRio in The Criminals Give Up To Easily.   
    You should download BraveHeart's Policing Script, it has a resist arrest element to it where some suspects will either run away or start a fight with you when arrested.
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    James3000117 got a reaction from Scoobysnacks in Scripts won't edit   
    I guess the line that you changed is:
    Toggle_SRN = 72            // H by default You say you wanted to change the key to . Did you change it to:
    Toggle_SRN =             // H by default or
    Toggle_SRN = 220            // H by default You should have changed it to 220.
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    James3000117 reacted to alexks101 in ELS7 Fix Center   
    Disclaimer : there is no guarantee that any of those suggestions will work for you, anyway, it doesn't cost anything to try them.
    I'm just indexing here what (seems to) work for me and for other people. Hope it'll help some of you as well.
    Yes, some issues are PEBCAK or "incompetence" fault, but some of them are not. Don't PM me for support request, use this thread.
    Don't post here to be arrogant and saying "ELS doesn't crash, you're just a noob". ELS7 is wonderful and stable, but nothing is perfect.
    Feel free to submit suggestions or ask support here. Maybe it's better than having hundred of similar topics about "ELS crashes".
    This list will probably be updated when needed, in case of new fixes, new errors, and other suggestions/reports.


    * FIX CENTER *
    1) What to do first
    A - Read, entirely, the awesome ELS User Guide (PDF) provided in the ELS7 archive. A lot of answers are already featured in this documentation.
    B - Have a look at the excellent >Setup Guide by NicolaiB, the >Announcement topic, check tutorials, and also check other topics, maybe you'll find an answer here.
    C - Be sure that all the ELS7 files are installed correctly, that you have the required components, and that there are not weird things in the ini files of ELS7 (almost keybindings).
    D - Try to install default ELS7 on a fresh & clean GTA IV installation, launching a new game (no saved game), without any other mods except one ELS7 car of course.
    Some savegames can be corrupted, some files can be f*cked up, and some mods can conflict (maybe like StrobesMod and his AI settings, but I'm not sure as I don't use it with ELS).
    2) If you still have issues
    Especially parts 2C & 2E, they are the most probable solution.
    A - You can try Xliveless instead of Dsound (asi loaders), it worked for a few people, not me though.
    B - Try removing "extra" parts from the vehicles.ide file, it seems to worked for me about ingame crashes after XX minutes of gameplay, however I'm not 100% sure.

    C - Try disabling ELS7 for AI cars in SinglePlayer mode. It's annoying, but, it works for 98% of people (it worked for me, but read "D" below).
    In ELS.ini file, misc settings section, at line 55 : Ai_Els_Sp = off
    D - If "C" above worked, check in the VCF files (in ELS folder) the AI settings for them. For me, the issue was "cruise lights" enabled for AI cars on bflo_vector.ini from LtCaine's ELS7 Modified Cars Pack.
    I set it to "off" (OnForAiCars = off, at line 7), and in ELS.ini file I restored "Ai_Els_Sp" to "on", it seems that I don't have crash after loading screen anymore. So check attentively, it can be an individual AI setting as well.
    E - If "C" above worked, you can also try to set the "ClearRandAiExtras" to "off" and re-enable "Ai_Els_Sp" to "on". If it works, then try to reduce a lot the "ClearAiExtrasDist" and re-enable ClearRandAiExtras.
    If this last attempt doesn't work, then you'll have to disable ClearRandAiExtras. If it continues to crash, see "2) C" again. Majority of crashes are due to AI settings.
    F - You can try to reduce some settings, ELS7 can be resource-intensive. Some settings that can help reduce lags and crashes (ELS.ini file) :

    Also, if your computer is a bit weak, don't forget to read the topics about improving and fixing graphics/resources issues.
    3) Miscellaneous
    Because some issues can be non-related to ELS7
    A - As said at the beginning, try a new game, maybe you've saved a parked vehicle or you've saved as another ped than Niko/Johnny/Luis.
    B - As said at the beginning, try a clean GTA install (or restore clean backups), maybe one of the recently modded file/vehicle screwed up everything.

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    James3000117 got a reaction from starpoo1 in Installation component 'LCPDFRModels' error'd!   
    Please read the very first pinned thread in this forum.
    '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    James3000117 reacted to theninja35 in Stupid Cops Killed FRANKLINS Dog "Shop"   
    I can't really imagine how scary it would be to have a massive dog rushing at you with ultra sharp teeth showing. Usually I'd run, but that won't work, because the dog could easily pounce and probably runs atleast 2 or 3 times faster than me. 
    I remember one time, my sister, brother, mom and I were coming home from the zoo. There was this lady, and a guy with his dog walking. It looked like a pretty large dog, too. We were just about to drive passed them, when we heard a loud bark and a scream. We pulled over to see if everything was fine, and then saw the lady crying, saying she was bit. We let her into the car to call the police and emergency services while the guy with the dog stood on the grass near the sidewalk. It was really nerve wrecking to see it happen, see all the emotions shown from everyone. Now just imagine if that was you. Just doing what you like to do or doing your job and all of a sudden bit by a massive dog.
    Edit after being ninja'd:
    OneHick: It is the officers fault for defending himself. I wouldn't want to be bit by a dog and neither would you. You can't blame the dog for defending his owner, though, because it's the person he trusts most and loves him the most. And you can't blame the guy who's being arrested because, really, it's just his pet, his best bud. He just owned a dog to have another friend. I have 5 pets, and I enjoy having company, other than my parents and siblings, ofcourse.
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    James3000117 reacted to wmai20 in Stupid Cops Killed FRANKLINS Dog "Shop"   
    The shooting of the dog was justified. The dog lunged towards the officer, even when being told to stand down by its owner
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    James3000117 reacted to c13 in Stupid Cops Killed FRANKLINS Dog "Shop"   
    I know a former Arizona DPS officer. He was on the SWAT Team, the head firearms instructor, and on a state wide gang unit composed of feds, highway patrol and municipalities. I was talking to him about dogs in raids the other day and he said that gangbangers would tie two pitbulls by the door, far enough to not attack each other but close enough to stay angry and bite someone coming in from both sides. He then described how they had tried to find a way to stop the dogs without killing them. They tried tazing them, flashbangs, pepper spray and batons, but nothing would phase one except for bullets. On one raid, the guy assigned to shoot the dog put 3 bullets from an MP5 into the dog's head. After the owner was handcuffed, the dog walked around the corner, blood dripping down it's face unfazed.
    The idea that there is a way to stop an angry dog built for fighting, like the one in the video, without shooting it is ridiculous and based on willful ignorance of the subject.
    I'm going to restrain myself from commenting on how BS the filming charge was though.
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    James3000117 reacted to AntEyeVirus in Stupid Cops Killed FRANKLINS Dog "Shop"   
    Okay, if the tazer missed? oh.. hold on let me just reload it real quick...yeah...
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    James3000117 reacted to Harper in Stupid Cops Killed FRANKLINS Dog "Shop"   
    Whilst I don't agree with the actions of the officers for arresting the guy for simply filming a scene, they were right to fire on the dog.
    If you look closely, you can see the dog lunge towards the officer with the intent to attack him. This happens all the time and most departments (if not all) have a policy to only return aggression if their lives are in immediate danger, a dog that size could easily cause some serious damage to that cop.
    Although its still painful to see a poor animal suffer pain like it, it was justified in a certain aspect. Here's what happens when an officer doesn't defend against an attacking animal;

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    James3000117 got a reaction from thenewguy1 in What do I use to make cars?   
    For custom skins, you will need a model and a template for the model. You can use basically any image manipulation program, however Paint is not recommended. Try GIMP or if you have it Photoshop. This is a useful tutorial if you're new to texturing. I'd recommend not releasing your first couple of textures as it's possible that they won't be of a high quality and might damage your reputation as a texture artist in the future.
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    James3000117 reacted to Y0TELEX in LCPD:FR Going To Recieve More Exposure?   
    I make LCPDFR videos on YouTube and I do not intend to bring a negative crowd into the mix. To be honest though I get comments daily asking where to install the game and whatnot and you would be surprised at how many kids can't even find the website lol so at the same time I feel the videos we create gives the game some spark but once these kids find out how complicated modding the game can be they will be turned off thus eliminating some of the "trolls" and more uneducated crowd. That's a good barrier to keep the trolls out is the simple degree of complication it takes to actually get this game going. Most of them wont waste the time. It's not as easy as picking up Modern Warfare and playing. As with any community and any game though you can surely expect to gain some attention from trolls. It's inevitable. I play and showcase my videos because it's fun and there's no other game like it. People truly enjoy watching any lcpdfr YouTuber because this game is that unique. I actually for one hope the community keeps growing. Yeah we will pick up trolls and dead weight from time to time but nothing that we haven't already dealt with!