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    Law enforcement, gaming, programming. I might have a go at some modelling/texturing in the near future, too.
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I'll try to keep this brief as there isn't all that much to say.


I've been a fan of the GTA series for a long time, and had always enjoyed pretending to be a police officer after completing one of the games. I'd been almost completely a console gamer before GTA IV so I had no knowledge of these "mods." Anyway, I finally decided to buy a decent PC with some birthday money, and I bought myself GTA IV, too. I discovered LCPDFR through some youtube videos, I believe I was looking up decent mods to add to the game. I messed around with LCPDFR for a while, not really doing anything too serious, and I registered on the forums when I decided to download some other police mods in 2011, new vehicles and the likes. I never really used my forum account much, which is why I have a 1 year 7 month old account with less than 10 posts. I'm trying to get more active in the LCPDFR community, as it seems like a great one. I take LCPDFR very seriously now, and shortly I'm hoping to join a clan, perhaps get a bit more involved in the forum community we have here, and possibly begin posting on YouTube, maybe even get into some texturing/modelling eventually, if I manage to figure everything out correctly.


My name? I signed up to a website with my username as "James" (being my real name and all) Obviously it was taken, and this was a suggestion. It just stuck.


Anyway, that's pretty much my history with GTA and LCPDFR. See you around.